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Donald Trump will favor India


Donald Trump has surprisingly win the Presidential elections and now he is the 45th president of the strongest nation in the world and  now analyst say that Pakistanis are worried because they think Donald Trump will favor India more.

Recently the relations between Pakistan and United States have become sour because US accused that Pakistan shelters Islamist terrorists but Pakistan has always been denying this fact.

This year Pakistan and India also had strained relations due to Uri attack where 19 Indian soldiers lost their lives due to terrorists attack.

This is not it before elections Donald Trump even proposed that he will ban Muslims entering the United States and recent business ties with India are signs that his administration could shift further towards India.

It is expected that Trump is going to be a tough President than Hillary Clinton for Pakistan said by Askari Rizvi who is a foreign policy analyst in Lahore. He also thinks that India will have a better and smoother interaction compared to Pakistan.

Trump still have think about the policy for South Asia as till now he has not worked on the detailed policy but few days back he said that he can mediate between India and Pakistan in their dispute over the divided territory of Kashmir.

He also seems worried about Pakistan having nuclear weapons and told to the Fox news that he will deploy 10,000 U soldiers in Afghanistan because it is closer to Pakistan and it is possible that Pakistan may not be able to save their nuclear weapons from the militants.

On Wednesday US diplomat reassured Pakistani Government that they do not need to worry because their foreign policy is based on a national interest and they do not change when the Government changes. After this assurance from US Pakistani Prime Minister greeted Trump and released a statement stated “Your election is indeed the triumph of the American people and their enduring faith in the ideals of democracy, freedom, human rights and free enterprise.”

Still Pakistan is worried from the fact that Trump has become the president of the United States and feels that it is not favorable for them.

One of the Pakistani senators and former ambassador, Sherry Rehman said that Trump is a wild card and further said “Pakistan obviously cannot rule out engaging with whomever America elects, but his anti-Muslim rhetoric may cast a shadow on relations in times of uncertainty.”

Meanwhile Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Donald Trump on tweeter and he tweeted “We look forward to working with you closely to take India-U.S. bilateral ties to a new height.”

Let us hope that Donald Trump will have positive attitude towards India as they are also facing the same problem of militants which India has been facing for a long time.