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Uttarakhand is progressing by leaps and bounds as scope for ease of doing business in this 17 year old state are much much better than in any other part of the country. This was stated by the chief minister of Uttarakhand in an interview given to a national electronic channel today. Extremely confident in his versions about the state’s over all development Trivendra Singh Rawat claims that Uttarakhand’s annual per capita income is more than Rupees 1 lakh 15 thousand, even more than the national per capita income of Rs one lakh nine thousand.

Answering questions with quite ease and confidence Rawat said that while his government is concerned about the high spate of migration from villages to cities and metropolises of the country his government is equally serious  to find out ways and means through various people friendly constructive programmes and forming of a credible PALAAYAN AAYOG in order to reverse this distressing trend.

The government of Uttarakhand has recently filed an MOU for using the natural waste products for useful purposes which will not only give employment to the local populace but will also generate economy. One such constructive instance is about rightfully using the pine needles which are in abundant quantity in Uttarakhand for extracting terpentine oil and the waste residue for bio fuel.

These pine needles if not used are tremendously harmful for Uttarakhand’s agricultural lands as not only do they make the earth barren wherever they fall in large quantity but are also disastrous from the point of view of spreading jungle fires most expeditiously, which are the usual.feature in Uttarakhand hills. Answering question on demonetisation Uttarakhand chief minister lauded the prime minister Narendra Modi’s efforts in attacking the black money hoarders and prevalent of unaccounted network of ilegal money which is the key to rampant corruption prevailing in our country.

He said , demonetisation has not only discouraged the black money hoarders to a great extent but also helped in strengthening our derailed economy of fiscal deficit. Trivendra Rawat assured that his government is tirelessly working to strengthen the state’s economy by improving the performance and stature of Tourism sector which is the main source of employment and economy.



After the coming of the Bhartiya Janata Party government in Uttarakhand while it has not yet fulfilled its poll promise of appointing LOKAYUKTA in Uttarakhand even after 8 months and is not talking about the important Capital issue of making GAIRSAIN as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand as promised by its leaders from time to time, the chief minister of the seventeen year old state Trivendra Singh Rawat has definitely done one good thing important and people friendly and it is, taking the official initiative to meet the general public twice a month at BJP headquarter or at other suitable place and personally interact with the people with grievances to reslove them on the spot or if not possible, then later on, but for sure.

Trivendra Singh Rawat issued directives to all ministers as well to meet general public and people of their respective constitiencies along with officials of the relevant departments to resolve all grievances on the spot. This people friendly novel idea n practical initiative has added new dimension to it as more and more people are now coming in such one to one meetings in view of healthy output and positive resolution of their problems. On 30th October the Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat himself met lot of people with problems and tried to resolve their long lasting agonies.

The matter that come to the CM n ministers are usually related to land disputes, job avenues, transfers and appoinment on compenssionate grounds,few cases of marital discords, pensions and law and order connected issues. The CM resolved few problems on the spot by speaking to the district magistrate Nainital in a freedom fighter case and several other such cases of socio economic relevance, too.

In this people friendly meeting the chief minister personally met over 162 people and did his best to satisfy majority of them by coming to their rescue, say the reliable sources. The venue was the Balbir Road Party office of BJP at Dehradun.



The saffron robed outspoken chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath has given a strong rebuttal to his own party lawmaker Sangeet Som on his highly controversial statement on Taj Mahal and raking up of the 400 old history, turning it upside down saying that it hardly matters who made this historic monument and why but the hard fact can’ t be ruled out that Taj is a historical monument that represents our historical cultural heritage and is built out of the sweat and blood of thousands of Indians without whom it wouldn’t have been possible.

Without given any weitage to Sangeet Som’s controversial stand on Taj Mahal terming it the construction by a king who’s son tortured him in jail and by Moghuls who exploited the Hindus, Yogi Adityanath emphatically said that the whole country knows that it’s the seventh wonder of the world and visited by millions of tourists every year including the foreign heads of the state and international tourists thus promoting tourism and earning for the state and the country. Giving damn to Som’s provocative statement, Yogi Adityanath revealed that he is visiting Agra on 26th of October, 2017 to flagoff a whopping scheme of 370 crores for the complete facelift of Agra and the vicinity adjacent Tajmahal for the convenience, comfort of the local populace and in order to make this historic state neat and clean under the flagship programme of prime minister Narendra Modi called SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAAN.

