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Ever-strengthening rupee is also a significant challenge to the domestic industry as cheaper imports flood the country.

It looks as if the growth rate will be below 7% this fiscal year which translates roughly to a loss of ₹1.5 lakh crore of national income. What it signifies is millions of jobs not created.

Ever-strengthening rupee is also a significant challenge to the domestic industry. Since January the rupee is 7% stronger compared to the American dollar. It is stronger than its Asian peer currencies too, including China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. This directly hurts our export prospects.

The strong rupee also hurts the domestic industry since cheaper imports flood the country. The GST regime has given an extra advantage to importer traders since the countervailing duty that they now pay as GST can be offset against other taxes.

Demonetisation has its adverse effects as well. Investment and consumption spending which were postponed due to cash shortage might recover but jobs that are lost are lost forever.

The agriculture sector GDP shows nominal GDP growth to be lower than real GDP, which will mean depression in farmers’ incomes.

Solution to these problems is a big pick-up in manufacturing and private investment spending. Structural reforms of GST, the new insolvency code, the new monetary framework and Aadhaar linkage might show better results in the medium to long term.




One of the famous cartoon shows of late 90’s it was. The never ending fights between Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse were hilarious! No show can ever beat the amount of humour that it had. After that show every fight between a friend or brother sister was named as “TOM AND JERRY FIGHT” They created sweetest memories in heart’s of people. Tom and Jerry became the highest-grossing animated short film series of that time.

No tricks, traps, iron or frying pans could stop jerry from having his tasty lunch, and tom never stopped his dirty tricks to trap jerry!Tom-and-Jerry-tom-and-jerry-81353_800_600


The beginning song of that show SCOOBY DOOBY DO WHERE ARE YOU? SULJHANI HAI VO PAHELI is being badly missed by us these days. It was an American supernatural detective series. The plot revolves around the mystery incorporated , a group of four young adults and a dog who solve mysteries. It was one of the amazing cartoon of that time and mostly liked by kids too.th (28)


The 3 girls buttercup, blossom and bubbles were amazing. The way they always tried to kill MOJO-JOJO(the monkey) to save the world was tremendous! These girls were accidently created in a lab by Professor Utonium. Blossom  was the self proclaimed leader of the trio, bubbles was the cute one and buttercup was the toughest one. They lived in the city Townsville and were frequently called upon by the town’s childlike and naïve mayor for saving the town from criminals.th (29)


Every child had once a thought of being rich like “RICHIE RICH” who had everything, be it money, friends, a big bungalow, cars, private chopper and a dog named “DOLLAR”. The show detailed various adventures of RICHIE RICH, his family, and his friends. Dollar was one of the funny character in that show and ironically being a dog he had better life than we kids!th (30)


It was one of the comical cartoon of that time which revolved around popeye eating spinach and getting muscular strength to save olive from bluto. Popeye defeats his enemy everytime to save olive oyl. The cartoon character was designed in such a different way that it looked very different from any cartoon character. Popeye was the idol cartoon for every mom, they tricked every kid by saying “see what  popeye get after eating spinach” he was the muscular man of the late 90’sPopeye-the-Sailor-Man