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The Aam Admi Party and its chief Arvind Kejrival is all set to gear up for another victory in the incoming Delhi assembly elections due after two years. After losing badly at the hands of BJP in the Delhi municipal elections held a year ago due to the AAP’s excessive confrontationist posture with the then LG Nazeeb Jung and blaming the prime minister Modi on every single issue, the AAP chief now seems to have exercised a lot of restraint over his previous confrontationist attitude and is all set work on issues pertaining to peoples’ welfare and those living in the lowest echelons of the society. The AAP’s commitment to stand at the rescue of the common masses of Delhi can be unambiguosly gauged from the fact that the Delhi chief minister has taken a confrontationist stand with the centre and metro rail corporation on the issue of the likely arbitrary rise in the metro rail fares in Delhi, a second time enhancement in the metro fares after just few months.

Terming this arbitraty fare increase to be affected from October Kejrival has accused the DMRC as anti people and has urged for the cancellation of the DMRC decision failing he has promised the Delhi electorates to oppose tooth and nail thus winning the sympathy of the populace who’d voted him to historic victory during the last election. Arvind Kejrival has while deploring this anti people decision of the DMRC with the blessings of the union government deputed his transport minister Gehlot to find ways and means in confabulation with the adamant DMRC chief Mangu Singh to withdraw this arbitrary decision of fare hike. In the meanwhile as a pre election sops the deputy chief minister of AAP’s Delhi government Manish Sisodia has recently announced the AAP govt’s decision to regularise the services of about 15000 guest teachers of Delhi which was one of the election promises’ of AAP.

It has also regularised the services of the temperory teachers of Kashmiri origin hailing from the refugee catagory. In adddition to these concessions the AAP government has also given lots of concessions to the lower middle class sections in health and medical treatment facilities viz free distribution of medicines and tests in health centres, government hospitals and dispensaries, opening of good number of polyclinics and free treatment in high profile private hospitals for critical illnesses and cardiac surgeries for the poor drawing an income of or less than one lakh rupees a year. Apart from this the government schools of Delhi have been upgraded tremendously with delivery of scholarships to thousands of students.

On the drinking water and electricity fronts the AAP’ Delhi government has already subsidised water up to 2000 litres and electricity up to 400 units every month satisfying and winning the goodwill of the lower middle class. It may be recalled that during the first two years after the AAP’s coming to power in Delhi the party was in the hell of controversies as 14 of its law makers got arrested in various dubious charges such as assault and rape of women and cases pertaining to fake degrees and extortion.

As a result it lost the Rajouri Garden by election and the MCD polls but after KEJRIVAL tried hard to resurrect the fast diminishing party’s image it recently won the BAWANA assembly by poll with a heavy margin. What’s your take on this friends?


Sometimes you face situations where you do not feel confident enough to go ahead and makes you lose your self- esteem, but one should maintain the sanity and do some confidence boosting exercises.

You can try some of them mentioned below:

Try to have a carefree attitude

Always wear a smile on your face and straight posture because these are two most important tools to start with. It does not matter whether you are feeling strong from inside or not but you can pretend to be strong and be helpful, be loving but never submissive. Take risks and correct things which are wrong.

Always look into the eyes of others while talking and nod as you listen and feel like that you are not bothered about what people think about you and gracefully accept criticism but on the same hand do not let other pull you down.

Do not wait for others to praise you

Praise yourself and do not wait for others to praise you because it will be very hard for others to praise you and make you feel motivated and confident. It is you who has to take this responsibility and appreciate yourself when you accomplish even a small task.

Always dress well and be presentable to others every day. Show your gratitude and express self-confidence. So from now on stop disliking yourself and boost yourself with a lot of positive energy.

Make a list of your strengths

It is a simple exercise which you should definitely do to feel more confident and really does not matter even if you have more weaknesses than strength because this happens with everyone and try to weigh your high notes than the downfalls. So, next time whenever you feel low take out the list and check your strengths.

Choose right people and company

It really makes a difference when you are around with right people who make a good company and understand you better; they are always there to cheer you up when you feel low. It could be your friends, family or colleagues or relatives but you should have positive people around you.


We have been hearing for a long time that doing Yoga is good for health but have we really given it a thought that how exactly it helps us to overcome various diseases and also let our body and mind to fight against dangerous diseases which people are facing on large scale because of change in lifestyle and environment. Pollution has increased so much and our immunity levels have gone down which has made people dependent on antibiotics and regular visits to the doctors. The average age of Indians have also come down where earlier people easily used to live for up to 90 plus years.

In today’s age doing Yoga is the solution which can help people to fight against various odds. It is like that you do not want to do but when you do it you feel good and like it. There are numerous benefits of doing Yoga but here are top 8 benefits which may be more than enough to motivate you to start doing Yoga and get rewarding and unbelievable benefits.

Yoga will help you to build up your confidence
There are 10 specific poses in Yoga which will help boost one’s confidence. In the initial poses beginners can use them and last few poses are for more advanced yogis. We all need good confidence level in our lives and if could get it by doing some yoga poses then it is awesome.

It can be done anywhere
The best part of Yoga is that it can be done anywhere whether you are traveling or enjoying at beach and you do not even need any tutor or Guru because YouTube has answers for all Yoga poses and exercises.
Any ways whole World has started acknowledging the importance of Yoga and its effects on mind and body which are obviously great effects and it should not be connected with any religion and if possible treat it as a food for mind and body because by doing so a person will live a good healthy life and this is what everyone wants to have so why not give it a try and improve your life with more energy.