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Dangal Rs 29 crore


Dangal movie of Aamir Khan has become an instant hit by earning Rs 29 crore on the first day and the holiday fever has just started. This is one of the best movie which is based on the real life instances and the wrestlers are already famous after winning medals in common wealth games and Aamir has make them more popular with this movie which also focus on providing good facilities and education to girl child.

Aamir Khan has always known as Mr. Perfectionist who consistently works very hard to provide the best cinema experience for his fans and followers. Each time his movie is released people think that this is the best movie but like a Santa clause each year end he gives best gifts to the audience by performing much better and new ideas in the Bollywood cinema.

It is also expected that Dangal movie will cross Rs 100 crore within 3 days.

This wrestling drama movie is not just based on the wrestling part but it has also showcased the relationship between a father and daughter. He treats them like son and not daughters.

After PK movie people thought that nothing could be better but Aamir Khan has again proved everyone wrong by giving Dangal movie on which demonetisation impact is not much as theaters saw 50% occupancy on Friday.

Few days back Aamir Khan said that he was stressed before a release and was also nervous about his Dangal movie and now I am sure that he must be relieved.

He clarified that he was not nervous about the money part but he worried whether the audience will like Dangal movie or not. For him numbers do not matter for him or the awards because if audience will like his it would be equivalent to winning an award for him.

Dangal is a nice movie based on the life of Hayanvi wrestler Mahavir Singh, who trained and helped his daughters, Geeta and Babita in wrestling. These sisters even won India’s first medals in female wrestling at the 2010 commonwealth games.

Now on 31s December 2016 Dangal movie has crossed the RS 150 crore mark which shows that despite of demonetisation people are watching this movie and there is no impact ofdemonetisation on Bollywood movies.