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As the dates of polling of Gujarat elections are nearing the political campaigning in the state is sharpening with Congress and BJP leaving no stone unturned to use all tactics to put each other down with their best abilities and maneuvrabilities.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah has made the Gujarat election a do and die issue leaving nothing unattended right from freebies of hundreds of crores to every tactics defaming the most talked about Patidar leader Hardik Patel and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi the latter are also going in every nook and corner of the state to target the BJP led NDA on issues of corruption like Rafale deal in which according to the Nehru Gandhi family scion lots of alleged corruption has been committed. Hardik too is not behind in trying to come out clean on the morphed CD issue charging the ruling BJP of stooping so low to damage the image of its rivals through such cheap plants of doctored CDs.

In the meanwhile the process of ticket distribution by both the parties have gained momentum. In BJP it is learnt that the prime minister Modi and BJP supremo Amit Shah are taking due personal interest in finalising every single ticket. If reliable sources are to be believed the Bhartiya Janata Party has almost finalised tickets of about 145 seats leaving the rest in abeyance intentionally waiting for leaders and prominent active workers of Patidar community close to Hardik Patel or Congress  join BJP.

The party is manipulating on dissertion from the Congress and Patidar camps and is ready to oblige them by giving tickets if their chances of winnability are strong and if they can challenge the Congress and Patidar leader Patel to make them weak in certain constituencies. The list of the BJP has been kept on hold on all the 182 constituencies though candidature on 145 already finalized.

Both the parties whether BJP or Congress are waiting for each other to declare their lists first, hoping for doing last minute favorable changes. Amit Shah, an expert politician and an organiser is very much aware that the BJP in Gujarat may confront the anti incumbency situation in majority of the seats as he is of the unambiguous opinion that it’s not the party in usual cases, primarily, but the candidates whose bad and non performing image accompany anti establishment trend, ultimately making the party to suffer.

It was this calculation of his that in Delhi elections and even in other municipal polls including that of Gujarat last time he issued directives for change of entire sitting candidates, not caring for the annoyance of the sitting corporators and his experiment really worked. Mind it this experiment have been tested in Gujarat municipalities when Modi was the state CM say sources.

In Delhi municipal corporation elections, despite the BJP having ruled for ten protracted years and having strong anti incumbency won hands down for the third time, giving the ruling party AAP and Congress a huge rebuff. Amit Shah therefore is applying the same yardstick in the Gujarat election and the BJP list may see many sitting MLAs losing their tickets with fresh faces having winnability prospects.

In addition to this strategy Shah is banking on more and more dissertions from Patidar Anamat Andolan Samittee to accomodate good number of Patidars as BJP candidate to counter the growing  socio political influence/ clout of Hardik Patel. Efforts are also on to woo Congress sitting or former MLA’s and a slot of 35 to 40 seats have been kept open to accomodate such persons with winnable chances. Just on Thursday the state BJP received a shot in the arm when one of the founding members’ of the Patidaar Anamat Andolan Samittee Chirag Patel joined the BJP giving Hardik a huge blow.

Chirag is the third important Patidar to have joined BJP after Varun Patel and Resham Patel. Chirag was very close to Hardik Patel and was extremely active and involved in the Patidar Andolan having been slaped with the cases of sedition along with Hardik and six others.

He was earlier the activist cum leader of AAP.  While the Bhartiya Janata Party is very serious on ticket distribution plank, Congress Party too is going very immaclately weighing chances of winnability on every seat. While being in the opposition and therefore not apprehensive of losing power it has assured the sitting MLAs repetition of tickets and is concentrating much on obliging the Patidars to a greater extent on patidar dominated seats with also taking care of Alpesh Thakor and Jignesh Bhiwani by obliging them to a great extent as they were the one who stood with Rahul Gandhi when he needed them the most.

The polling in Gujarat is in two phases, 9th and 14th December. What would be the outcome of this election is definitely, still unknown and completely unpreductable as politics is the game of possibility, but one thing is for sure that whichever party wins, will open doors of future victory in the 2019 general elections. BJP’S stake seems more here as it’s the state from where PM Modi comes and where he ruled as its chief minister for three terms in succession shifting to Delhi as PM while still being the state’s chief minister. What’ s your take friends?



While the election campaigning in the Himalayan state of Himachal pradesh is in full swing with leaders of both Congress and BJP accusing each others with serious charges including the prime minister Narendra Modi and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi vociferously hitting each other by their curse remarks and allegations, one things seems to be common and i.e. the issues of election already held in Uttrakhand where BJP has formed government and Himachal Pradesh where elections are due for 9th November are almost the same. What sounds interesting is that the BJP in Uttarakhand targetted the then Congress government of Harish Rawat on issues like corruption, Liquor, land, illegal mining, transfer, forest and drug mafia including dereriorating law and order situation and were quite successful to convince the voters of this 17 year old state finally gaining absolute majority and even more by bagging 57 seats out of seventy.

