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Gurmeet Ram Rahim a flamboyant spiritual leader sentenced to twenty years by the CBI judge in the Sunaira jail courtroom (temporarily arranged to deliver judgment) had a very distressing first night in the jail cell as the baba could not sleep nor could eat except just half a chapati.  

Meanwhile the 32-year-old son of the rape convict Jasmeet Insaan taken charge as the next guru of the sect Dera Sacha Sauda which claims to have more than 5 crore followers all over the world including six countries. Gurmeet Ram Rahim who literally pleaded with folded hands in front of the CBI judge and cried bitterly was given no respite by the Judiciary accusing him of committing the shameful rape on his own pious followers and devotees who trusted him as God.

The court termed it as an act of a wild beast and an extreme inhuman act. The Dera Sacha Sauda chief has also been fined Rupees thirty lakhs and will have to work inside the jail for which he will be given the daily wage of Rs. 40 as the other prisoners in the Sunaira Jail also get.  This is not the first time that a  controversial head of a religious organization or a sect has been arrested in dubious and shocking acts of rape but in the past too several so call Godmen like Chandra Swamy several gurus of the south, Baba Ram Pal of Haryana, Ichadhari Baba of Delhi Ram Murti Dwivedi,  highly popular Guru Asha Ram, his son Sai, Nirmal baba and Radhe Maa of Mumbai have been arrested under various sections of the law or court cases filed against them. But what makes analysts shocked and astonished is the fact that despite the exposure of such spiritual gurus and Godmen in bad acts hundreds of thousands of people still believe in these gurus and follow them as chauvinists and blind followers thus encouraging them to manipulate and befool them thus minting crores of rupees.

There have been hundreds of examples when wealth and properties of such dubious Godmen have increased manifold and politicians and even highly literate devotees forming a beeline to their Ashrams to seek their blessings. In the matter of Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim too several political leaders and ministers of Haryana government have been shown on video seeking his blessings by bowing down his feet thus making him significant in the eyes of the people and media. Sounds shocking indeed.