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de-stress eyes at work


Do you work for long hours on Laptop or computer and after spending a whole day in front of the screen your eyes maybe irritated, tired and dry? It happens because of lack of movement while sitting in front of the screens. So just like our body needs workout our eyes also need exercise to get relaxed and stay healthy.

Here are few tips which i am sure will help in relaxing your eyes

The best way to relax your eyes is to shut them whenever possible and rub your palms till they get warm and then place on your eye lids for some time. Also try to shut your eyes and open them for every five to ten seconds. This exercise will help to reduce the strain and pressure and also moisten the eyes.

Take break from computer

Take a few minutes break from computer after 20 to 30 minutes as constantly working on computer will make eyes dry and headaches. Keep a safe distance from the computer screen and it should be at-least 50 to 60 cms from your eyes with adequate light in the room.

Rotate your eyeballs in clockwise and then anti-clockwise direction at-least 7-10 times a day

Do not forget to take regular break

Working in an Air conditioned room may dry up your eyes and the best way to avoid this problem is take regular breaks and take in as much fresh air as possible with lots of water which is will hydrate eyes and keep them moist.

Use antiglare computer screen or if you wear glasses then get anti-glare coating to reduce the harmful effects of rays.

Use eye-drops to moisten the eyes as this will relax them and your eyes will not get strained and stressed while working on computer screen also you can use the eye drops while watching TV because sometimes we do not know that for how long we have been sitting in front of it.