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Made Eight Miracle World Record in the World

Incredible Achievement of Lord Shri Luxmi Narayan Dham

Entered in Guinness World Books of Records

On 29th October, 2017, History has been made in Mumbai. Incredible Achievement of Lord Shri Luxmi Narayan Dham is entered in Guinness World Book of Record in the presence of thousand people which came from our country and abroad. At first time in the world, terrible Infections due to dangerous dandruff and other serious diseases, of 987 number of peoples, are finished completely during the record. Under supervision of Senior Official Paulien Spensica , Dandruff which create terrible bacteria, is finished completely from the heads of 987 Peoples during this incredible experiment.

After completing this experiment, name of Lord Shri Luxmi Narayan Dham has been entered in the Guinness World Book of Records. After making the record, Senior Official Paulien Spensica of Guinness World Record, has presented certificate to Hon’ble Satguru Ji. This incredible event has been viewed by crores peoples of 160 countries through Live Cast.

This Incredible World Record is entered at Salasar Center Park of Meera Road East Mumbai, between 1.01 am and 1.14 am. One Thousand People participated in this 13 minutes incredible experiment. Senior Official Paulien Spensica of Guinness World Record reached there earlier 7 hours before entering the record.

She inspect all programme before starting to enter this incredible record. First of all, she went to registration counter and she views the registration form and other proceeding carefully.

In the beginning of this world record entered in 13 minutes, one thousand peoples washed their head’s hairs with shampoo of blessed drug (Abhimantrit Aushidi) collectively and create a foam. After that, All Peoples clean their hair after applying the Abhimantrit Jal (water) on their heads under supervision of Senior Official Paulien Spensica of Guinness World records. After cleaning their heads, all peoples dried their hairs with towels.

At last, Senior Official Paulien Spensica and her team went near all one thousand peoples and inspected their heads. After rejecting some peoples from one thousand peoples, 987 peoples have been selected in this survey. Germs which cause serious diseases on the head of these 987 peoples, are permanently finished from the roots. This survey is conducted by Modern Machines of America.

Doctors, Scientists and dermatologist of world, are surprised by this incredible history created in Mumbai at 1.14 A.m. Guinness World Record’s Senior Official Paulien Spensica is surprised after watching that the dandruff and dangerous infections which create serious diseases, are finished from root within 13 minutes only.

She watched this experiment at first time during her life. Before the Record of Lord Shri Luxmi Narayan Dham, 795 Peoples had made a record of washing their hairs together. There was no any subject of dandruff in this record, the subject was that 795 peoples washed their hairs collectively, which has been told by Guinness World Record’s Senior Official Paulien Spensica and said that This World Record is more important. 987 peoples had not just a washed their head hairs together but they certified that they peoples are free from the serious infections due to serious dandruff and other diseases.

This has been inspected deeply by our team and this has been certified by Dinolight Machine of America.


There are 15 lakhs kinds of serious fungal infections.

Which grievous infections found in dandruff, same will cover all body by the slow time process. There is no permanently treatment of Dandruff and Fungal Infections in Medical Science. According to report of World Health Organization, 25 Thousand Peoples died with the reason of dangerous fungal infections due to dandruff, in every year.

According to report of biggest Institution Center for Environment Health (C.E.H. ) of America, elements which create cancer, to found in 98 percent shampoos. Fungal Infections found in the dandruff, is started from eyebrows of eyes, neck or ham and reached in the body by respiration slowly-slowly and it’s covered all organs of human body.

Due to this, our nervous system became defective. Cancer, Skin diseases, Eye diseases, Arthritis, diseases of Heart and Lungs, Diseases of Liver and other serious diseases, can be due to fungal infections in the dandruff. Many Mentally diseases can be caused due to dandruff or fungal infections found in dandruff. This indeed outstanding, excessively laudable and miraculous .


When I offered my services as the chief minister of Gujarat in the aftermath of the most devastating Kedarnath disaster to resurrect the historic Kedarnath Shrine ready to bear the entire expenses, I was allowed to do so by the then government of the Congress in the state and I felt highly blessed thinking that Baba Kedar has given me a privileged opportunity to serve him. I came out of the meeting with the then CM of the state blissfully and disclosed my intentions of resurrecting the damaged Kedarnath Temple and its precincts to the media present there.

Next day the newspapers were full of news mentioning that Gujarat CM will look after the entire resurrection and rehabilitation work of Kedarnath. The then central government of Congress got worried as now Modi will take the entire credit of this job and instructed the then chief minister Vijay Bahuguna, now in BJP, not to let Modi do this job. Hence a new statement appeared in news channels that the Congress governments are capable enough to do the needful n therefore there is no need for Modi to intervene in another state’s internal affair.

But see, Bhole Baba has ultimately showered his pivotal blessings on us and today BJP is in power at the centre as well as in Uttarakhand by the grace of all of you. Prime minister Narendra Modi made this disclosure today while addressing the party volunteers, pilgrims and the local residents at Kedarnath Dham where he was invited to seek Lord Kedar’s blessings on the closing of Kedarnath temple in view of the incoming winters’ when the whole temple and the valley is engulfed in snow. Last year prime minister Modi had come here on the ocassion of the opening of the Temple.

Pronouncing himself to be the ardent deciple of Lord Shiva, PM Modi said that the centre and state government are now launching an over ambitious project worth several crores for the over all facelifting of the damaged Kedarnath Shrine precincts during the ecological catastrophe of 2013. He revealed the plans for cinstruction of wider roads, well fecilitated houses for the pilgrims and purohits and hi tech lightening arrangements on 24×7 basis amid applauds from.the crowd. Addressing the audience in extempore hindi Modi pledged to rehabilitate each and every victim and family of the 2013 disaster and invited corporates under CSR to resurrect Kedarnath Dham with the latest technology and facilities in collaboration of the UK state government. Conveying his heartfelt tributes to all those died in this tragic catastrophe Prime minister Modi appealed one and all to protect the ecology of this Himalayan state by carrying out eco friendly development but not uttered a single word about the 36 thousand trees that will fall during the development and construction of the over ambitious all weather roads project in Uttarakhand with a total cost of Rs 12000 crores, inaugurated by him few minths ago in Dehradun.

He paid his respects to the people of Uttarakhand whose every 2nd family has a son or husband in Indian Army fighting the enemies valiantly on our porous borders and sacrificing their precious line of duty. He lauded the the succesful efforts of the UK government of completing its set target of constructing toilets and making Uttarakhand a self sufficed state with indoor toilets. He promised of fulfilling his pre election pledge of providing light connection in every house of the poor in Uttarakhand andother states and laudedhis government’s effort of delivering several crores free gas connections to the poor including in Uttarakhand to discourage deforestation and protect environment.

He thanked the Uttarakhand government for extending him the courtsey to visit Kedarnath and seek Bhole baba’s blessings.The governor of Uttarakhand Dr. K KPaul, the Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat ministers Prakash Pant and Dhan Singh Rawat were on the dias, alongwith with the prime minister.