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This is a great news and this development I believe will make every Indian jubilant. Indian foreign ministry’s tweet that both India and China have agreed to disengage their respective troops from the Bhutan, Tibet and Sikkim tri junction at Doklam after three months of long stand off and levelling of charges and counter charges by both the countries, particularly the dragon even going to the extent of intimidating India of possible war.

The process of withdrawal of Army units by both the countries have started slowly but gradually. It may be recalled that the diplomatic efforts by India and China were on the fast track ever since this stand off started in the month of June compounded with harsh statements and intimidatory statements from China. But India always maintained calm and composure and never retaliated either militarily or verbally except on few occasions when India’s defence minister Arun Jaitley in one of the interviews to AAJ TAK said that China should not be under any misconception as India of 1962 is quite different from India of today, a sort of a warning to the dragon who too retaliated verbally saying that India too should keep in mind that China of today is far more militarily advanced from the CHINA of 1962.

Thereafter China attacked India through its state sponsored media like Global Times casting serious aspersions on India and even going to the extent of going to war in case Indian troops did not withdraw from Bhutanese territory Doklam which China illegally and arbitrarily claims to be its own. There after India’s NSA Ajit Doval visited China on the side lines of BRICS security summit and spoke to Chinese NSA and President Xi Jingping but all in vain. But India’s  international pressure on China through US, Japan, Australia and almost all western nations and Europe standing with India whole heartedly in any eventuality and India’s obstinate stand not to pull out from Doklam and Indian Army’s full readiness to fight China has finally pressurized Dragon to accede for the pull out from Doklam, though India has already said that it is ready for it provided China also maintains the status quo but the latter was adamant all the way. 

In a nutshell this seems to be a great victory for India as prime minister Modi is likely to visit China shortly. However, my personal opinion says though the problem has been laid to rest for the time being, expansionist and hegemonous China can’t be relied upon for ever. What do u say friends?