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There are primarily two main issues that are prominently being highlighted in various parts of Uttarakhand and even in Delhi, the national capital and the pivotal issues are: one connected to Gairsain to be declared as the permanent capital of the 17 and a half year old state and another relaing to the contruction of a 315 meter high altitude dam over the Mahakali and Saryu rivers of Nepal and Uttarakhand likely to fully submerge about 64 villages of three districts of Uttarakhand and displace about thirty thousand families.

In order to provide fillip to the ongoing movements in Uttarakhand on these pivotal twin issues and mobilise the right thinking progressive people outrighty standing for Hairsain and against 480 billion worth of Pancheshwar dam, the intellectuals and social activists of Delhi and NCR collectively gathered at Press Club of India yesterday irrespective of the party, political and ideological affiliations and discussed at length the afore mentioned burning issues finally reaching to the conclusion that they will in the form of a unified conglomeration hold a protest demonstration from the Raisina Road, Press Club of India premises and present a memorandum to the prime minister of India on the burning issue of Gairsain to be made the capital of Ittarakhand undisputably and without any further delay. In a seminar cum meeting held at Press Club of India on 3rd of February the eminent literateur, poet and writer Manglesh Dabral hailed the ongoing movement for Gairsain capital and appealed to the progressive, secular and right thinking peoole of the country and Uttarakhand in particular to stand united and relentlessly struggle to reach to the final conclusion of the Gairsain demand as Gairsain according to him is not just an emotional and passionate demand but also significant from the point of view of its correct technical feasibility by being equidistance from both the Garhwal and Kumaon regions but also the birth place of the outstanding revolutionery of the country late Chandra Singh Garhwali.

Expressing his serious concern over the sorry state of affairs in the 18 year old Uttarakhand state Manglesh Dabral said that its most unfortunate that all the chief ministers of Uttarakhand right from Nityanand Swamy till date are functioning under the influence and directions of the bureaucracy which is utmostly against the demand of Gairsain to be ade the capital of Uttarakhand as their unholy nexus with land, illegal mining, builders and big dam mafias is very much protected and flourishing in Dehradun and they would never want to go inside the hills of Gairsain which is the symbol and embodiment of the decentralised over all development of the state. Speaking on the incessant plight of the inhabitants of Uttarakhand from interior villages to the plains Manglesh Dabral said today hundreds of villages have become empty and the spate of influx to the city is myriad which needs to be stopped at all costs and declaration of Gairsain as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand is the sole and only necessity of the present time.

He equated the the Mahakali and Saryu rivers as the pious Ganges and said that its highly deplorable that the present government is building a massive dam on it thus displacing thousands of the local inhabitants and spoiling the environment by binding the rivers and deforesting the heavy jungles considered to be our lungs and oxygen givers. Manglesh Dabral asked the agitationists to beaware of the anarchist and communal elements and said that the reactionery, divisive and communal forces including anti dalits should be kept away from such movements. He expressed his unhappiness and displeasure that intellectials, historians and movement activists like Dr. Shekhar Pathak and Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht are not contributing to these pivotal movements of the hills.

The meeting was convened by All India Uttarakhand Mahasabha and presided by its national president Vinod Nautiyal whereas nicely conducted by the president of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum Sunil Negi. Prominent amongst those who spoke on the occasion were literateur and writer Dr. Hari Suman Bisht, Puran Dangwal, Colonel Dimri, sr journalists Gyanendra Pandey, Umakant Lakhera, Charu Tiwari, Avtar Negi, Suresh Nautiyal, Vyomesh Jugran, Sunil Negi, Vinod Nautiyal Kusum Kandwal Bhatt, Hansa Amola, Anita Nautiyal, Sushma Jugran, journalist, Subhash Traan, Dr. Surya Prakash Semwal, Pratap Shahi, Udai Mamgain Rathi, Chandan Gusain, Bhagat Singh Negi, Shiv Prasad Gaur, Umesh Pant and others.


The demand for Gairsain to be declared as a permanent capital of Uttarakhand, the state which came into separate existence after incessant struggle of years together that claimed 43 precious lives including the one of Baba Mohan Singh Uttarakhandi who died after indefinite hunger strike in support of the above demand has finally achieved a new momentum as people of Uttarakhand living in Delhi have also started tightening their belts across party and ideological lines to give fillip to this movement which has spread like wild fire in the mountaneous valleys and the interior villages of the Himalayan State for the last few months.

