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The traumatic incidents of leopard attacks on the inhabitants of Uttarakhand, particularly the women under the jurisdiction of Pauri Garhwal district are on the rise and the government of the state, particularly the forest department has literally failed to either to capture these wild man eater cats who’d let loose their reign of terror in the himalayan state of Uttarakhand or kill them as humans are moreimportant than anything else.

Just a day or two ago in GAGVADSIUN PATTI of Pauri Garhwal district a leopard had literally attacked a women and grabbed her from the back through its bloody thorny pawns making deep wounds in the morning hours when she alongwith her friends have gone to the nearby forest to collect fodder for cows and buffaloes.

After her women co mates who had also accompanied the injured in the nearby jungle for cutting the grass for the pet animals created furore and loud noise, did the leopard apprehensively, left the injured woman’s grip and fled leaving behind the highly terrified victim in utter shock and anguish, completely bleeding in pain with a wound measuring an inch or so.

The woman was lucky enough that she could protect herself after the commotion created by her friends and companions. GAGVARSIUN PATTI is just near the main Pauri township and the woman belonged to the Kehar village. There is a cohesive jungle in this area and leopards sighting during nights in particular is a common phenomena. Just a weak ago a leopard has entered a village cowshed in one of the villages’ of Kapolsiun patti in Kaljikhal block of Pauri Garhwal and had made few pets its food, injuring several others before fleeing.

Last month one of the leopards’ entered a house in Debradun city and was there for several hours creating havoc. There was panic all around. The police reached the scene in time but it took about four hours for the forest staff to reach the spot and that too without a tranquilising gun.

The person concerned possesing the tranquilising gun was in Haridwar. It was the good luck of the local populace that nobody was injured. However, the leopard later on ran away leaving everybody highly relieved. Similarly, in addition to several other such incidents, in October 2016, two women were seriously injured in a leopard attack in Almora district of Uttarakhand.

The incident happened at Pilkha village in Hawalabagh block of Almora. Victims Puja Devi, 22, and Uma Devi, 34, had gone to a forest for fodder when they were attacked by the leopard. Other women raised the alarm following which the leopard ran away but by then the beast had severely injured the two. Both were admitted to the district hospital where there condition is stated to be serious.

The forest officials, who rushed to the site of incident, later visited the hospital and handed over immediate assistance of Rs 5,000 each to families of both women. Villagers appealed to the forest officials for a prompt action to nab these man eaters.
Uttarakhand these days is in the severe grip of these freely roaming leopards who have become a grave threat to the lives of the women, children and the senior citizens who can’t ever feel secured during the day time.

The government of the day should do something credible to bring this critical situation under control. Saving of wild life is important but not at the cost of human lives should be the basic mantra of the government.



The AAP government in Delhi led by chief minister Arvind Kejrival who is usually at loggerheads with the union BJP led NDA government is taking one by one credible decisions in order to impress the Delhi electorates, particularly those hailing from the lower middle class and lowest strata of the society. After failing to establish its sufficient political ground outside Delhi except to a certain extent in Punjab Kejrival has now confined himself to Delhi and is busy concentrating on Delhi affairs in order to consolidate the party’s influence in the capital especially in view of the next assembly election drawing near. Just today the Delhi health minister has taken an extremely pro people decision announcing that the state’s cabinet has approved with unanimity that any person in Delhi meeting with vehicular accident if injured grievously or with any nature of injury would be accorded free treatment in majority of the private hospitals of Delhi and the entire expenditure of the treatment would be borne by the Delhi government.

The cabinet decision has also made a provision for giving Rs 2000 to those who help the accident victim reach the hospital in time in order to save his or her life. According to the health minister Satyendra Jain , the state government has finalised official arrangements with majority of Delhi government hospitals who will provide timely and adequate treatment to the accident victim and would ensure that their lives could be saved subsequently. The necessary charges in this respect would be borne by the state government. The approval of the state cabinet chaired by chief minister Delhi Arvind Kejrival has been sent to the Lt governor of Delhi Anil Baijal for final stamping. This pro people decision would go a long way to anticipate the full support of the Delhi electorates as it is not restricted to any particular class or section based on income disparity but is applicable unequivocally for all the victims of accidents across gender and economic considerations.

