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The environment of the spread of ideological hatred by way of vandalising the statues of Lenin, Periyar and Dr Shyama Prasad Mukerjee in Tripura, Tamilnadu and Bengal, the three ideologically different states of the country believing in the values and principles of secularism, casteless society, peaceful co existence and unity in diversity is a curse for the second largest democracy of the world. Why is it that after being democratically elected with a historic majority in a left citadel (state) of Tripura for the past 25 years the ruling political dispensation’s rank and file exhibit their anti democratic and unlawful acts by arbitrarily damaging the statue of Lenin in public thus throwing the law of the land to winds. The perpetrators should be brought to justice as such acts of violence and ideological hatred not only divide our peaceful society but also send across the country a wave of hatred which is highly damaging and harmful to the integrity and communal fabric of the country. It’s good that the BJP’s national chief Amit Shah has condemned such cowardice acts and warned his partymen to exercise restraint. But what makes things and situations even more worse is the fact that instead of condemning what has happened in Tripura, the ideologically different groups have committed he same blunder and become the larger sinner by damaging the statue of the erstwhile Jan Sangh Founder Dr. Shama Prasad Mukerjee in Bengal while in Tamilnadu the statue of a social reformer and a rationalist leader Periyar has been destroyed again by some disgruntled elements, thus hurting the sentiments of the DMK followers. Such acts of vandalism and open perpetration of violence on ideological lines are highly uncalled for and disturbing for a cohesive fabric of a secular society. India being the country with diverse culture, religions and ideologies should learn to live and practice the peoples’ faith and thought process freely without encroaching upon the rights, will, faith of religion and ideology of others and any contravention, arbitrary, illegal, unconstitutional and unlawful act should be dealt with severely and punished under the strictest sections of the law. Meanwhile the prime minister Narendra Modi has deliberated with Home Minister Rajnath Singh on the issue of statue falling and destruction in three states. This is a serious matter and the NDA govt led by BJP should not wase time to curb this increasing vandalism in the name of ideological antagonism and not feel shy to arrest its own partymen and teach them an appropriate lesson, if they are at fault.


Salutes to the judge of the city court wh’ve sentence the rapist of an eight year old girl to fourteen years of rigorous imprisonment with a fine of Rupees twenty thousand saying that sexual assaults and rapes are offences which are the result of perverted and evil minds of people (criminals) who not just lacked sensitivity and emotions but are the carriers of animal streak in them who ravish anyone who come to their sight, irrespective of the victims age.

The case is of 2014 registered by the mother of an 8 year old girl in Adarsh Nagar Police Station who was confined by the 40 year old rapist to a secluded place and raped repeatedly. The victim was also given a compensation of Rs 3 lakhs. Such stringent punishments are necessary to deal sternly with such animal beasts prevalent in our society in the shape of termites thus demolishing women’s dignity and their right to exist with dignity.

There is no dearth of strict laws favouring women but the criminals seem to have no terror of police, the law enforcing agencies or the laws of the land. It’s therefore necessary and inevitable that rapists are awarded stern, stringent and rigorous punishment in order to send across a strong signal to forthwith desist persons or criminals with perverted minds from commiting such obnoxious horrifying acts in the near future. Rape cases in Delhi, and also in other parts of the country are on the steady rise, with rapes of children and adoloscents being the subject of immense concern.

Sounds shocking that till 2014 more than 36 thousand cases of rapes have been reported nationally and the number could have been much higher but for the fact that majority of the cases go unreported as the victims family avoid going to police stations to register FIRs because of social stigma, fear of police, their complacense to cooperate or due to fear of reprisals from the rapists and the criminals.

Even though the Delhi police claimed that registration of crimes against women dipped marginally in 2016, Delhi reported six rapes on an average every day , indicating that much more is needed to be done to bring the numbers further down. However, it sounds surprising that in 2017 the rape cases in Delhi have shown a decreasing trend in the month of last january, with the Delhi police showing the rape cases registration figure as merely140 as compared to the previous year’s same month’s statistics of 140 cases.

However if we believe in the figures of 2015 and 2016, the figures showed an extreme uprising i.e. , 2155 and 2199 cases, respectively. However if  the Delhi police authorities claim of rape cases having come down is really true then we can definitely pat their backs  for their increasing contribution in tackling this most obnoxious and dreaded crime. But these figures are the one displayed by the police in their annual review of crime against women in the capital in the advent of the year 2017. The Delhi Police officers claim that the dip in crime rates is the result of proactive policing measures. “We conducted street plays, self-defence programmes and awareness campaigns over the course of the year,“ said a senior officer.

In the annual review of the cases of crime against women, police said that of all rape and molestation cases registered, 85.09% of rape and 70.60% of molestation were solved within 48 hours. The chargesheets in these cases were also filed within 20 days. The police attributes majority of these rapes to have been committed by the neighbour, near or dear ones or the close accquaintances and gives their figure as 90 to 94%. In 2016 total cases of molestations were 4,155 as against the 5,367 registered in 2015 whereas 3,033 cases of molestation were solved in 2016.

Till few months back in 2017 over 238 cases of molestation have been registered while by now many more must have come in the record. What sounds anguishing is the fact that despite the tall claims of governments and law enforcing agencies the cases of rapes and women molestations need to be tackled on a war footing and a wide campaign of awareness through the co ordinated efforts of the police, NGOs’, schools, institutions, women organisations, media and National as well as the Delhi Commission for Women, corporates under social corporate responsibilty and the ministries of women and child of central and state levels need to be executed on a war footing because the malady is more or less connected with perverted and psycopathic minds and people who are required to tackled accordingly including the most vulnerable women community to apprise them of their rights as well as physically train them  to defend themselves in such critical situations etc.

The law enforcing agencies on their part too should keep themselves attentive and vigilant to counter such ill concieved designs and notions as stern actions and penalisation of the culprits is also necessary  to sends a strong across a strong message that the people with criminal bent of mind and antecedents would not be spared at any cost, come what may. What do you say friends?