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As is Delhi increasingly in the grip of life taking pollution, similarly is it the victim of massive chain snatching crimes and subsequent assaults, particularly the women being the worst sufferers. In almost every street, nook and corner, parks, market place, cinema houses, residential colonies or in busy areas these dreaded criminals, majority of them being the delinquents below eighteen years have created havoc and the law enforcing agency, the police, already short of staff is extremely complacent to deal with these termites who’d made the lives of Delhi’s women a hell.

Moving around with gold wearings and handy mobiles has become a risky affair with women and college going girls, the most affected. What is more worrisome is that these professional gangs now also operate from expensive and ostentatious marriage ceremonies where they mix themselves wearing facinating attire and clandinely rob the expensive jewellery and cash. Today, out of the fear and risk to one’s life, especially inaction from the side of the police authorities the women have given up wearing gold chains or ornaments n keeping their expensive mobiles intact in purse than hanging around.

Even the family members of the higher ups have been the victims of these snatchers but fortunately they get their stolen ornaments or properties back in record time, thanks to their status and influence. If we go by the Delhi Police records there had been a whopping six fold increase in cases of snatchings compared to previous years and the resolution rate is surprisingly less than 30%.

But now there seems to be a little ray of hope for DELHITES as the Delhi High Court has issued directives to the state government to make the law on chain snatching stricter by amending the panel provisions terming the chain snatching as a very serious matter. It sought a detailed report from the Delhi govt as well and simultaneously issued notices to DP, civic body MCD and the state govt seeking replies.

An enlightened Delhi advocate Prashant Manchanda after feeling concerned have filed a writ petition in the DHC saying that the myriad increase in chain snatching incidents in the capital have made the people, especially the foreign tourists completely insecure.



The union state minister of Textiles Ajay Tamta today visited Max Hospital in New Delhi and met the ailing leader in Intensive Care Unit and thereafter his family to know about the former 4 and one time chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand including the union minister of Industry at the centre. Ajay Tamta went to Max this afternoon.

Tamta said that the ninety year old Narain Dutt Tiwari is in ICU and is gradually recovering from chest and lung congestion leading to respiratory disorder. According to the doctors he is recuperating and the signs are positive. Tamta said Tiwari is a political stalwart of the country and Uttarakhand and has contributed tremendously in the all round development of Uttar Pradesh as well as Uttarakhand though his own party’s detractors had unsuccessfully tried their level best to create umpteen bottlenecks on his ways to develop the state of Uttarakhand. Rating Narain Dutt Tiwari as the leader of the stature of Late Govind Ballabh Pant, Late Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna, Khusi Ram and Tamta, union state minister of Textiles, Ajay Tamta said that the constructive n positive contribution of Narain Dutt Tiwari in the development of the nation, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand can’ t be ruled out.

He is in true sense the father figure of the 17 year old state whose selfless contribution to Uttarakhand willalways be remembered. Ajay Tamta after meeting ND Tiwari deliberated with his wife Ujwala and son Rohit and wished for the speedy veeran leader of the country.

It may be recalled that the 90 year old former union minister and chief minister of UP and UK was admitted in MAX hospital Delhi and put on re sustication in ICU  after he complained of extreme dizzyness and chest congestion about two weeks ago and just yesterday a rumour floated in social media about his being no more but contradicted later on by his family. In the picture is Union state textile minister Ajay Tamta meeting Ujjwala at Saket and knowing about his health condition



The fog or a smog this morning was so dense that not only has it resulted in delaying flights and trains but has also resulted in several accidents in different parts of Delhi and the neighbouring states.

This morning the smog in Delhi, NCR and the adjacent state like Haryana was so intense and extensive that few cars and a bus got clashed on the Delhi Haryana Highway causing injuries to few persons who were evacuated safely afterwards.

While during winters this is a usual affair but this time, Delhi in the aftermath of Deepawali has broken all records with poisionous gases badly entangled in the environment in the absense of winds that usually take the smog away.

