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I am shocked, astonished and rather surprised to know as to how a flamboyant saint in saffron giving so much to his countrymen through Yoga, famous nationally as well as internationally for mobilising millions n millions of people of India against the then ruling political dispensation, four years ago, called Congress Party, on the issue of corruption and bringing back black money stashed in foreign banks in few months is today extremely mum and ignorant on this pivotal issue and busy in minting thousands of crores through outsourcing half of the products, thereafter allegedly stamping them as Patanjali products and selling them gigantically all over the country and even abroad by advertising them spending hundreds of crores thus enticing people to buy these products.

Today, Patanjali has assumed global significance and reputation and there is hardly a single product that dosen’t bear the Patanjali brand name. Baba Ramdev who few years ago along with his partner Balkishan against whom cases of fake passport etc were registered during the previous Congress regime travelled on bicycle and had few thousand Rupees as bank balance are today the richest businessmen with a worth of more than 50 thousand crores travelling in expensive airconditioned cars. It’s an irony: Baba Ramdev’s basic agenda and his public pledges and commitments of bringing back black money stashed abroad after his government comes to power at the centre have been forgotton, all commitments betrayed and people of the country befooled.

There are news items of Patanjali allegedly seeking favours and political patronage from the current political dispensation in power if not directly then indirectly. His several protest demonstrations right from Jantar Mantar to Ramleela ground to various parts of the country during the Congress regime at the centre against black money stashed abroad and corruption blaming the then party in power n assuring the people of doing the needful if Modiji climbs on the political saddle have taken the back seat and not a single word or statement is heard from Baba Ram Dev’s mouth, now, the same saffron clad Baba who from Ram leela ground during crusader against corruption icon Anna Hazare’s rally skipped clandestinely in the form of a woman wearing the female clothing/ attire and prior to his escape publicly claimed of fulfilling his bring black money back to India from banks abroad not once but repeatedly. Ironically, the same Baba is now busy in propaging his products through highly expensive advertisements branding himself as an iconic personality, appearing on TV reality shows, hob nobbing with the political highups, addressing prestigious India Today Media conclaves addressing the rich, elite, affluents and the top corporates of the country to the utter dismay, surprise and shock of one and all.

What a dramatic and meterioric rise in just two decades, from a Bhoosa carrying saint on bycycle to a Patanjali corporate, worth thousands of crores being counted amongst the top few rich of the country. But the people of the country are still questioning: What has happened to his repeated public commitment of bringing back, the black money worth 22 lakh crores stashed in foreign banks, about which he used to talk and publicly pledge so much during rallies and mass political campaigns in 2013 drawing crowds and support for BJP. Propagation of Yoga and awaring people nationally by baba Ramdev is definitely worth praising but the way he has given up his mission of bringing back black money stashed abroad which used to be his single point agenda four years ago has given an unambiguous impression that now he has fully compromised with the powers that be and deflected from the targetted goal that ultimately gave him so much of name,fame, wealth and physical comforts. Today he is more a celebrity of reality shows than a saint with a mission to change the society upside down as a crusader against corruption Anna Hazare. What’s your take friends?
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On 2nd October the Uttarakhandies living in Delhi and the volunteers from various socio political organisations across political spectrum today held a day long dharna and protest demonstration at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar demanding the penalisation of the then Deputy Inspector General of police Meerut range and Anant kumar Singh the then district magistrate of Mujaffar Nagar Rampir trijunction for their alleged role in order the firing on several Uttarakhand movement activists in the year 1992 on 2nd October, the birth anniversary of apostle of peace and father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, that lead to 15 deaths and subsequentrapes of some innocent women activists.

These Uttarakhand movement activists in several buses were coming to Delhi from various parts of Garhwal, Uttarakhand to participate in the historic Ramleela Maidaan rally attended by over a lakh people to demand separate Uttarakhand state. When the buses reached Mujaffar Nagar Rampur Tiraha at midnigh the police parties in huge number pounced on the andilankaries without any provocation and started forcibly searching the buses and singling out the activists particularly the women which was opposed by the movement activists.

