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Dhoni in New York


Mahender Singh Dhoni seems to be happy with a biopic movie made on him and convinced with the actor Sushant Singh Rajput who has played his role in the movie. The promos seems promising that we will see the real journey of MS Dhoni.

Mahinder Singh Dhoni told that he conveyed to the director Neeraj Pandey during the conceptual phase that he should not be glorified instead the movie should focus on his journey, the struggle which he has done in his life to achieve what he is today and decision making process.

He was in the United States along with his wife Sakshi and film producer Arun Pandey to promote his movies which will be released on 30th September. Dhoni told many things about his life when he used to live in a small town and his journey from there to being the most respected captain of Indian cricket team.

He also further explained that he clearly told the director that being a person who likes to live in present, it was difficult for him to go back into his life and narrate his story for the movie but when he saw the unedited version of the movie for the first time, he was in his past again as memories of his childhood, where he lived and how he played flooded his mind. His all memories became fresh.

He said that it was nice to be in the past for a moment and he get a view of what others think about him. He had never talked to his parents about cricket and it was nice to get a glimpse of what they really thought about him.

When he was asked that whether he was worried about how the world will perceive him as a human being and cricketer after watching the movies he replied that he was little worried when initially the concept of the film came but one they were in, he was not worried about it as he was just narrating his side of the story.

He shared some moments from his cricket career life that had a huge impact on him. He told that when the Indian cricket team loses the 2007 World Cup the reactions of cricket fans against him and the team had a great impact on him also it was the turning point of his life.

He said that in India when the team loses a cricket match, they are perceived as those people who have committed a crime or terrorists. After losing the 2007 World cup fans even pelted stones at his residence.

Dhoni feels that merely ploughing money into sports does not translate into medals for the country and investment is needed over a period of time in the form of parents and schools encouraging children to take up sports and achieve something in Sports World.

He was at the promotional even of his film in New York where he concluded his event with the following statement “I think it is very important for parents and schools to push (their children) for sports and promote sports. That is how you will bring medals when it comes to games such as the Olympics. Money doesn’t directly get you medals. Cannot be result oriented alone, you have to work over a period of time and educate people.”