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D-6 premium classified flats at Vasant Kunj continue to face water and electricity crisis

Flats at Vasant Kunj D-6 were classified premium, built to provide lodging to foreign technicians during the Commonwealth Games of 2010. These flats were allotted at very high rates as part of DDA’s 2010 housing scheme.

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Two-and-a-half years since the Commonwealth, the luxurious complex with prices ranging between between Rs 34 lakh and Rs 1.12 crore, are not in a liveable condition.


The problems pointed out by various denizens of Vasant Kunj D-6 are:

  • No power supply in these flats. The main wiring which supplied electricity from Yamuna block to the complex was stolen very recently, along with meters and switchboards.
  • Though the complex is multi-storied and the apartments go up to seven floors, lifts are still not fully functional and some are also used as garbage dumps by the workers on site.
  • There is no water connection to these flats even now and the taps also haven’t been installed as DDA feared that those might also be stolen.
  • Parking is a daily hassle in these flats. The basement parking was not put up for auction with the flats in 2010 due to water logging and technical problems. The parking area for most part is out of reach of the residents and the basement can’t be used to park SUVs due to defects in its design.
  • Shopping for the daily needs of the denizens is also proving to be a big inconvenience, with no shopping malls or markets within easy reach.

water crisis

When the people approached DDA, they were told that they would have to install wiring at their own cost and the sanitary-ware also which was stolen by the thieves.

An allottee, after paying around Rs 90 lakh for his 3BHK flat in Vasant Kunj, now pays an EMI of Rs 50,000 every month and spends Rs 20,000 on rent also for another flat. He is unable to move into the flat because of the inability to reach his seventh floor flats without a working elevator.

DDA refused, when asked to comment on the estimate for the completion of work. They in turn blamed the residents of the complex for the dismal condition of the buildings and roads. According to them, people have altered the infrastructure of the flats and surroundings, which is proving to be an obstacle in the premises.