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The health condition of the women hunger strikers in Gairsain who’d been without food and water for the last 7 days demanding declaration of Gairsain as the permanent capital of the 18 year old state Uttarakhand has badly deteriorated with the blood pressure levels severely going up and shortage of blood in the body resulting in increasing anger, annoyance and outrage among the people of the area particularly the agitators.

These two women hunger strikers are the local president of the Gairsain Mahila Sangharsh Samittee Mrs. Krishna Negi and her colleague Kamala Panwar, a senior woman volunteer of the movement for Gairsain Capital. After undertaking hunger strike for the last seven days having literally eaten nothing, quite obviously and consuming not even a drop of water while Krishna Negi has developed Jaundice due to the shortage of blood in the body, Kamala Panwar is running high blood pressure.

The three hungerstrikers Krishna Devi, Kamala Panwar and Krishan Singh Bisht have also lost around 4 to 6 kg of weight. All the three activists have locked them inside the room apprehending forceful withdrawal of the hunger strike by the administration under the government’s pressure.

The movement activists of Gairsain and the convenor and co convenor of Uttarakhand Third Front journalist and activist Sunil Negi and Pandit Madan Mohan Dhaundiyal has warned the Uttarakhand government of serious consequences if the administration doesn’t look after them, properly and adequately and monitor the deteriorating health conditiion of these women hunger strike volunteers.

Both the leaders have asked the government authorities to immediate dispatch the doctors to asses their health condition and ensure that nothing adverse or untoward happens with their health.

The convenor of Uttarakhand Third Front Sunil Negi said if the law and order situation of the state or Gairsain deteriorates due to the increasing outrage and anger amongst the common masses due to the deteriorating health condition, it will solely be the state’s responsibility and not of the movement activists as the state government under chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat is not listening to the peoples’ long pending demand for Gairsain to be declared as Uttarakhand’s capital thus compelling the women power, ( Matra Shakti ) to undertake indefinite hunger strike and play with their health condition.

Mr. Negi said if anything untoward or adverse happens to Kamala and Krishna, the hunger strikers , the movement for Gairsain capital will further gain more credible momentum in the entire state thus compelling the deaf and dumb government to finally surrender to the peoples’ demand.

Both Negi and Dhaundiyal of Uttarakhand Third Front extended their full and outright support to the Gairsain movement and appealed to the women, youth, students and the senior citizens not to rest in peace till this long pending demand is finally met.

It may be recalled that except the ruling BJP all the political parties including the national crusader against corruption Anna Hazaare is fully backing the demand for Gairsain capital and had visited Garhwal, Uttarakhand just yesterday and held several largely attended public meetings
demanding Gairsain as the state’s permanent capital.

It’s really deporable that even after being in power at the centre as well as the state, the Gairsain demand is not being heard, attended and fulflled despite the fact that the people of Uttarakhand had accorded it a historic majority of 57 lawmakers out of 70, a record first time landslide victory during the last 18 years.


There have been reports pouring in that the physical condition of the hunger strikers sitting on fast unto death in GAIRSAIN in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand is deteriorating after four hunger strikers have considerably lost their weight leading to anger and outrage amongst the Gairsain movement activists demanding outright declaration of Gaisain as Uttarakhand’s capital which has been intentionally delayed by the current and the successive governments of the Himalayan state for the last 18 years ruled turn by turn by the BJP and the Congress.

The movement activists are sitting on hunger strike for the last 52 days and the three hunger strikers namely Birendra Arya, Gambhir Singh Negi and Dhyan Singh have lost about six kilograms of weight respectively as per this reporter’s telephonic conversation with MM Dhaundiyal, currently stationed there.

Their blood pressure and suger levels have also gone awry. The weather too is extremely chilly cold and has added further to their miseries. A prominent leader of the left movement having quite a good reputation amongst the local populace who is backing and supporting the movement since the beginning Indresh Maikhuri has identified the Gairsain movement as the war against the system for employment and reverse migration in the hills and questioned the integrity of those who ruled the state during the last 18 years for not accepting the peoples’ demand of Gairsain capital which is technically equidistance from Kumaon and Garhwal regions and symbol of decentralised socio economic, agricultural, educational, industrial and environment friendly development of the state achieved after several years of relentless struggles and loss of 43 precious lives of youths, students, women and sr citizens.

According to the new development the prominent regional party of Uttarakhand which played a key role in the formation of separate Uttarakhand State called the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal has now also actively joined the Gairsain capital movement with former MLA and UKD leader Bipin Tripathi energising the movement in the Kumaon division appealing the youths, students and women to join him in large numbers.

It may be recalled that the movement for declaring Gairsain as Uttarakhand’s capital has started primarily from Rudraprayag by young journalists like Mohit Dimri and others and now it has spread like wild fire in the valleys, cities, towns and the interiors of entire Uttarakhand including in metropolitan cities like Delhi etc. The deteriorating health condition of these hunger strikers have further given new momentum to this on going movement in the hills of Uttarakhand.

The BJP government is having a historic majority of 57 lawmakers out of total 70 in the Uttarakhand Assembly but is still adamant not to declare Gairsain as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand despite the fact that a magnificient assembly building and the secretariat has already been build at Gairsain worth 500 crores during the previous Congress era and some of the assembly sessions have also been conducted here.

Whether its declared a permanent capital or not but news analysts say that even if it is for the time being declared a partial or summer capital, it may perhaps soothe/ bring down the soaring temperature of angered movement activists who are currently up in arms against the ruling political dispensation of Uttarakhand enjoying historic majority but not agreeing to the demand of Gairsain being declared as a permanent capital.


As per the news pouring in from various sources the four time chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and having represented Uttarakhand as its CM for full five year term from 2002 to 2007 veteran Congress leader and a nonagenarian Narayan dutt Tiwari who was on life support system for the last few days at Max hospital Delhi is in extremely serious condition having shifted for resustication at ICU again after he faced acute problem in respiration and became unresponsive.

Addmitted on 26th October in hospital Max in South Delhi after having severe respiratory complications due to infection in lungs veteran Congress leader and ex chief minister of the largest and the smallest state of the country UP and UK was on the life support system and given occasional physiotherapy exercises as well. On Saturday after having a become too weak and frail suddenly unresponsive, while in the physiotherapy session.

Tiwari was imdiately put on resustication on ventilator in ICU. His condition is stated to be serious. His advocate son Rohit and wife Ujjawala are with the ailing leader. Since the day Tiwari was addmitted in ICU after suffering from pneumonia and lungs infection, his condition was more or less critical showing little sign of recovery. But today it futher deteriorated after he became unresponsive throwing him in critical stage. His family, friends, acquaintances and followers are praying for his fast recovery and the senior docters at MAX are doing their best to revive his health condition.

Narayan Dutt Tiwari is a towering leader of the country and Uttarakhand having been Union Industry, finance and Labour minister apart from.being the four time UP CM and one time CM of Uttarakhand. Always in the good books of late prime minister Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi Tiwari joined for the very first time as the deputy minister in  late HN Bahuguna’s cabinet in Uttar Pradesh never ever to look back again. Infamous for being against the formation of Uttarakhand as a small entity ND Tiwari once said that creation of Uttarakhand would be possible only after his death or on his corpse. But the time came when he himself led the state of Uttarakhand as its CM for full five year term from 2002 to 2007 leading the state to new developmental heights which no other chief ministers till now could achieve.