The higher reaches of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand like Karnaprayag, Rudraprayag, Pauri Garhwal and the entire Kumaon region are in the grip of the ferocious movement for the declaration of Gairsain to be declared as the capital of Uttarakhand and the youths, students, the women power including the senior citizens are up in arms demanding ” AAJ DO ABHI DO HAME GAISAIN RAJDHANI DO” holding protest rallies, hunger strikes and mass demonstrations in various blocks and district headquarters of Uttarakhand and Gairsain.

In Delhi, too the intellectuals, journalists, social activists, organisations, women and youth have started holding corner meetings in various parts of Delhi to unify the Uttarakhandies living in various nooks and corners of Delhi and NCR. Recently a meeting of independent journalists, UKD and some splintered socio political groups was held at the Press Club of India and reached at a consensous to further this demand on a war footing attented by the representatives of different social organisations.

On 27th January an impressive meeting was held at Dilshad Garden, Delhi participated by good number of youths, women and representatives of various social and journalistic organisations prominently addressed by the senior journalist and renowned social activist Charu Tiwari, President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum Sunil Negi, President of Akhil Bhartiya Uttarakhand Mahasabha Vinod Nautiyal, women activist Hansa Amola, veteran theatre activist Sushila Rawat, Amit Rana, representatives of Dilshad Garden Bhratra Mandal, Jai Singh Rawat and several other dashing young leaders.

Mr Charu Tiwari in his long and impressive address has blamed the Congress and BJP of betraying the trust of innocent Uttarakhandies during the last seventeen years and said that Gairsain being equidistant from both the Garhwal and Kumaon divisions is a most genuine and transparent demand which needs to be fulfilled and addressed at all costs. He appealed to the youth, students and the women power of Delhi and Uttarakhand to forgo and forget their ideological differences and come forward unitedly to make this dream come true. Charu said: relentless struggle is must to achieve any credible demand like that of Gairsain capital and therefore now time has arrived when we have to stand united to achieve this by all means.

Mr. Sunil Negi while exhorting the Uttarakhandies living in Delhi and NCR to give fillip to the Gairsain movement of Uttarakhand said that the way thousands of people of the capital have provided money, mass and moral support to the movement of Uttarakhand during 1994 till 2000, the time has come that we’ll have to come forward, similarly in a united fashion to compel the current BJP government kneel down under our pressure to finally acede to this long pending demand for Gairsain as UK’s capital. Negi said both Congress and BJP have betrayed the trust of the people of Uttarakhand during the last seventeen years and led the state towards anarchy with a fiscal deficit of staggering 40 thousand crores with literally no productive income from its own sources. He added: if the state has gained anything during the last 17 years, its massive unemployment, enhancement in the unholy nexus between the corrupt bureaucracy, contractors, building, land, mining and liquor mafia thus leading the state towards unending corruption and total bankruptcy.

He said: Gairsain capital is a symbol of decentralisation of socio political and economic development. Hence it’s a mandatory demand which needs to be addressed and conceded at all costs. A unanimous decision was arrived at the meeting to hold such corner and decentralised meetings in support of Gairsain in entire Delhi and NCR to finally make it a massive movement in capital in order to strengthen the simultaneous mobilisation in the hills of Uttarakhand as well.

In addition as a sequel to the ongoing mobilisation a meeting cum seminar has been organised on 3rd February at 2.30 pm at Press Club of India in support of Gairsain to be addressed by prominent petsonalities of UK in Delhi by All India Uttarakhand Maha Sabha.
Time has also become ripe for all the pro Gairsain ideological parties to give up their narrow vested political and other interests and come together under single umbrella unanimously on the Gairsain capital demand forthwith. They have already committed several deliberate mistakes and lapses in the past this giving handle to the national parties exploit Uttarakhand, its people and the natural resources but now its enough n the saturation point has come to an end. If not now it will be never in the future.
Sunil Negi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum

It was indeed a moment of great privilege for Kalinka Charitable Trust and Uttarakhand Journalists Forum to have the pivotal presence of two important celebrities of their respective fields – one, an author and a politician of repute and another a empowered women who carved a niche for herself in the field of acting as a superstar and producer of several Garhwali films, particularly a super duper hit Subheru Gham.