Prior to this the Delhi government has declared a scheme for free treatment/ surgery in private hospitals for those whose income is below 2 lac rupees per annum and are not being able to get operated in government hospitals due to heavy rush and paucity of time, keeping in view the severity of the ailment of critical illness and urgency for surgery. In addition it had opened Mohalla clinics in vast numbers and also made massive arrangements for free distribution of medicines to all patients irrespective of economic disparity. Just two days ago the state government has cancelled the license of the MAX hospital situated at Shalimar Bagh for its negligence in declaring a living child infant as dead and its complacent and arbitrary attitude towards the poor patients. It also had a tussle with union government as well as the lt governor of Delhi over the regularisation of the services of over 15000 adhoc and contractual teachers of Delhi whom.the government of Kejrival want to regularise and had also got the bill passed in the state assembly but is still lying postponed at the LG’s level.

Arvind Kejrival also came to the rescue of the Delhites when his party and the government outrightly rejected the union government’s arbitrary proposal to increase the metro fares manifold and offered to bear the fifty percent escalated cost to the tune of 750 crores but could not succeed and finally the Delhi metro commuters have to bear the brunt of the centre and are constrained to pay exorbitantly. Let’ s see , the nominee of the BJP led union government Delhi’s LG Anil Baijal clears the AAP government’s pro people proposal or keeps it in abeyance or withheld as is the case with the earlier proposal of regularisation of the services of 15000 contractual teachers of Delhi. The governments of the other states of the country should take cue from the Delhi AAP government and replicate this pro people decision in their states as well.As per the latest statistics of Delhi traffic police accidents in Delhi are on the rise and the Delhi police is finding out innovative techniques to counter this menace of accidents with renewed vigour and vitality.

The majority of the accident victims either die on the spot, on the way to hospitals or for want of timely and better treatment which usually is not available in government hospitals due to variety of reasons and lack of attention and this latest decison of the government of NCT of Delhi will work as a catalyst in increasing the safety of the accident victims due to timely and adequate treatment in high profile private hospitals. What’s your take on this, friends?

SUNIL NEGI, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum


The fog or a smog this morning was so dense that not only has it resulted in delaying flights and trains but has also resulted in several accidents in different parts of Delhi and the neighbouring states.

This morning the smog in Delhi, NCR and the adjacent state like Haryana was so intense and extensive that few cars and a bus got clashed on the Delhi Haryana Highway causing injuries to few persons who were evacuated safely afterwards.

While during winters this is a usual affair but this time, Delhi in the aftermath of Deepawali has broken all records with poisionous gases badly entangled in the environment in the absense of winds that usually take the smog away.

Though the Supreme Court of India has issued special directives to the Delhi citizens as well as the firecracker sellers through the Delhi police and law enforcing agencies prohibiting the sale and fixing the limit till 10.30, shockingly Delhi has witnessed a negligible response to the court’s instructions and added to the pollution woes of the Delhites further more, enhancing pollution level to the most severest catagory.

It’s really shocking that today the newspapers of Delhi have shown the Pollution index going to 448 points which is considered to be of the most severest nature. The smog over Delhi skies for the last two days full of polluted gases literally making the lives of Delhites a hell has even compelled the National Green Tribunal to issue the Delhi government serious instructions to do something positive and constructive to reverse this most distressing trend of extremely polluted environment.

The visibly disturbed Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival had no option but to announce the closure of the schools for next two days or even more, till the smog is fully cleared from the Delhi skies and environment. The court has also instructed it to restart the odd even exercise.

The Delhi Pollution Control Board on the other hand says that in the absense of winds the smog which is the result of stubble burning in the neighbouring states and the already existing pollution, developed and enhanced after the Deepawali due to bursting of excessive fire crackers has got preserved in the environment and would be cleared on if the extensive winds take it along. Smog and increasing pollution in Delhi and NCR have become a permanent feature putting the life of 135 crore Delhites at excessive risk.

Something extremely credible and concrete needs to be done in the near future to clear this permanent ongoing mess failing which Delhi which has already turned into a poisionous gas chamber would prove highly disastrous to the already ailing health of Delhites, particularly the children. What do you say friends?