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Are you a Smartphone user? If yes, then you are here at the right place.

Having an endless number of applications, catering to every need of your Google Play Store has now eventually become a hit worldwide. But, while searching for the apps based on your preferences you will get many. How to choose for the best one from among them? The solution to this is their categorization under various categories like Editor’s pick, Top rated, Paid, Unpaid etc.

Here, we have brought you a list of the best Android Applications that should be there installed in your Smartphone no matter what:

  • ES Disk Analyzer

Being one of the best Android Applications, ES Disk Analyzer is the formation of the same company who was behind the ES File Explorer. This new tool is basically meant to free the space on your device by deleting the entire duplicate and no longer needed corrupt as well as damaged files from your Smartphone automatically. The app gives you an overall highlighted view of all the stuff that it finds to be unimportant and least used.

  • CineTrak

Are you a movie freak just like me? Well, to be truthful, I personally love this app. It keeps a track of all the movies already released, releasing or going to be released. Here you can make a list of all the movies you and your loved ones are planning to see in the coming days and also you can make a list of all the movies you have already watched. Apart from this, the app also facilitates you to rate the movies you have watched. This makes it the best Android Application of all time.

  • Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is a private app. It is basically meant to keep all your browsing history a top secret just between you and itself. This tool started its journey from the iOS and now it has been facilitated for the Android. When you close the browser, Firefox Focus automatically deletes all your cookies, browsing history from your Smartphone. It takes a space of 3.5 MB, thus can be installed easily.

  • Komoot

Komoot is a route planner. When you are out on a fun day for trekking, climbing, hiking or cycling it just gives you all the possible routes to take for this long continuous journey. The route can also be changed manually according to your plan. Just enter the start, the destination and your activity, the app is here to help you with the routes.

  • Timbre

Timbre is a wholesome package and one of the best Android Applications of media editing in your smartphones. It can convert the audio and video files of any type to the type that is the most preferable for you. It supports MP3, MP4, FLV, MOV, MPEG, AIFF, Ogg, WMA, ALAC and many other versions of both input and output audio as well as video files. Apart from this, it can also cut and edit the video files to a particular time frame, removing the audio from the video clips and also arrange two multiple files into a single file.

So, above are the best five Android Applications that you must have in your Smartphone. You can feel their need anytime you want. Some are paid while some are unpaid but trust me on this, the paid ones are worthy of being paid. Have a read and I am sure you will get a lot of help on which apps to choose from the varied choices available in your Google Play store.