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black cat brings good luck


We have heard lots of time that when you are going somewhere and the black cat crosses you way then you should stop for some time or spit and then go otherwise it would bring bad luck to you or if you are going for any work it will not be fruitful.

So let us check out whether it is true or not and what is the logic behind it.

In old days when carts were used as mode of transportation and these carts were pulled by domestic animals like ox, horses and as we know that the eyes of animals like cats, tigers and leopards glow in night. So when people used to travel through the forests during night, the animals used to get scared and try to run away in order to save themselves. And for this reason travelers informed other people that when a wild cat crossed their path they should wait for some time so that animals become calm and do not hurt anyone.

When the time passed and mode of transport and society changed but the real reason was forgotten and turned into belief in the urban areas where there was no forests and wild cats but people started applying the belief on cats rather than the wild cats.

In fact this is one of the hilarious beliefs which most of the people believe across the World!

Many believes that black cat brings bad omens and signal of bad luck

This superstition arose from Europe which is one of the developed countries. Earlier in older days some people thought that witches could transform themselves into black cats and therefore considered a symbol of bad luck.

Black cat does not always bring bad luck as in Germans believes that if black cat crosses your path from left to right it brings good luck.