Though the Supreme Court of India has issued special directives to the Delhi citizens as well as the firecracker sellers through the Delhi police and law enforcing agencies prohibiting the sale and fixing the limit till 10.30, shockingly Delhi has witnessed a negligible response to the court’s instructions and added to the pollution woes of the Delhites further more, enhancing pollution level to the most severest catagory.

It’s really shocking that today the newspapers of Delhi have shown the Pollution index going to 448 points which is considered to be of the most severest nature. The smog over Delhi skies for the last two days full of polluted gases literally making the lives of Delhites a hell has even compelled the National Green Tribunal to issue the Delhi government serious instructions to do something positive and constructive to reverse this most distressing trend of extremely polluted environment.

The visibly disturbed Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival had no option but to announce the closure of the schools for next two days or even more, till the smog is fully cleared from the Delhi skies and environment. The court has also instructed it to restart the odd even exercise.

The Delhi Pollution Control Board on the other hand says that in the absense of winds the smog which is the result of stubble burning in the neighbouring states and the already existing pollution, developed and enhanced after the Deepawali due to bursting of excessive fire crackers has got preserved in the environment and would be cleared on if the extensive winds take it along. Smog and increasing pollution in Delhi and NCR have become a permanent feature putting the life of 135 crore Delhites at excessive risk.

Something extremely credible and concrete needs to be done in the near future to clear this permanent ongoing mess failing which Delhi which has already turned into a poisionous gas chamber would prove highly disastrous to the already ailing health of Delhites, particularly the children. What do you say friends?


A combination of smoke from the burning of stubble of crops in Punjab and Haryana and the already present and increasing moisture has turned Delhi into a gas chamber.

Today, the Central Pollution Control Board said that the air quality index (AQI) for New Delhi on Wednesday, November 08 2017, has plummeted and is at its worst at 484.  On Tuesday, it had touched 448 in a scale of 500 and had already entered the ‘severe’ category before falling even lower today.

An order came this morning on from Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia’s office. It said that, the air pollution has become unbearable and is affecting all the residents of the city.  The reason cited for this can be stubble burning in the states of Haryana and Punjab or the vehicular pollution but the fact remains… that it is damaging the health of Delhi’s residents.

On the Yamuna Expressway, several cars piled up due to fog & low visibility. However, any casualties were avoided. According to the police, this incident took place at around 8:30 am, near the Eastern Peripheral Expressway over-bridge, that leads towards Noida from Agra. At this place, around 7 cars smashed into each other, one by one. 4 people were injured and quickly taken to a nearby hospital. On the other side of the same expressway, on the road leading to Agra from Noida, 5 cars smashed into each other due to dense smog.

Mr. Sisodia has said that schools will be closed till this week-end and will re-open on Monday.  This order applies to all government, municipality-run and all the private schools functioning in the National Capital and it applies to all the classes.

According to IANS, around 30 trains coming to Delhi and more than 30 flights landing or taking off from the Delhi airport were delayed today.

The AQI has shown the air quality was severe at 15 monitoring stations and terribly poor in the nearby regions of Anand Vihar.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is looking forward to a meeting with his counterparts in Punjab and Haryana. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss measures to bring down the highly alarming pollution levels.

He said in a tweet that, he is writing letters to Chief Ministers of Punjab and Haryana and requesting them for a meeting to find solution to the problem of crop burning. The transport department and the traffic police have been ordered to take required action against vehicles which flout pollution control norms in any way.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA), located at Indraprastha Marg, has asked the students to claim their right to breathe clean air. The students are urged to wear black masks or handkerchiefs on Monday, November 13, during their school’s morning assembly.

Mr. Sisodia said that the government may extend the closure of schools if pollution levels remained severe.

National Weather Forecasting Centre (NWFC) has said that the the dense fog is likely to continue for three more days. This will reduce visibility in the forenoon as conditions then are highly favourable for the formation of fog.