Yes, I am referring here none other than the former Uttarakhand chief minister and MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank, an author of several books and eminent parliamentarian as well who’d also made a recent foray in film production with his film Major Nirala likely to be released. Both these eminent personalities were chief guests on 13th January in a largely attended UTTARAYINI KAUTHIG held at Dwarka, New Delhi under the auspicies of KALINKA CHARITABLE TRUST where the singing legend and an iconic personality of Uttarakhand Garh Ratn Narendra Singh Negi and his efficient team of well studded musicians entertained thousands of his fan following.

The ocassion was special because on this very day of Uttarayini the producer, actor of eminence of Uttarakhand Film industry who’d also acted in several Bollywood and regional films like Bhojpuri, Nepalese, Punjabi and produced documentaries for Discovery channel etc was felicitated at the hands of the former Chief Minister, Uttarakhand and MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank as well as the Garh Ratn Narendra Singh Negi with the PRIDE OF UTTARAKHAND AWARD for her valuable and precious contribution in producing quality regional films and playing a vital role in preserving the culture, dialects and traditions of the Himalayan State.

Her home production SUBHERU GHAM, WAS FOR THE FIRST TIME SCREENED IN CANADA’S INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL AND WAS AWARDED AS ONE OF THE OUTSTANDING REGIONAL FILMS’, the first ever internatiinal tecongnition accorded to any regional film of Uttarakhand. Kudos to her. Good luck Urmi Negi.



After having been defeated at the hustings in Uttarakhand’s legislative elections, himself losing both the seats from where he contested, just eight months ago and now in Delhi, most of the time, the usually mobile politician, 68 year old, the former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Harish Rawat seems to be rather still active losing no opportunity to inaugurate or participate in any socio cultural or political programme of Uttarakhand where ever he is invited with usual charm and enthusiasm.

The way, even after losing badly at the hands of the BJP in Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat is still enthusiastically active in Delhi as well as in Uttarakhand losing no opportunity of participation in any gathering – social or political, it seems the septuagenerium leader is still prepared to play the next innings either as the state’s CM or is in a mood to enter parliament from Garhwal in 2019.It may be recalled that before becoming the state’s CM three years ago Rawat was the member of parliament from Haridwar. Just two days ago i. e. on 7th January Rawat called hundreds of Uttarakhandies from Delhi and UK at 18 Ferojshah Road, the resident of his protege, Rajya Sabha MP Mahara and obliged hundreds of the guest visitors with tasty Uttarakhand cuisines and delicacies.

He himself was seen having the taste of sugarcane in the public and thereafter having food with people thus giving an impression of a pro people leader. Considered to be a clever political manipulater and a mass leader even after losing so badly at the hustings in Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat lost no opportunity to invite every Uttarakhandi from Delhi and NCR across political spectrum including the mediamen and mixed with them for hours together, chatting, mixing, embracing, posing for group photographs and giving interviews to local channels.

People were found happily queuing for the delicious Uttarakhandi lunch and Gur ki kaali chai including himalayan fruit’s salad for hours. The get together and the lunch on session lasted for three hours with each and every pahadi living in Delhi and the NCR finally feeling utmostly satisfied and ecstatic. While such gatherings give an opportunity for one and all to meet friends and accquantainces after long intervals in city like Delhi and NCR, for politicians like Harish Rawat these are opportunities to re establish the broken links with the rank and file. It was not the first time that Rawat has thrown the lunch of Uttarakhndi cuisines for the UKites in Delhi but had been doing it earlier as well while he was the minister at the centre representing state labour and agricultural ministeries before becoming the state CM in 2015/16.

What was unusual about Harish Rawat’s lunch – on – session was that he hasn’t invited any Congressmen from Uttarakhand or Delhi in this congregation thinking perhaps, why would anybody else be given an opportunity to seek the credit for the lunch being served by him. Whatever, but he still needs to be complimented at least for the guts to manipulate and seek the Pravasies’s favourable confidence through such lunches of Uttarakhandi cuisines. After all this is a spirit. I wonder why has no other Uttarakhandi leader or MP has taken the courage to do so as Rawat has been doing for years in Delhi?

