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Deepawali is just a at our doorstep. It’s falling on 18th October and we’ll be experiencing once again, as usual, the unbearing noise and heavy environmental polution due to excessive burning of crackers and subsequent occurance of several tragedies, of precious lives being lost, of children, young and old. Why can’t after all, we as the responsible citizens of the country take a collective pledge to give up crackers, for always, and instead confine ourselves to just LAKSHMI PUJA and reverence to other Gods than involving ourselves irresponsibly in vulger ostentations like wasting hundreds of thousands of rupees in buying expensive fire crackers and then risking our and others’ lives by creating uncontrollable environmental pollution and making our children and ourselves’ vulnerable to various deseases related to respiratory problems, lungs disfunction, dreaded asthma and various cardilogical complications.

Delhi being the capital city of India with a massive population of 1crore fifty lakhs and over 80 lakh vehicles, is already reeling under massive pollution related complications of physical health, respiratory disorders, silicosis disorders due to increasing chemicalised dust inhale and vehicular pollution and pollution of contaminated drinking water leading to the creation and spread of various contagious intestine related infected deseases and epidemics.

Delhi tops the chart in pollution related deaths with tremendous increase recorded in the mortality statistics which is utterly surprising and shocking. The succesive governments, honourable courts and several responsible social welfare organisations have been issuing warnings and appeals time and again to give up fire crackers during DEEPAWALI but unfortunately of no awail.

What is more shocking and anguishing is the fact that  the literate, educated and the middle class sections of the society become intentionally uncaring and careless during the Deepawali festivals and in order to influence their neighbours or friends circle by their monetary prestige and affluence waste hundreds of crores nationally in just few hours thus not only creating hell of the noise and environmental pollution but also negatively contribute in creating havoc in the society by killing hundreds of patients of cardiovascular, asthematic and lungs related deseases in various parts of the country.

The hundreds of thousands of tons of polluted gases and carbon dioxide goes into the environment and gets stuck in the Ozone layer thus becoming a permanent source of infecting our lungs n making people suffer of various uncurable deseases like the cancer of the lungs. In addition to these harmful dreaded effects during Deepawali festivals hundreds of cases of deaths are also reported in various parts of the country when these firecrackers explode during the process of their production, in shops, cracker stores and while carrying them individually, in groups or in vehicles like heavy trucks etc.

Hundreds of those who luckily save themselves become disabled for the entire life by losing their eyes, limbs or arms. Just a day before on 8th of October two youths between 20 and 22 years died at Agra on the mobile scooter while carrying firecrackers for sale.

The impact of the explosion was so extensive that the parts of the bodies of these most unfortunate youths were torn into pieces not to be found later on and also literally injuring several other passers by with heavy burn injuries. Moreover, today thousands of children below 18 years are working in the fireworks industries killing themselves with cancerous ailments due to abject poverty. Giving up firecrackers during Deepawali will compel them to adopt some other less dangerous and healthily harmless profession. THEREFORE FRIENDS, LET’S HONESTLY PLEDGE TO GIVE UP FIRECRACKERS COMPLETELY, THIS DEEPAWALI and save hundreds of thousands of lives. AMEN

Meanwhile we thank the honourable Supreme Court of India to have issued a perfect and an outstanding pro people verdict to ban firecrackers during the Deepawali fesival in Delhi. Its indeed an extremely vice decision that will safeguard and save millions of lives that could have otherwise fallen prey to the ill and higly disastrous effects of dreaded pollution created by the firecrackers during this hindu festival. Its a classic example of a pro people decision which will send a tough message across the country compelling people and authorites to follow suit in the near future. Hats off to our wisdom oriented intellectual and intelligent pro people judiciary.



The air quality has been “severely affected ” as pollution levels touched a new high. Levels of particulate matter finer than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) crossed the 900 mark in some areas, recording almost 15 times the safety limit. With air pollution levels rising to dangerous levels deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodiya has called for a high level meeting with all concerned to discuss ways to fight this pollution on war footing.  The meeting will be held in the Secretariat where all cabinet minsiters and high level officials will assemble to discuss ways to combat air pollution.

PM2.5, tiny particles suspended in the air can enter into the lungs and can cause a lot of deadly diseases. World Health Organization recommends that PM2.5, is kept below 10 as an annual average..a concentration level of 35 and above can increase the mortality rate by 15% in the long term.

What is leading to this air pollution in Delhi ?

  1. Vehicular pollution.
  2. Buring of crop waste in neighbouring states and other waste inside the state of Delhi.
  3. Dust and construction debris from construction sites and from upcoming metro stations.
  4. Industrial pollution from thermal plants in and around Delhi.
  5. Burning of crackers.

Green body Centre for Science and Environment has observed that this time the pollution from crackers was much worse and toxic from the previous years due to the emission of more poisonous gases and particles.

News Delhi is among the top 10-11 most polluted cities in the world. Smog has engulfed Delhi leading to dangerous health hazards.


What are the foods that will help fight air pollution ?

The polluted air that we breathe introduces ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, diesel exhaust particles into our lungs. The antioxidants present in the protective layer of our lungs fight it out until they are outnumbered by these intruders weakening our immune system and causing inflammation of the lungs and other diseases.

Vitacin C is the most important potent antioxidant in our body. Please take foods rich in Vitamin C  such as amala and guava, intake lemons in your daily diet. According to a research people having foods rich in Vitamin C during the days of high air pollution are less likely to be hospitalized.

After Vitamin C it is Vitamin E, Omega -3 Fats and Beta Carotene that go a long way in warding off pollution impact on the body. Almonds are good source of Vitamin E. One can find rich sources of Omega 3 in kala chana and nuts and seeds like walnuts. Even green leafy vegetables are rich source of Omega 3. Beta Carotene can be found in spinach and coriander.

Eat tomatoes and avocados..they are good in fighting pollution. Tulsi, Ginger, Magnesium rich diet like cashews are also very helpful.

Apart from food, regular exercise, pranayam for the lungs, adequate intake if water and proper sleep will help immensely as a fit body is able to ward of any adversity.

Other safety measures such as sprinkling of water around the main door will also help as moisture absorbs dust substantially and reduces pollution. Even reducing the number of trips made in cars and reducing or eliminating fireplace and use of stoves as well as burning of less leaves and other materials and trash also will help greatly. Even avoiding use of gas powered lawns and similar equipments to bring down pollution levels.

Please share these tips and keep your family healthy. The Delhi government has announced 3 days of school holidays and has halted all construction works in the meantime to bring down pollution as far as possible.