A combination of smoke from the burning of stubble of crops in Punjab and Haryana and the already present and increasing moisture has turned Delhi into a gas chamber. This has prompted the authorities to announce a series of preventive measures. These measures include a four-fold hike in parking fees and the slashing of metro fares.





Delhi seems to have become a safe haven for criminals, especially the chain snatchers as incidents of chain snatchings and subsequent physical attacks are on rampant rise with shockingly the women being the victims.

Believe me, thirty percent of the cases of such incidents are either not reported due to the apprehension of reprisals from the culprits or with a belief that the ornament once gone would never be recovered.

Delhi being the capital of the country is already too busy a city with its population being rapidly multiplied and so is the law and order situation. The Delhi police has so many other functions to do like VIP n VVIP security and its involvement in dealing and resolving with other serious nature of crimes like murders, women security, cases of frauds, economic offences, law and order, general petrolling and cases pertaining to thefts, decoities, vehicle thefts and chain snatchings.

The staff strength too is not in commensurate with the capacity to cope with the deteriorating law and order situation in Delhi police with lots of vacancies still existing. The lack on the part of the law enforcing agencies to stringently deal with such criminals as chain snatchers and robbers makes their morale high and decreases the terror of law and law enforcing agencies like police, in their mind.

This therefore results in rapid increase in the crime statistics and subsequent in security amongst the Delhi citizens, especially the women who are the most suffered lot at the hands of the chain snatchers of Delhi, majority of who are reckless juveniles, below eighteen who even after being caught get free thus encouraged to commit more harsh crimes in future, finally shaping themselves as hardened criminals.

The horrifying incident of outer district in Rohini Sector 5 Market on 29th October between 7 to 8 PM is, though not new, but still an eye opener for Delhi police and mute spectators in which not only the diamond studded chain of a brave woman doctor of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital was forcibly snatched by two bike borne robbers but was also shot on her thigh twice profusely bleeding who were finally successful in absconding with the gold n diamond chain showing open rebuff to over 100 mute DARPOK and selfish locals.

Such tragic incidents are the order of the day in DELHI and the police authorities unfortunately are not able to counter them for the reasons best known to them. It’s really shocking to note that as per the latest statistics published in today’s HT in the last five years there have been a gigantic surge of 413% in cases of chain snatchings in Delhi. According to the latest data from 2013 to October 2017, about 37,557 cases of chain snatchings were registered, four times more than 7,309 cases registered in between 2008 to 2012.

One can just imagine the enhancement of moral amongst criminals commiting chain snatching in such a large number and the sagging morale of the police force to apply effective check on them.


Pollution is an issue which is directly connected with the lives of the citizens whether it’s the environmental pollution sound pollution or pollution of the rivers. Delhi these days is in the grip of polluted air due to just concluded Deepawali but even before and after the festival of cracker it’s creating havoc with the lives of its citizens as Delhites suffer the worst in terms of air and water pollution.

Hardly have we come out of the environmental pollution after Deepawali atleast minutely the National Green Tribunal which always takes care of the peoples’ health through its revolutionery orders to descipline and caution the pollution control agencies and government departments has yesterday casted serious aspersion on the Delhi government, the Delhi jal Board and other departments like DDA for not adequately complying with its orders to clean the river Yamuna and the major Najafgarh, Barapullah and other drains of Delhi whose untrated highly poisonous and hazardous water in myriad quantity flows into Yamuna to make it a river with poisonous pollutants highly disastrous for the health of Delhi citizens.

The 6000 crore project of the Delhi government under the charge of the then minister of Delhi government Kapil Mishra who is no more in AAP has gone into rough weather after the Delhi government had started an inquiry over the alleged corruption of several crores in DJB in connection with the water treatment plants to be constructed in cleaning of the bad water of the Najafgarh and other major drains of Delhi whose unsilted and higly poisionous water flows into river Yamuna.