The UP CM was speaking to the reporter of a news channel. While Yogi Adityanath had been considered as the Hindu trump card of BJP for the forthcoming 2019 elections by political analysts and his rivals but the chief minister catagorically says that he is the CM of all communities whether they are from majority or minority. He pledges to pay equal attention to everyone of them without any discrimination. He says Hinduism is a way of life and India’s deep rooted socio cultural heritage.

It never promotes discrimination but believes in the principle of respect for all religions, SARV DHARM SAMBHAAV. On being questioned on the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya n preparation of massive celebration of Deepawali in Ayodhya to derive political advantage, Yogi Adityanath said that the matter being under the purview of Supreme Court is subjudiced and has nothing to say except that the court’s decision would be acceptable to all. It may be recalled that the controversial lawmaker Sangeet Som has in a public meeting raised a controversy about Taj Mahal accusing the Mughal dynasty of perpetrating violence against Hindus and terming the 7th Wonder of the World as the symbol of slavery. Yogi while giving a strong rebuff to his own lawmaker termed it as India’s significant cultural heritage and global pride.



After so much of media hype and accusations of detereorating law and order situation in Delhi by the chief minister Arvind Kejrival on the issue of the theft of his blue Wagon R car having a historical value for his ardent supporters and patrogonists, who had even announced a meagre award of Rs 10,000 on its recovery, has finally been traced at Ghaziabad yesterday after the thief desperately left on the road apprehensive that he would be caught shortly if he continues the company of the car.

The blue colour of the stolen chief minister’s car, now being used by his media advisor had become so popular due to the ongoing media publicity in the prestigious national dailies and electronic channels that a passer by literally recognised the abandoned lonely car by its colour and brand and telephonically informed the Ghaziabad police who in turn accquainted the Delhi police, who definitely n finally heaved a sigh of relief. Now the point is who will share the booty of award of Rs. ten thousand announced by Kejrival’s colleague and the husband of the Delhi Commision for Women Shweta Malival, namely Jai Hind. Will the Ghaziabad police disclose the name of the informer publicly or they’ll pass on the award money to him secretly keeping his identity intact for security reasons? Anyways this is not the serious question. What’s the moot point is, had it been the car of an ordinary citizen, would had it been traced so easily.

The Wagon R recovered was not that new and nor did it carried much resale value. But since it bore the VIP tag and was publicised tremendously it got traced in just two days. But unfortunately, on the contrary hundreds of such stolen brand new cars are never traced to the utter dismay, shock and dillema of the sufferers, the reason being that investigations and recovery of stolen vehicles allegedly does not hold any priority for the police due to their being already overburndened with more serious nature of crimes like murders, gangsterism, criminal and sexual assault on women and VVIP and VIP securities. Moreover, the Delhi police is already overshort of staff and the the spurt in crime is simultaneously on the rise with Delhi witnessing the colossal theft of over 3200 vehicles till September, 2017 with a very poor recovery rate. The point is will the Delhi police, its crime branch and the police of the NCR exhibit its special investigative talents and determination to recover the vast number of stolen vehicles or control crime in Delhi as observed in the context of the recovery of DELHI CM’S CAR.

However, I would not at all hesitate to say that the DELHI POLICE has done OUTSTANDING JOB in cracking several High Profile cases like those of Jessica Lal, infamous Tandoor case, case of Nirbhaya, Katara murder case and several other complicated high profile trivial criminal cases putting the higly influential and with clout behind bars. We leave the ball on their court?


