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The outstandingly brilliant junior national champion in shooting Devanshi Rana primarily hailing from Garhwal, Uttarakhand and daughter of the internationally popular shooter and four times Asian gold medalist Jaspal Rana, has left for Australia on 16th March to participate in the World Junior Shooting Championships starting from 21st March till 29th.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Devanshi received adequate training in shooting from his globally famed shooter father having brought laurels for the nation by bagging four international gold medals Jaspal Rana who is also her mentor, guide and coach. It may be recalled that Jaspal Rana is the chief coach of the international shooting team while his brother, also a perfect shooter Subhash Rana being the technical ( Range) officer .

According to the father of Jaspal Rana and Devanshi’s grandfather Narayan Singh Rana who’d left no stone unturned to train the entire family in shooting and even left his job as a Commando to train Jaspal and instil in him tremendous amount of confidence and sporting spirit to bring Gold medals in Asian games, Devanshi had been given place in the international junior shooting team for two international competitions to be held in Australia between 21st to 29th March.

Highly intrumental in setting the Jaspal Rana Shooting Academy in Uttarakhand giving adequate training to good number of budding shooters of the state as well as from various parts of the country Narayan Singh Rana had also been the minister in Uttarakhand government in the past.

According to Rana, Devanshi would be participating in the 10 meter air pistol and 25 meters sports pistol competition in Australia. He added that Devanshi had in the past won Gold medals in the national junior shooting championships and as such the Rifle Association of India had tried her outstanding shooting expertise on trial basis. The outstanding junior shooters were thereafter chosen on the basis of their first second and third ranks.

Grand daughter of the former UK minister and president of Uttarakhand Rifle Association Narayan Singh Rana and daughter of Internationally acclaimed shooter Jaspal Rana Devanshi is all set to win and bring laurels for the country and the state she belongs to. We wish her all the very best in her shooting endeavours.


It’s really shocking to note that during the last few years the country has been witnessing scams after scams and it seems as if more are in the offing. To name a few right from the days of late Rajiv Gandhi from Bofors to 2G to Coalgate to Madu Khoda’s massive mining scam to Subroto Roy’s Sahara chit fund to Lalit Modi’s to Vijay Mallaya’s to the recent one Nirav Modi scam worth thousand and thousands of crores it’s been experienced that not only do the scamsters go finally scot free and by the time flies things become diluted but these multi crore embezzelements of public exchequer’s money also give enough political fodder to parties in power and opposition to blame each other on television channels to derive poltical mileage than actually nailing the real culprit and bringing back the stolen booty into the financial coffers of the government.

In cases like Bofors and 2G scams which were the main propaganda issues in the national elections for the opposition political parties to dislodge the then ruling parties (like the BJP that defeated Congress) the alleged culprits have been unamiguously exonerated despite the fact that governments had changed on these nationally and internationally hyped scams which were almost everyday’s headlines of the national dalies and main stories of the new channels of the country which earn handsome revenue through advertisements as their TRP increased manifold.

Even big financial defauters or crooked businessmen like the Sahara Chief Subroto Roy who’s behind bar and had amassed wealth and properties worth thousands of crores is not showing the due interest in returning peoples’ money despite tremendous pressure from the Apex Courts. Similarly these called prestigious builders of the country like the GAURS etc have siphoned off hundreds of crores of the peoples’ money and are under the scanner of various financial regulators and agencies for duping hundreds of flat aspirants who’d deposited their hard earned money and life savings to them expecting residential accomodations.

The cases of Lalit Modi, the Kingfisher MD Vijay Malaya both of whom duped the Indian government of around 15000 or more crores are also scot free enjoying their comfortable and luxurious stays in foreign land like Britain, depositing and investing major part of the siphoned money there, thus exhibiting a thumb to Indian authorities.

As if these cases of duping the Indian Banking and financial authorities were not enough, another scam of more than 11000 crores of diamond jewellery Neerav Modi has come to light with the ruling party leaders and the opposition trading charges on each other of promoting the scam under their respective political patronages and appearing on television debates trying to derive maximum political mileage.

The moot point is why don’t these political parties and their mandarins instead of involving themselves in these process of trading charges on each other, allow the investigating agencies to do their job impartially and with utmost devotion, to nail the actual culprits and bring back the siphoned off money so that the tax payers money stolen by these sharks can be recovered for the development of the country and improving the lot of the people than doing futile NETAGIRI on these issues.

Everybody know that no corporate house, big businessman or high profile company except few, can achieve progress without the political patronage or governmental support but in the cases of huge scams such as these, the investigative agencies such as , CBI, ED, police, Income Tax, excise etc and the judiciary should be given full freedom and autonomy to investigate cases and punish the guilty with stringent imprisonment followed by the recovery of the siphoned off money so that the nation and its tax payers do not suffer for the massive fraud of these fraudsters.

Politics and political patronage should be kept at quite a distance on such matters of financial insecurity and economic loss to the nation . Today, unfortunately the losses in the economy on wide scale are due to lakhs of crores of the unpaid loans of certain big corporate houses who are not ready to pay their debts and the ultimate sufferers are the government and its people. There are myriad number of companies, financial private institutions, builders, chit fund manipulators and investment companies assuring poor and illetrate, even middle class investors of doubling their money in short span having duped them of their hundred of crores and further transfering them abroad and closing their offices to the utter dismay, surprise and shock of million of investors. I am myself like thousands of others, the victim of one such MUMBAI based company called CITY LOUIMISOUNE who duped thousands of crores and left its investors in huge financial lurch. The moot point is how long will this go in our country.

Redhead girl with suitcase at outdoor.

Being a girl, I think it would be quite rare for you to travel alone anywhere to distant places, for instance- “traveling outside the country”. So, have you ever seen the outside world alone? Has it been possible ever for you to roam around outside of the country with no company? Travelling alone can be the best thing that can happen to a female in her life. You can go to any place without the judgment or restrictions from any side.  Well, yes, undoubtedly the trip belongs to you and only you. Make it the best you can.

Well, ladies! get ready for this one. No need to be afraid of the world. Yes, you can travel alone. We have brought the list of various necessary stuff that you need to carry with yourself while you are on a Solo trip.

Things to do before you are leaving for the trip:

  1. Be sure and well acknowledged about the place you are going to. Websites like makemytrip.com or tripadvisor.com can be of a great help. Just check out all the necessary information for yourself about that place, the hotels, and the neighborhood.
  2. Food? Yes, of course, it should be the best. Check out for the food providers in that area where you are going to travel and choose the best one based on the reviews they got for their services and other variants.
  3. In order to deal in case of the emergency, just give the complete information to someone you know so that you can contact him/her in case of need.
  4. Carry the necessary documents with you or put their images saved in the Google Drives so that you can access them with any device.
  5. Be clever! No need of you to keep the money all at a single place. Keep some in your pocket, some in the cash card and the remaining in the hotel back in case of an emergency.

Things to do when you have finally reached your dream place:

  1. Communicate with the employees of the hotel where you are residing or make friends there and ask them about the place. Where to go and where not to go?
  2. Know your limits. In case you are consuming Alcohol or liquor, you need to know this- “drink moderately”.
  3. Be equipped with the safety mechanism where ever you will be or are traveling. If you are going to the bathroom carry your bag with you. Stay safe!
  4. No need for you to start checking your phone and maps for navigation in the middle of the road. Just check in to a nearby shop or cafe and then see where to go and where you presently are.
  5. Carry a whistle with or any other safety stuff for your safety as you are alone there.

So, you are ready for the trip now! Keep the above-listed points in mind and start traveling. Have a great trip.