The Delhi government has last year allocated the necessary fund to DJB for clean Yamuna programme but got inordinately delayed inviting the wrath of the NGT. Number of attempts were also made earlier to clean Yamuna through world bank aid of Rs 1500 crores but large scale mismanagement and corruption led to the Yamuna river being more polluted even today. Number of NGOS too get enough funds from the governmental sources but of no avail.

The condition of Yamuna at Nigam Bodh Ghat side where cremations take place is quite aweful with tons of heaps of waste materials, plastics, waste clothings , and even half burned bodies lying unattended and eaten by stray dogs could be witnessed at isolated river side spots. Hundreds of idols during Durga Puja, Ganeshotsav etc are immersed in Yamuna. Hundreds of thousands of litres of poisonous water from the drains of various parts of Delhi is flowed into Yamuna with no regulation.

The NGT has been issuing stringent directives and imposing heavy fines on the defaulters but the action at the level of the state authorities is so complacent and ignorant that the matter of YAMUNA cleansing gets delayed year after year and by the time the governments, officials and situations change.

But this time the NGT judge Swantra Kumar is extremely serious and has asked the CEO of Delhi Jal Board to file the reply in 10 days as to when would they finally finish the rejuvenation of Yamuna programme.



The pollution in Delhi NCR has assumed gigantically hazardous proportions with capital’s pollution levels always taking upward swings making the lives of 1.5 crorw Delhites utterly miserable. During the Deepawali festival it goes extremely out of bonds crossing the pollution index’s 400 bench mark of the severest critical catagory.

This is definitely an absolutely disturbing trend for the Delhites, particularly when its a capital city of India where right from the first citizen of the country to the prime minister, the entire union cabinet, top bureaucrats and people from cross sections of the society live.

In a way Delhi is called a mini India that houses people from all cultures, languages, religeons, creed, race and sex from a millionare to a man at the lowest edge athnd the pollution never dinguishes between the rich and the poor, the have and have not or the affluent.

The basic and primary reason for the increasing pollution in Delhi is the rapidly increasing migrating population that ultimately leads to increasing construction activities and the urge to acquire more and more vehicles, leading to more and more deisal/ petrol/ Gas pollution. Cirrently the Delhi’s unofficial population is nearing two crores and there are more than 90 lakhs vehicles and thousands of trucks from other states crossing Delhi daily, thus creating incessant level of uncontrollable pollution of emitting gases that go into the skies and hang up there for hours together finally inhaled by the Delhi citizens leading the eruption of various uncurable serious ailments pertaing to lungs’ infection and asthamatic disorders componded with contagious deseases like silicosis, tuberculosis of the worst kind and other cancerous ailments.

The increasing developmental activities and construction business in Delhi and NCR has also added to the woes of Delhites as large number of trees which are considered to be the main source of releasing oxygen and providers of fresh air have been clandestinely cut thus litetally making the lives of the people a hell.

During the development of Metro Rail Corporation network in Delhi, organisation of the common wealth games and consyruction of lakhs of multistoreyed building by branded privaye builders thousands of tree have been destroyed and Delhi’s as well as the NCR’s tree cover have been badly affected. In comparison to the damaged trees a negluble amount of trees or plants have been provided thus making Delhi and the NCR regions like Gurgaon and Noida , cities of concrete jungles with litetally no trees or in very little quantity.

Conclusively we can say that while Delhi is badly engulfed with the increasing pollution of construction dust, vehicullar pollution, stubble burning in theadjoining states and festival pollution through smog during festivals like DEEPAWALI, the capital city crosses all limits to become to worst city releasing poisonous gases for days together leading to miseries to the patients of lungs ailments, cardiact patients and those suffering from asthamatic disorders and allergic problems due to polluted air.

This Deepawali, according to the Delhi Pollution Control Board the Pollution index crossed all limits and crossed the 400 mark reaching 403 and 426 bery little as compared to the last year’s index. This is definitely a very disturbing trend that we the Delhites just for the sake of out few hours’ entertainment spend hundreds of crores in fire crackers and defy the honourable Supreme Court’s orders to make the life of 1.5 crore people literally a HELL. This is higly uncalled for and condemnable in strongest possible terms.


