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Do you feel drained out and struggle to get out of bed and try to pick some energy bars, coffee and sugar rich foods to get you going for the day? If so then you are not alone as there is a research done by Mintel who revealed that one in three of us admit we are permanently worn out because of our fast moving life in this modern age.  As a result of the sale of energy protein bars, energy supplements like ginseng have shot up more than 5 % in the last year alone.

Top reasons which could be responsible for your constant fatigue

Less exercise

Maybe you hate doing exercise but avoiding it may be the reason why you feel so tired and makes you feel worse.

People who even light exercises feel more energized and less fatigued but they have to continue to do exercise because these changes can be seen after few weeks only so do not be di-heartened if you instantly do not find the results just wait for some days to let your body adjust to the new routine and exercise regime.a

Scientifically when you do exercise then your heart and lungs starts functioning more efficiently and oxygen level also comes up and due to this, vital nutrients are also well absorbed.

Not having a good night sleep

Maybe you do not sleep well or have a sound sleep but you think the other way. According to a recent research many of us have junk sleep, kind of sleep when we wake frequently throughout the night and due to this our energy levels do not replenish even if sleep for long hours.

Sleeping can be caused by late working on smartphones, stress or doing activities which overstimulate brain too close to bedtime.

So to have a good sleep you should shut the smartphone and other gadgets and if possible switch off the TV before one hour when you are going to a bed.

Stay away from coffee

I know to get more energy we drink coffee and feels that it will boost our energy but that happens only for a short time and once the surge wears off we again starts feeling tired. According to science it happens because our brain chemistry does not like being interfered with stimulates, so it releases chemicals to dampen down the alert response.

Coffee is also not good for sleep and one should avoid drinking it even six hours prior to sleeping time as it is a serious sleep disrupt.