Uttarayini, a popular festival of the Uttarakhand and its inhabitants living in and outside the eighteen year old state in various metropolises, cities and towns, including the interior villages have been celebrating it for centuries.

This festival is celebrated every year on 14th of January as a symbol of unity, amity, peace and harmony. People gather together in fairs and socio cultural functions on this occasion and enjoy the festival by wearing regional cultural and folk attires and perform on stage or congregations called Uttarayini Kauthig.

In Delhi too it was celebrated with much fan fare in various parts where Uttarakhandi population is cohesive and densely populated. The capital city of India Delhi comprises of large number of Kumaonies and Garhwalies, perhaps 25 lakhs at the minimum, may be even more. The Uttarakhandies are second in population in terms of a cohisively credible population after the inhabitants of Bihar and UP known as Poorvanchalies.

The Purvanchalies and Uttarakhandies are therefore considered to be a credible vote bank for both the Congress and BJP and now the AAP has been succesful in making inroads into the Uttarakhandi vote bank in Delhi. While the prominent festival of the Bihar community in Delhi called CHAT PUJA is being celebrated with full fanfare in all the Bihari dominated constituencies and areas of Delhi with the governmenral support of the previous Congress and now AAP governments since long, the Uttarakhandies too are lucky to have acknowledged the attention of Arvind Kejrival government which has this year officially financed 33 to 72 Uttarayini programmes in Delhi being celebrated on 14th January, 2018 in about 75 places all over the capital city.

The AAP government has allocated the organisers of each Uttarayini function a consolidated budget ranging from 1 lakh to 2.5 lakhs enabling them entertain the local Uttarakhandies of Delhi. It is learnt that this move of the AAP government would help AAP make inroads in the sizeable Uttarakhandi vote bank of the capital city. It may be recalled that during the last assembly election the AAP has not allocated a single ticket to an Uttarakhand candidate and had annoyed the community to a great extent.

But by financing Uttarayini on a vast scale this time it has definitely won the hearts of the people of the Himalayan state living in Delhi.
The below Uttarayini function however has not been financed by AAP.

There is a good news for all Delhites particularly those hailing from the lower middle class and lowest ebb of the society depending upon government health schemes for free treatment etc as the leuitenent governor of Delhi Anil Baijal has shown a great heart for those living in Delhi by giving his consent to the AAP government’s people friendly proposals of free treatment in private hospitals for all the road accident victims including the victims of brutal acid attacks etc including free testing facilities to the various polyclinics functioning in various colonies and parts of Delhi especially those living in the unauthorised colonies and JJ clusters of the capital.

In addition to the above a separate Delhi government’s recomendation for providing the latest and advanced free radiological tests and surgeries have also been accorded the LG’s consent. This pro people move of the Delhi government if seriously implemented in toto would help a large section of the people of Delhi.

Prior to these recommendations having acknowledged the LG’s stamp with whom the Delhi government had been on loggerheads on the important issue of regularisation of the services of 15000 adhoc teachers, will send a positive message accross the cross section of the society of the AAP government’s pro people functioning.

It may be recalled that after coming to power in Delhi the Arvind Kejrival government has put special emphasis on the Dlhi health services and has not only made free medicines available in govt hospitals and dispensaries for the general public majority of whom are from the economic marginalised classes but has also made a provision through cabinet approval regarding free treatment and surgeries for critical illnesses to those with annual income of less then 2 lakhs in high profile private hospitals.

The day since the government of AAP has assumed power in Delhi for the last three years while on infrastructural and transport (DTC) sector the AAP government has not achieved anything fruitful or impressive but on water, schools and health front it has done tremendously well as compared to the previous state governments.

The Delhi CM has also for the time being given up his confrontationist attitude and posture with the prime minister Modi and the Delhi’s LG and is rather concentrating on finding ways and means to improve the lot of the electorates. The AAP government has also been successful in enticing the Bihari and Uttarakhandi votes by way of allocating them extra budget on Chat Puja and Uttarayini celebrations.

