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Like Milkshakes? The milkshakes are heavenly drinks but not for everyone and apart from having delicious and yummy taste there few things which you should keep in mind if you a fond of having milkshakes whenever you want to have them.

In fact, milkshakes are nutritious and taste good with amazing health benefits but think again next time when you are trying freshly cut fruits in the milk. Both fruits and milk have amazing health benefits but together they are always not good because not all fruits can be chopped or mixed in the milk for the heavenly shakes.

There are certain fruits which can be missed with milk but not all as pairing them together may lead to some problem.

According to Ayurveda there are certain pairing of fruits with milk which may impact the digestion negatively and have effect on the gastric fire which ultimately may lead to dosha like vata, pita, kapha.

Not just this if the right combination of fruits and milk is not made then it may also cause fermentation, bloating indigestion, extreme gas formation.

So which fruits can go with milk shakes?

All sour fruits, bananas, mangoes and melons, should never be blended with milk and yogurt.

For all those who love banana shake maybe it’s not a good news but bananas do not go well with milk as banana with milk can affect the gastric fire and change intestinal flora, which may cause sinus congestion, cold, cough, allergies, hives and rash.

Our digestive system is made in such a a way that different type of enzyme starts working on food eaten by us. As enzymes responsible for breaking protein in our digestive system are different as different enzymes are responsible for breaking fruits. So when we mix fruits with milk then the digestive system of body gets confuse for processing the food resulting in indigestion.

Next time if making a milk shake at least try not include the sour fruits in the milk!