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Studying continuously for long hours is a challenge for most of us. This is the reason why most of us feel stranded during the time of examinations because we are not able to concentrate into things. The fear of examinations makes us anxious and we are not able to study in requisite amount thus, not be able to complete our revisions of the end moment. Ultimately, our marks are marred due to lack of practice. Well! Marks are important as our knowledge because they matter in the long run helping us gain admissions in reputable institutions especially, in the Indian Education System which is marks-oriented.

Though the practice of studying at the last moment is not appreciable but it is not wrong to accept the fact that every one of us tend to make the best use of the twelfth hour as we tend to remember and memorize the facts and figures at the maximum rate!

Well! Dear readers, herein we present to you the tips that would help you study and prepare for your examinations at the last minute: –

  1. The first and foremost thing is your belief. Yes, you should have enough confidence in yourself that you will be able to complete your syllabus and prepare all the topics. The ‘Yes, I can’ spirit helps you stay motivated and work efficiently till the end.
  2. Secondly, focus on working smartly. You must try to cover the important topics first and study coherently. Instead of mugging up each and every aspect, you must try to split the study material into small portions and focus on memorizing them. Well! Those small portions could be divided into sub-topics and remembered efficiently.
  3. Thirdly, stay away from distractions. Reduce your activity at the social media accounts of yours and keep your phone away from your sight. Yes, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ phenomenon is tremendously helpful and facilitate you focus on your studies.
  4. Fourthly, before starting you must take good rest and you must begin with a fresh mind. You must collect all your study material and keep ample amount of fruits, water and snacks with you. This helps you to sit and study constantly thus, streamlining your studying process.
  5. Don’t change your place frequently. Sit and study till your target is done. Getting up again and again result in distraction and then, developing the same concentration level again is both difficult and time-consuming.
  6. Follow 52-17 algorithm. Study for 52 minutes and take rest for rest 17 minutes. This methodology works as a therapy or precisely, a ‘placebo effect’. It replenishes your energy and helps you start afresh.
  7. While learning, opt for preparing flow charts and learn the things into point format. While practicing for examinations, one must practice by writing. In case you have a slow writing speed, set a timer of 5 minutes and try completing a selected amount of portion in 5 minutes. This helps in writing answers fast during examinations. Try preparing all your answers in lucrative style with a candid language and plenty of keywords.
  8. While learning, prefer to read a bit louder so that your ears can hear and comprehend your words. Self-hearing helps you to memorize the key points at a comparably faster rate.
  9. Try not wasting your mornings. Sit in the morning and give yourself a target to complete in your day. Try making a schedule for a day. Later, don’t deviate from your work, target and belief. Complete your work and prepare your topics soundly.
  10. Lastly, work diligently and practice all the important questions which are expected to come in the examination. Well! To crack any examination, it is important to know the methodology of solving the paper.

At a personal level, we don’t appreciate the last-minute study and we suggest studying regularly thus, increasing your knowledge-quotient however, at the same time, last-minute study has its own importance in lives of all students. Hope, these tips emerge to be useful.




While studying or while working, many of us have a problem to concentrate. Yes, we are not able to think at one place, about one thing at a time. Due to the lack of concentration we are not able to complete the assigned task at a time. Even if the work gets completed, we are not satisfied with our work as we feel that we have not performed up to the mark. Similarly, many a times we are not able to achieve good grades and we acknowledge our problem which is the lack of concentration.

Well! Many of us are facing this problem, right.

Today, we bring to you few tips in order to improve our concentration abilities. In order to enhance your concentration level,

  • Avoid Multitasking
    Well! In order to stay concentrated, you must not indulge yourself into multi-tasking. If you find that you mind is not able to concentrate at a particular point about a particular thing and you are not able to complete your work on time; you must say a big no to multi-tasking. It is often seen that if we work over one thing at a time, we tend to concentrate more and give efficient results.
  • Embrace Peaceful Ambience
    Avoid constant sensory inputs from television, radio, noisy environment and other sources. If you to concentrate on your thoughts and work; you must sit amidst peace. You can embrace solitude in order to indulge into ocean of your thoughts. Well! Constant sensory inputs augment the stimulation into mind and our brain tends to think over lot many aspects and hence, we are not able to concentrate.
  • Encompass Meditation In Your Life
    Yes, incorporate meditation in your daily routine of life. It will not only help you stay calm but will also help you to increase your concentration power. Performing the Gyan Mudra in Padamasana (Lotus Pose) by joining the tip of your thumb and fore-finger in the morning or performing Yoga will help you meditate and thus, increase your concentration level. While meditating, you must lay emphasis upon observing your breath in order to increase your concentration according to a scientific study.
  • The Five More Rule
    Well! If you are working for a long time and you are no longer to concentrate; this rule will be of utmost help for you. Instruct your mind to give five more minutes to the incomplete task and then, you would take a rest. Due to the immediate instruction given by you, your mind starts to work efficiently once again. Many a times, such a concentration is established due to the triggered impulse of five minutes that you can work constantly for more than an hour!

Hope, this article brings a ray of hope and helps you increase your concentration skills. Give these tips a try and I am sure that you won’t suffer from lack of concentration anymore.

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