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The way, the sad demise of the first woman super star Sridevi in a Dubai hotel is being sensitised and given dubious angles by some of our electronic channels definitely sends across a wrong message.

It seems, it’s either being deliberately given an out of proportion blow in terms of sensitivity to sideline the core issues of the massive PNB scam involving Nirav Modi and others or its a well orchestrated ploy to twist the story giving it a sensational look to increase their TRPs for inviting maximum advertisements.

The way Sridevi issue has been blown out of proportion giving it an angle of supposed foul play directly or indirectly allegedly pinpointing the suspicion towards her producer husband Boney Kapoor with not concrete evidence, unambiguously speaks of the fact as to how badly the journalism of some TV channels have stooped so low thus throwing to winds the values and ethics of free, fair and credible journalism.

You open any channel for the last two days and you’ll find the Sri Devi matter being twisted every hour giving it a different suspicious angle of heavy sensitisation/ sensationalisation whereas the autopsy/post mortom reports have clearly indicated it as a transparent case of unambiguous accident with Sri Devi’s blood samples showing the traces of alchohal.

While everybody in the country is immensely shocked and anguished over the sad accidental demise of this legendary actress the TV channels are busy giving the story allegedly the murdurous angle pinning fingers of suspicion towards her husband Boney Kapoor, says former MP and a veteran journalist Santosh Bhartiya.

The chief editor of a Hindi weekly, Chouthi Duniya and ex MP Santosh Bhartiya is extremely furious, angry, annoyed and concerned over the lowest standards to which the present day journalism is stooping to, particularly the owners, editors and reporters of some news channels who cook stories out of their immature and irresponsible imaginations and put the already traumatised and aggrieved families into more trouble as is the case with Sridevi’s anguished and aggrieved family.

Santosh Bhartiya asked who gave these so called scribes permission and license to point finger of suspicion towards Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor and what legal right do they have to draw conclusions out of their false and biased imaginations. Who are they to ask as to why Boney Kapoor came back to India and why did he go back to Dubai, the day the first woman super star and his wife died.

While catagorically deploring the irresponsible acts of such journalists calling them fake, inefficient and even foolish, Bhartiya said that it’s because of few such producers, editors or reporters of some channels that the already anguished families are put to more trouble and trauma as was the sad case of the former union minister Kalpnath Rai’s death out of the humiliation he suffered for writing a letter of an unwanted element unknowingly but was jailed due to the excessive media hype.

The former minister could not bear the humiliation and died of tensions thereafter. Similarly, some interested elements are bent upon giving Sridevi’s death an angle of murder on false grounds which is totally unacceptable in a free democratic society, without any credible evidence. He added: making mountain out of the mole without any credible evidence is highly uncalled for. Bhartiya aired his views on the subject on his facebook vedio and can be seen in You tube.


Despite so much of hype and hoopla over the despicable murder of outspoken journalist of left leanings Gauri Lankesh in every nook and corner of the country, the SIT inquiry of the Karnataka government does not seem to have reached towards any definite headway, except saying that the killers were the professional murderers and they were three in numbers. But one thing which surprises us the most is while the entire media fraternity of the country, particularly with left leanings, have protested all over the country and given maximum coverage to slain scribe Gauri Lankesh, which she definitely deserved, the way she was diabolically murdered in a cold blood at a point blank range for being anti establishment, and another journalist with low profile ranking of the Hindi print media Rashtriya Sahara similarly shot at by two bike riding gunmen in Arwal district of Bihar and is now in critical condition in hospital has not invited the attention of our media friends, organisations and newspapers as well as electronic news channels.

Is it because the news of the  injured Hindi journalist of a village of distant Bihar, Pankaj Mishra won’t give enough TRP to sell his news or he wasn’t of left leaning or of Hindi media that neither his news got a single column space in the dailies of Delhi nor the channels have picked it up and neither a single journalist or political organisation has protested to demand justice from the Nitish BJP combine government. Why this injustice with the critically injured Hindi scribe Pankaj Mishra of Bihar? Are we waiting for his bad news to demand the arrest of the shooters or still finding his ideological antecedents? Such type of partiality by the journalistic fraternity or organisations believing in a particular ideology sends a wrong and politically incorrect message across the spectrum and gives a handle to the divisive and reactionary forces to divide the unity among the journalistic fraternity.  While Uttarakhand Journalists Forum strongly condemns the brutal and barbaric cold blooded murder of Gauri Lankesh it also expresses its serious concern over the incident of a murderous attempt on Pankaj  Mishra at Arwal district in Bihar and urges upon the Karnataka and Bihar governments to order the CBI inquiry to catch hold of the culprits at the earliest.

The media organisations of the country should also come forward for the injured journalist Pankaj Mishra of Rashtriya Sahara victim of a murderous attempt. It is reliably learnt that he was writing against corruption and corrupt politicians of Bihar.  Pankaj was shot at yesterday morning by motorcycle riding gunmen who also snatched a bag carrying one lakh rupees withdrawn from the bank after injuring him grievously. Police says it’s a case personal enmity.