Finally Deepawali festival will come to an end to night. But what makes us worrisome is the fact that despite the directives of the honourable Supreme court of India completely banning firecrackers in the capital city of India and fixing the last deadline at 10.30 PM for bursting of firecrackers if one is having the old stock in house, the Delhites have not shown respect to the extent the health conscious citizens of NCT had expected.

The positive impact of the court orders was undoubtedly observed yesterday and today till 8.30 PM. but what happened thereafter is anybody’s guess. From 8.30 onwards till 11.45 acrimonious and high volume noice of firecrackers could be easily heard everywhere and environment full of smoke pollution making respiration inhale a tedious task.

Thanks to the honourable court that at least the usual sale of firecrackers in Delhi was not the common scene as used to be every year earlier but clandestine sales at several place did took place say the sources.

Those fond of firecrackers even managed to purchase firecrackers from the adjoining states. sThe picture above have been clicked by me in Rohini at 11.25 PM on 20th October amid exploding of fire crackers and emitting of tremendous smoke entering environment.

The pictures clearly show the sorry state of affairs in the skies about the prevailing smoke pollution leading to difficulties in inhaling fresh air. As expected after the apex courts orders the situation, though may be perhaps, comparatively lesser polluted than last year but was no less satisfactory as Delhites haven’t exhibited the expected restraint but continued with their fire cracker exploding exercise.

What makes the situation even more worse can be gauged from the fact that even in the morning the electronic channels were flashing news about the environment of Delhi being completely polluted with PM 2.5 going out of limit, on Diwali evening the situation had gone from bad to worse creating problems for the patients already suffering from cardiac, asthamatic, lungs related deseases in the capital city of India.

The crux of the matter is when would we, the educated and literate Delhites learn lessons to get ourselves rid of increasing pollution effecting our healths badly. Delhi is already in the grip of dust, chemical, diesal amd other forms of pollution with enhancing mortality rates and despite the honourable Apex courts intervention, caring for our good health and well being, we deliberately try to ignore the serious warnings. Nobody is restraining us from celebrating festivals and performing spiritual rituals but bursting of firecrackers leading to deteriorating health is no answer to please our Gods.

Let’s honestly and with a sense of responsibility adhere to honourable Apex court’s warnings and get ourselves educated and educate our children as well to celebrate environment friendly Deepawali by exchaging sweets, flowers and lightening of earthern lamps and giving up disasterous fire crackers for our good and good of our children n the forthcoming generations. What do you say friends?



After so much of media hype and accusations of detereorating law and order situation in Delhi by the chief minister Arvind Kejrival on the issue of the theft of his blue Wagon R car having a historical value for his ardent supporters and patrogonists, who had even announced a meagre award of Rs 10,000 on its recovery, has finally been traced at Ghaziabad yesterday after the thief desperately left on the road apprehensive that he would be caught shortly if he continues the company of the car.

The blue colour of the stolen chief minister’s car, now being used by his media advisor had become so popular due to the ongoing media publicity in the prestigious national dailies and electronic channels that a passer by literally recognised the abandoned lonely car by its colour and brand and telephonically informed the Ghaziabad police who in turn accquainted the Delhi police, who definitely n finally heaved a sigh of relief. Now the point is who will share the booty of award of Rs. ten thousand announced by Kejrival’s colleague and the husband of the Delhi Commision for Women Shweta Malival, namely Jai Hind. Will the Ghaziabad police disclose the name of the informer publicly or they’ll pass on the award money to him secretly keeping his identity intact for security reasons? Anyways this is not the serious question. What’s the moot point is, had it been the car of an ordinary citizen, would had it been traced so easily.