After being defeated in Hydrabad, Delhi, Jwahar Lal Nehru Universities including the Bawana legislative election in NCT of Delhi the Bhartiya Janata Party suffered a political set back in the Gurugram Municipal elections as well by winning merely fourteen seats after claiming confirmed victory on the 30 seats out of the total 35.
About twenty independent candidates won in this civic poll and a lone seat was won by the Indian National Lok Dal. This is definitely a worrisome signal and a wake up call for BJP in Haryana say political analysts, particularly for the Khattar government who was recently blamed and accused for alleged favouritism to the infamous rapist Baba Ram Rahim Singh and his Dera Sacha Sauda as reported in section of the media.
After winning in several states of UP, Uttarakhand and forming governments in Goa, Manipur etc the moral of the ruling party BJP was quite high but the aftermath defeats in Bawana Assembly by poll in the national capital, JNU, DELHI and Hydrabad university elections of the BJP’ s frontal student wing ABVP followed by the recent defeat in Gurugram civic polls speaks of the fact that the the party is witnessing a downward slide in the literate and educated including the urban sections of the society which earlier used to be its strong holds.
This also reflects the fading charisma of the BJP leadership at the state as well as at the central level. The Congress had not contested the Gurugram civic poll but now its leaders claim that had it contested this time, the party would have secured the majority as majority of the independents who have won now would have not one and instead the Congress party candidates would have scored victories.
The election is the clear cut rejection of the ruling BJP and the Indian National Lok Dal who had been fighting against each other say the Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee chief Ashok Tanwar. It may be recalled that after the vitiation of the communal environment of the country in the name of cow vigilantism and brutal lynchings at several places in the country compounded with killings of journalists and rise in petroleum products thus increasing inflation further with news of lowering of growth rate, the cumulative effect of all these factors did had a bearing in these elections leading to downslide in the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party’s image. What do you say friends?


THE CHIEF MINISTER OF UTTARAKHAND Trivendra Singh Rawat has delivered a cheque of five lakh rupees to LOSA an  alumnus of old students who’ve studied in various schools in Lansedowne and the nearby periphery and are now settled in various parts of India including abroad in reputed positions as entrepreneurs, technocrats, army men, artists, theater activists, lawyers, journalists, beauty pageant, academicians, journalists etc. The chief minister himself is a LOSAITE having sought his college education from Jehrikhal degree college, Lansedown and  eminent singer of Uttarakhand Narendra Singh Negi and highest TRP gathering comedian Ghanna bhai too.  The organisation was founded few years ago with the sole aim to meet with old student and their families at a magnificient hilly town situated at the extreme height of around 6 thousand feet and the headquarter of Garhwal rifles founded in 1887 by the Britishers earlier known as KAALO DAANDO as a tribute to late Balbhadra Singh Negi who fought several war for the British and came out triumphant, once in a year. The Losaites and their families meet in June for two days at Lansedown and interact within themselves including organize felicitation function for outstanding students, personalities of eminence, cultural events, quize, play Tambola and arrange delicious lunches and dinners compounded with holding of seminars of local and national issues of significance like environment awareness etc. The book lauch functions also take place if necessary written by its any of the member, as happened this time last June when the book of eminent losaite and author Dr. Satish Kaleshwari titled SUNDA RAVA was released. Eminent dignitaries such as CM Uttarakhand and the first citizen of LANSEDOWNE Cantt the Brigadier inaugurates the LOSA event. LOSA stands for LANSEDOWNE OLD ASSOCIATION MEET. This year’s LOSA was unique in the sense that not only had CM Trivendra Singh Rawat presented a cheque of Rs five lakhs for various developmental works and as a support for poor students but its one of the members’ Akruti Gusain was also designated as Miss Uttarakhand and as one of the runner ups in Miss India beauty peagent contest, a student of Lansedown. The Army Chief of India Gen Bipin Rawat and several other icons also hail from one of the nearby villages of Lansedown. As per the statement of the Secretary and treasurer of LOSA M/S Janardhan Sharma and Rajeev Barthwal the Losa would be using this amount for the construction of toilets in Maleen Basties and up gradation of Narendra Club including for financing poor outstanding students. Narendra club was once built by the Tehri Maharaja. Wishing LOSA all good wishes in its future endeavors.