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There is a good news for India and definitely bad for Pakistan and its God father China, as according to a report published in a Pakistan popular paper “The Dawn”, the American administration has for the present suspended its annual financial contribution of 255 million US $ of military support to Pak and put the same into the ESCROW ¬†ACCOUNT, till the wicked terrorist sponsoring nation does not mend its ill conceived designs to shun or close the terror sanctuaries active in various parts of PAKISTAN, Afghanistan, POK n in Indian Kashmir including its incessant support to the Talibanese. After the Al Qaida attack on twin tower in US n Pakistan’s constant financial and military support to the Al Qaida n the Taliban killing American soldiers in Afghanistan and Pakistan border including several attacks on American missions has made American do a rethink on its relations with Pakistan. The change in foreign policy there n its increasing tilt towards China particularly allowing the dragon to make a military base in POK n carrying out of joint military exercises has irked the United States of America. In addition to this after the better cementing of relations with India since the tenure of ¬†president Obama, signing of the Indo US nuclear deal during Manmohan Singh’s tenure followed by enhancement in more cemented friendship during prime minister Narendra Modi’s two consecutive visits one during Obama’s time n another after Donald Trump took charge as US president, the American tilt towards Pakistan got disturbed, particularly after its increasing support to terror activities. In his recent address to media at White House President Donald Trump has categorically accused Pak n its political leadership of promoting, aiding and abetting terror sanctuaries in Pakistan and Afghanistan particularly the Taliban, Lashkar E Tayyaba n Hizbul Mujahideen. It has also officially declared Salahuddin as a dreaded international terrorist and suspended all his accounts in the US. Donald Trump’s issuance of such categorical and immaculate warnings to Pak and simultaneous suspension of a major part of its annual military US aid of 1.1 billion US dollars amounting to 255 million US$ n putting the same in the escrow account till Pakistan finally gives up supporting n patronising dreaded terrorists posing direct danger to the entire subcontinent is something never heard of before. It may be recalled that the United States of America had been Pakistan’ s most trusted friend for the last several decades as India was the trusted friend of the then USSR during Indira Gandhi’s premiership. But after the collapse of united USSR at the time of Gorbachev things changed rapidly and India’ s pro communist tilt in international relations changed gradually n tilted towards the United States of America while our arch rival n terrorist infested Pakistan tilted towards expansionist and hegemonous China. Though USA had been heavily aiding Pakistan with military hardware as well as financial contributions it always misused the US aid n instead of curbing terrorism used it for encouraging and promoting them against India and US, the fact which Donald Trump is now aware of. During President Obama’s tenure there was a proposal for selling twelve, F- 16 Jet fighters to Pakistan but in view of the Pak’s support to terror sanctuaries in Pak, this deal too was stopped forthwith. The $255 million in military assistance was the largest portion of an estimated $1.1 billion of US aid Congress had authorized in 2016.