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A clash with the Bungie’s Epic Sci-fi Destiny 2, Playstation 4 is just the perfect platform for games like Dishonored- Death of the Outsider to enter the membranes of whole lot of gaming freaks. The new PS4 game comes up with a standalone expansion for Dishnored 2 that has hands and feet on the deadly shoes of Billie Lurk, a mechanically – enhanced assassin.

The game defines the character of billie teaming up with her old mentor Daud and the two of the partners have decided to do something unusual and they have that big plan over their minds to kill the Outsider. As in, the borderline-divine being that gave Emily Kaldwin and Corvo their powers for the sole purpose of entertaining himself. Good luck with that, guys. Judging by the blood-soaked, swift trailer, Billie’s mechanical sword-arm looks tantalisingly deadly, however, so they might stand a chance. It’s coming out on its own rather than as DLC for Dishonored 2, but that doesn’t mean it will stray from the grand tale of betrayal and redemption at the heart of the series. For a look at the other kinds of things Arkane Studios might do, check out our review of their first-person, sci-fi adventure, Prey. A guide has actually been laid on which is The hands  on preview of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, so you can start familiarizing yourself with the tools of the god-killing trade. A whole lot of excitement coming on the way as it is going to be a nail biting touch to the end. It will be mystery over the gaming surface. Hope everyone can enjoy such futuristic game over a big HD screen so as to feel the potentials of the game developer. And with the outcome of the release date which was 15th of September, this is a big number in the gaming industry.