The Wagon R recovered was not that new and nor did it carried much resale value. But since it bore the VIP tag and was publicised tremendously it got traced in just two days. But unfortunately, on the contrary hundreds of such stolen brand new cars are never traced to the utter dismay, shock and dillema of the sufferers, the reason being that investigations and recovery of stolen vehicles allegedly does not hold any priority for the police due to their being already overburndened with more serious nature of crimes like murders, gangsterism, criminal and sexual assault on women and VVIP and VIP securities. Moreover, the Delhi police is already overshort of staff and the the spurt in crime is simultaneously on the rise with Delhi witnessing the colossal theft of over 3200 vehicles till September, 2017 with a very poor recovery rate. The point is will the Delhi police, its crime branch and the police of the NCR exhibit its special investigative talents and determination to recover the vast number of stolen vehicles or control crime in Delhi as observed in the context of the recovery of DELHI CM’S CAR.

However, I would not at all hesitate to say that the DELHI POLICE has done OUTSTANDING JOB in cracking several High Profile cases like those of Jessica Lal, infamous Tandoor case, case of Nirbhaya, Katara murder case and several other complicated high profile trivial criminal cases putting the higly influential and with clout behind bars. We leave the ball on their court?


The theft of the vehicle of the Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejrival from the VIP zone of Delhi secretariat has raised many serious questions about the vigilance and the investigatve potential of law enforcing agencies as well as those expert in tracing the vehicle thefts.

There is no doubt that Delhi being the mini India with large scale influx of migrants coming here in search of jobs and returning in neglibible numbers back to their hometown had added to the law and order problems of Delhi.

The non filling of posts of constables and highers posts in Delhi police and stationing of the vast numbers of police personels in VIP securities also adds to the vows of the police system not able to resolve the cases of crimes and thefts in Delhi. If we go by the statistics of Delhi police and NCRB though other forms of crimes have come down in Delhi, the cases of theft of vehicles has increased dramatically till September, 2017 as reported in TOI.

Shockingly, the cases of thefts till this period has expeditiously shot up to 30,449 as compared to 28, 760 vehicle thefts in the year 2016 till last September with a negligible rate of resolution. There have been reports that the authorities concerned have been too callous and negligent in investigating the matters of car thefts and leave it as the subject of their lowest priority obviously perhaps due to the shortage of staff in Delhi police and the crime branch.

Another vital reason seems to be the involvement of the police in resolution of other serious crimes of murders and decoities including cases of rapes and sexual assaults which are more prominently hyped in the electronic and print media having socio political overtones.

In the capital city of Delhi the cases of chain snatchings, robberies and thefts including crimes related to murders are definitely on the rise but the vehicle thefts with lowest resolution are on the increase as these crimes do not invite much serious imprisonment with majority of the thieves being out on bail forming more gangs with multiple vehicle thefts.

Moreover, the stolen vehicles are taken to other states and got dismantled completely thus selling their parts in various CHOR BAZAARS OF INDIA leaving nothing behind as evidence. Another important aspect of the police being not that serious in tracing the vehicles is the highly cumbersome process involved in the investigations and majority of the vehicles being fully insured with the victims claiming the costs from the insurance companies.

Ultimately its the insurance companies who are constrained to pay to the victims of vehicle thefts than the responsibilty of the police. The complainants who have little or negligible faith in the competence or capabilty of the police to resolve their theft cases are only and solely interested in getting their FIRST INFORMATION REPORT registered in the police stations falling under the jurisdiction of the area where the vehicle theft has been committed.

This FIR is mandatory for claiming the insurance amount, if not fully than atleast 60 to 80% of the loss. As per the Hindi proverb BHAAGTE BHOOT KE HAATH LANGOT HI SAHI. Keeping in view the rapidly increasing thefts of vehicles in DELHI, the Delhi police and the crime branch have to refine, reactivate, re energise and vigilantise its actions and know how at the decentralised police station levels and control the fastly increasing crimes and vehicular thefts in DELHI. This is the urgent need of the hour.