This resulted in commotion and the unprovoked firing started killing 15 innocent movement activists with several women physically and sexually assaulted in the nearby cane fields. This highly horrifying killings and rapes of yhe women led to the national outrage with demands for action againsts the erring district magistrate and the then DIG as named above who’d ordered for the killings at the Rampur Trijunction creating terror and panic leading to the rapes of innocent women volunteers.

The government of Samajwadi Party under the chief ministership of Mulayam Singh ruled Uttar Pradesh then and it is said that it was on the alleged orders of the then CM that firing was ordered on the innocent aandolankaries. Several petitions and memorandums were submitted in Supreme Court and the then PV Narsimha Rao government for the arrest of the erring officers anf resignation of the then chief minister UP Mulayam Singh Yadav but of no avail. About 23 years have passed by now but not a single erring officer and the policemen were arrested and tried under various sections of the law for the killings and rapes of innocent Uttarakhandi movement activists n women.

It’s really shocking and horrifying. Since then every year on 2nd October Black Day is observed all over the country and in Delhi Uttarakhandies living here mark their tributes to these martyrs who laid down their lives for achieving separate statehood. Today all the speakers in one voice demanded immediate arrest of these guilty officials and adequate financial.compensation to the bereaved families of those killed during the Uttarakhand movement.

In all about 46 movement activists who included youths, students, senior citizens and women laid down their lives in various parts of the state including the fateful Rampur trijunction. The protestors were wearing the black strip as a mark of protest on their arms.



The lakhs of people living in or outside Uttarakhand have not forgotton the black day of 2nd October 1994 when hundreds of separate Uttarakhand movement activists, including innocent women, men and children were mercilessly assaulted, thrashed, killed from point blank range by the unprovoked and arbitrary police firing and several women lost their dignity by being obnoxiously raped.

It was indeed a most terror stricken night of 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanti when hundreds of peaceful movement activists heading to Delhi’s Ram Lila Maidan’ s massive Uttarakhand rally were forcibly stopped on the way at Mujaffarnagar Rampur Tiraha and lynched for no fault of theirs. About fifteen movements activists died on spot and several others injured including innocent few sexually assauted women having lost their dignity. Shocking and anguishing to note that the erring officers and policemen responsible for this gruesome and barbaric act under the jurisdiction of the then Mulayam Singh Yadav led Samajwadi Party government are still at large and were even promoted handsomely as if they have done a wonderful job. What looks embarassing is the fact that a protracted period of more than 21 years has elapsed by now , several governments changed and even the state of Uttarakhand has assumed an age of 17 years.

This was the most gruesome imcident during the Uttarakhand phase that led to the movement gaining mamentum nationally, finally achiving the separate statehood on 9th November, 2000. The spate of killings in police firing continued even after this terrorising incident of Ram pur Trijunction in Mujaffar Nagar, UP during the movement phase till the year 2000 and in all 46 movement activists who consisted of women, young and old aged citizens lost their precious lives through pellet injuries,on the spot instataneous deaths or in police custody . While nationally 2nd October is commemorated as Gandhi Jayanti in the name of the apostle of peace and non violence in Uttarakhand 2nd October is remembered as the UTTARAKHAND MATYRS DAY when people of Uttarakhand especially the AANDOLANKARIES hold rallies, Dharnas’ and protest meeting at Rampur Tiraha Trijunction and Delhi’s Jantar Mantar to pay their heatfelt tributes to these martyrs of Uttarakhand movement and demand from the Union and Uttar Pradesh governments stringent punishments to the guilty which has not been fulfilled even after protracted 21 years.

What is more shocking, surprising and astonishing is the fact that the successive governments of Uttarakhand whether of Congress or BJP has never ever taken pain or interest in assuaging the feelings, sentiments or emotions of thousands of aandolankaries and filed a writ petition in the honorable Supreme Court of India to demand the penalisation of the guilty officers of the then UP and police administration who are scot free and must have been retired by now after having got number of promotions.  It was only due to the sacrifices of these Uttarakhand Martyrs’ that the long struggle bore fruits and finally Uttarakhand achieved its separate existence.

Uttarakhand witnessed 8 chief ministers and freequent change of governments but notbody had time and interest to respect and assuage the sentiments of thousands of Uttarakhand movement activists. Shame