This year the Delhi AAP government is financially assisting Uttarakhandies celebrate Uttarayini function at 33 different locations of Delhi and has also won the hearts of Delhites by outrightly opposing the arbitrary manifold metro fare increase by holding demonstrations all over Delhi and offering Rs 500 crores annually to compensate the metro loss but the Modi government went ahead with the manifold increase in the metro fares thinking that if the fares are lessoned the entire political credit would go to Arvind Kejrival and his government. What’s your take friends?


The deteriorating public transport system DTC has made the lives of the commuters cumbersome and in immense jeopardy with majority of the buses going off the road and routes and the officers literally doing nothing to set right the situation.

The Delhi government of AAP has terribly failed on this front with DTC commuters, majority of them from the lower middle class and the poor strata of the society constrained to either wait for hours at bus stands and then due to non availability of buses miss his or her duties or compelled to pay three / four times extra by travelling in Delhi metro whose fares has been arbitrarily increased manifold despite incessant protests.

It may be recalled that during the previous regime under the Shiela Dikshit government the conditions of Delhi Transport Corporation was extremely good and smooth with thousands of buses on the road in good condition but after the return of the current government the DTC has increased heavy losses and the buses have also gone out of the roads.

Today, Delhi Transport Corporation has merely 3800 buses on Delhi roads with majority of them, permanentally stationed in Depots due to the extremely shortage of Drivers and negligence and complacense of the staff and depot managers. Several buses are out of order and literally decaying. Delhi actually requires11000 buses to cope with the current situation but DTC has merely 3800 buses under operation resulting in extreme shortage and inconvenience to the commuters.

One can easily find buses stationed at Depots and bus stands but they hardly move on routes on time and miss several trips of every route. There is total mis management in DTC with the monopoly of Divers, Conductors and local ATIs who are supportive of each other missing their trips as per their conveniences and hardly caring for the commuters welfare. One can see groups of commuters waiting at bus stands for hours together with little or no hope of getting buses to reach at prescribed destinations.

The staff is equally non cooperative and least caring passing the buck on depot managers for not arranging adequate number of buses in time. It’s the commuter who suffer ultimately. According to the sources the DTC is running in heavy losses of several thousand crores and is increasing further manifold due to the negligent attitude of the staff and officers who either intentionally mis thousands of daily trips daily on various routes or due to congestion of encroachments.

Its because of this negligence on the part of the DTC officials and the Delhi government that lacs of Delhi commuters are badly suffering and the Delhi Metro Corporation on the other hand is exploiting them to the hilt with its increased fares on daily basis. Conclusively, it can be unabiguously said that the Delhi government has failed on DTC front and all complaints sent to them by the commuters have fallen on the deaf years of the DTC officials literally doing nothing to set right the situation.

The Delhi transport minister should seriously look into the grievances of the the Delhi commuters by increasing the DTC fleets on all the routes and minitoring the situation by holding regular meetings and inspections with the officials of the transport department as well as the DTC officials at the decentralised level.

The latest reports indicate that the DTC is suffering the whoping loss of Rs nine crores every month on just because of missing of thousands of trips on daily and monthly basis due to the traffic cobgestion and negligence of the staff due to dereliction of their respective duties.


As is Delhi increasingly in the grip of life taking pollution, similarly is it the victim of massive chain snatching crimes and subsequent assaults, particularly the women being the worst sufferers. In almost every street, nook and corner, parks, market place, cinema houses, residential colonies or in busy areas these dreaded criminals, majority of them being the delinquents below eighteen years have created havoc and the law enforcing agency, the police, already short of staff is extremely complacent to deal with these termites who’d made the lives of Delhi’s women a hell.

Moving around with gold wearings and handy mobiles has become a risky affair with women and college going girls, the most affected. What is more worrisome is that these professional gangs now also operate from expensive and ostentatious marriage ceremonies where they mix themselves wearing facinating attire and clandinely rob the expensive jewellery and cash. Today, out of the fear and risk to one’s life, especially inaction from the side of the police authorities the women have given up wearing gold chains or ornaments n keeping their expensive mobiles intact in purse than hanging around.

Even the family members of the higher ups have been the victims of these snatchers but fortunately they get their stolen ornaments or properties back in record time, thanks to their status and influence. If we go by the Delhi Police records there had been a whopping six fold increase in cases of snatchings compared to previous years and the resolution rate is surprisingly less than 30%.

