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One of the most painful and disastrous thing that comes with periods are menstural cramps. We can get rid of the “BHIN BHIN KARNE VALE MACHAR” but getting rid of these cramps is impossible.
Yea these mood swings are not actually according to our mood. One moment we are perfectly fine and the other moment we turn wild and voilent. We can have craving for an ice cream or can shout a full day.

We can never get rid of these pimples! “RISHTEDARO KI TARAH PICHA NAHI CHODTE YE BHI”.
And all thanks to hormonal changes because these changes don’t let us get rid of these pimples.
One of the dangerous thing we have to face is surprising blood stains. They are the red signal to tell us that “TAYAR HOJAO BETA BAND BAJ CHUKI HAI”.

No matter how we feel and how much it pains, solution to every problem is FOOD.
We can have our favourite ice cream or the street food and stay messy. “KYUNKI PERIODS KE TYM SAB MAAF HAI”.