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It’s very easy to write on issues of dastardly murders as its definitely an incident that would invite everybody’s attention but if it’s a gruesome or dastardly murder of a seven year old child just imagine what would be the traumatic condition of his or her parents.

The very purpose to exist in life for them actully becomes meaningless as nothing is more precious, invaluable and of infinite significance than a son or daughter for parents. The grusome murder of 7 year old Pradyuman reminds me of the most dastardly and despicable murder of Geeta and Sanjay Chopra at Budha Jayanti Park near Dhaula Kuan after being raped and kidnapped, both, the only children of their parents who finally shifted to Canada in 1982, as India for them sounded in the aftermath of this unforgettable tragedy as the no men’s land where for them living was literally of no meaning.

Choudhary Charan Singh was then the prime prime minister of India during 1979 to 1980. This brutal murder of these adolocent brother and sister was the banner news of every leading newspaper of the country with the then Chowdhary Charan Singh’s government in a dock. There was national outrage and finally the hardened criminals and killers were hanged to death on extreme public pressure.

But in the present case of seven year old Pradyuman of Ryan International School and the murderer, the situation is just different. While the murderers in the school children, Geeta and Sanjay Chopra’s case were hardened criminals and professionals who were finally hanged to death to calm down the national and international outrage, in the 16 year old killer delinquent in Pradyman’s murder’s case there is every possibility of the 11th class adolocent going scot free after the maximum three year old sentence in the reformation centre with no fool proof guarantee whether he will be reformed or come out becoming a more hardened criminal as several past examples of delinquent criminals show.

It may be recalled that the reformation centres in a way give these delinquent criminals more opportunity to become hardened criminals than getting reformed as they think that they have neither been given rigorous punishment nor the sentence is long as in the case of adult criminals who get complete term or even capital punishments, in rarest f the rare matters like Nirbhaya and the above Sanjay and Geeta Chopra case.

But when we talk of the shoddy investigation of the Gurgaon police in the matter, unjustfiably involving the bus driver Ashok Kumar as the killer and publicly making him agreeable out of duress and pressure. Such ridiculous investigation in an outrageous murder of a 7 year old child keeping the real culprit at bay reminds us of the much hyped AARUSHI TALWAR case in which the parents had to undergo 4 years of rigorous imprisonment to be finally released by the Allahabad High Court.



The Chattisgarh government has recommended for the CBI inquiry, the controversial alleged sex CD matter in which a former BBC scribe, digital editor of Amar Ujala and member of editors’ guild had been arrested by the Chattisgarh police and sent to transit remand by the Ghaziabad court. The arrested journalist Vinod Verma who has been charged of blackmailing and extortion by Chattisgarh police has opposed his arrest terming it as arbitrary and on false and fabricated grounds charging the state police of political revenge as he possesed the recorded CD of a minister in the Chattisgarh government, the charge denied by the state BJP.

According to information the arrested scribe had given up his previous journalistic assignments and was working as the media incharge of the Chattisgarh Congress Committee and is said to be related to the state Congress president. During the raid at his house at Ghaziabad the police claimed to have recovered hundreds of CDs which the police have confiscated.

The press club of India and several media organisations have held a protest meeting on 28th October at the PCI premises and expressed their annoyance and protest over the arbitrary arrest of a senior journalist on false and concocted grounds with a clear intent of vindictiveness as they feared about the exposure of the alleged immoral act of the minister of the state government. Political analysts say that handing over the CD enquiry to CBI instead of the state CID is an appreciable step as it will bring out the clear picture of the case to the satisfaction of everybody.

However there are divergent views in the social networking site by journalists and activists possesing different ideological affiliations. The episode has assumed significance in view of the arrest of a senior journalist having several decades of experience in hindi journalism.