But now there seems to be a little ray of hope for DELHITES as the Delhi High Court has issued directives to the state government to make the law on chain snatching stricter by amending the panel provisions terming the chain snatching as a very serious matter. It sought a detailed report from the Delhi govt as well and simultaneously issued notices to DP, civic body MCD and the state govt seeking replies.

An enlightened Delhi advocate Prashant Manchanda after feeling concerned have filed a writ petition in the DHC saying that the myriad increase in chain snatching incidents in the capital have made the people, especially the foreign tourists completely insecure.



The union state minister of Textiles Ajay Tamta today visited Max Hospital in New Delhi and met the ailing leader in Intensive Care Unit and thereafter his family to know about the former 4 and one time chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand including the union minister of Industry at the centre. Ajay Tamta went to Max this afternoon.

Tamta said that the ninety year old Narain Dutt Tiwari is in ICU and is gradually recovering from chest and lung congestion leading to respiratory disorder. According to the doctors he is recuperating and the signs are positive. Tamta said Tiwari is a political stalwart of the country and Uttarakhand and has contributed tremendously in the all round development of Uttar Pradesh as well as Uttarakhand though his own party’s detractors had unsuccessfully tried their level best to create umpteen bottlenecks on his ways to develop the state of Uttarakhand. Rating Narain Dutt Tiwari as the leader of the stature of Late Govind Ballabh Pant, Late Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna, Khusi Ram and Tamta, union state minister of Textiles, Ajay Tamta said that the constructive n positive contribution of Narain Dutt Tiwari in the development of the nation, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand can’ t be ruled out.

He is in true sense the father figure of the 17 year old state whose selfless contribution to Uttarakhand willalways be remembered. Ajay Tamta after meeting ND Tiwari deliberated with his wife Ujwala and son Rohit and wished for the speedy veeran leader of the country.

It may be recalled that the 90 year old former union minister and chief minister of UP and UK was admitted in MAX hospital Delhi and put on re sustication in ICU  after he complained of extreme dizzyness and chest congestion about two weeks ago and just yesterday a rumour floated in social media about his being no more but contradicted later on by his family. In the picture is Union state textile minister Ajay Tamta meeting Ujjwala at Saket and knowing about his health condition



The fog or a smog this morning was so dense that not only has it resulted in delaying flights and trains but has also resulted in several accidents in different parts of Delhi and the neighbouring states.

This morning the smog in Delhi, NCR and the adjacent state like Haryana was so intense and extensive that few cars and a bus got clashed on the Delhi Haryana Highway causing injuries to few persons who were evacuated safely afterwards.

While during winters this is a usual affair but this time, Delhi in the aftermath of Deepawali has broken all records with poisionous gases badly entangled in the environment in the absense of winds that usually take the smog away.

Though the Supreme Court of India has issued special directives to the Delhi citizens as well as the firecracker sellers through the Delhi police and law enforcing agencies prohibiting the sale and fixing the limit till 10.30, shockingly Delhi has witnessed a negligible response to the court’s instructions and added to the pollution woes of the Delhites further more, enhancing pollution level to the most severest catagory.

It’s really shocking that today the newspapers of Delhi have shown the Pollution index going to 448 points which is considered to be of the most severest nature. The smog over Delhi skies for the last two days full of polluted gases literally making the lives of Delhites a hell has even compelled the National Green Tribunal to issue the Delhi government serious instructions to do something positive and constructive to reverse this most distressing trend of extremely polluted environment.

The visibly disturbed Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival had no option but to announce the closure of the schools for next two days or even more, till the smog is fully cleared from the Delhi skies and environment. The court has also instructed it to restart the odd even exercise.

The Delhi Pollution Control Board on the other hand says that in the absense of winds the smog which is the result of stubble burning in the neighbouring states and the already existing pollution, developed and enhanced after the Deepawali due to bursting of excessive fire crackers has got preserved in the environment and would be cleared on if the extensive winds take it along. Smog and increasing pollution in Delhi and NCR have become a permanent feature putting the life of 135 crore Delhites at excessive risk.

Something extremely credible and concrete needs to be done in the near future to clear this permanent ongoing mess failing which Delhi which has already turned into a poisionous gas chamber would prove highly disastrous to the already ailing health of Delhites, particularly the children. What do you say friends?