Similarly in Himachal assembly elections too, which is geographically and traditionally a Himalayan state witnessing more or less same problems is also the victim of the mafia rule as the charges being traded by prime minister Narendra Modi. In his recently held public meeting in Rehan and Una in Himachal Pradesh to capture the Congress strongholds prime minister Modi slammed the current Congress regime of Vir Bahadur Singh of corruption and promoting the liquor, land, forest, drug and transfer mafia in the land of abode of Gods and exhorted the electorates to ged rid of the Congress regime which has become a symbol of patronising these elements filling their financial coffers with laundered illegal money.

Prime Minister Modi said a chief minister who is already indicted in a graft case has no right to continue in power. The 73 year old former chief minister and the officially declared BJP CM has vowed to fight the liquor, land, drug, forest and transfer mafia as directed by prime minister to free Himachal Pradesh of incessant corruption let loose by the current political dispensation led by tainted CM Virbhadra Singh. Meanwhile, the Nehru Gandhi family scion and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has yesterday in a hard hitting tweet in Hindi attacked PM Modi and his government asking it to step down for not performing to the peoples’ expectation. In his tweet while criticizing Modi’s government Rahul Gandhi has written: MEHENGI GAS, MEHENGA RATION/ BAND KARO KHOKHLA BHASHAN/ DAAM BAANDHO KAAM DO/VERNA KHAALI KARO SINHASAN.



No one can deny that there is no hindu terror says Kamal Hassan in one of his column
The TV channels are abuzz with one more TRP enhancing story pertaining to a comment of Bollywood veteran actor Kamal Haasan in one of his regular columns’ of a Southern periodical mentioning that ,”no one can deny that there is no hindu terror,” inviting number of heated and angry protests from the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party asking the actor to seek public apology for his highly objectionable remarks in his regular column castigating serious aspersion on Hindu community without any credible evidence in support of his derogatory statement.

The former Janata Party (S) president Subramanium Swamy who’s now in BJP and himself a knowledgeable man on law apart from being a professor as well, Subramaniam lashed out at the actor trying to become a politician, Kamal Hasan, calling him a pompuous idiot with no logics while giving bite to one of the television channels.

Extremely furious and angry over the actor’s anti hindu remarks the fire brand leader who’s popularly known as the Nehru Gandhi family’s ardent opponent having filed a case of alleged misappropriation of funds of National Herald against Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Subramaniam Swamy accused Kamal Hasan as a man without morality and ethics whether they are the financial or personal morals and demanded that NIA should step in to investigate him for his baseless, concoted and fabricated charges against Hindu community. Subramanium Swamy sad he has no thought in his head.

The actor is a morally corrupt person, and is without personal or financial morals. Selfish motives are always a driving force for him added Swamy. Swamy expressed the concern that the hindu population is decreasing every year and said that it would be better if Kamal Hasan converts himself to a Muslim.

He was replying to the reporter of Times Now channel after being asked to give his reaction to the actor’s anti hindu remarks in one of his newspaper columns. It may be recalled that the prominent celluloid actor of the South and Hindi films Kamal Hasan has been in the front page news recently when he met AAP CHIEF and Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival and discussed possibilities of his entry in active politics but showed his primary interest in joining Super star Rajnikant’s party in case he forms his new political formulation in the South.

It is however not clear as to in what context the actor has expressed this view point in his newspaper column as I have not gone through it till the time of writing this news item.



The Ram Mandir Babri Masjid imbroglio has seen the worst in the past with massive riots and myriad loss of lives of people of all communities in various parts of the country including the obnoxious Bhivandi riots of Maharashtra and thereafter dreaded Mumbai blasts killings hundreds, resulting in polarisation of the majority and minority providing political mileage to various parties, time and again.

Though the government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the result of massive polarisation of Majority community votes but the issue was then put on back burner on the pressure of the then NDA partners who were finding it difficult to go along with the Hindu agenda of Ram Mandir. Since then the matter is in the court of law and is fully subjudice. Though the Ram mandir issue has always been the BJP’s main plank before and during every election since the last three decades, it was not raised prominently due to the ball being in the supreme court’s court.

After the crowning of Yogi Adityanath as the chief minister of the largest state UP the Ram Mandir issue has gained tremendous significance and it seems that the environment for polarisation of majoritarianism ( Hindu) votes in view of the 2019 national elections is being created as the BJP’s pre starategic move at the central as well as the state levels.

The nationwide tour of BJP chief to re energise its party cadre and his special emphasis on the Jan Raksha Yatra strongly condemning the CPM for lynching RSS activists in Kerala compounded with the umpteen visits of prime minister Modi to sacred temples of Varanasi and historic Kedarnath Dham including the lightening of 1lakh 80 thousand earthern lamps in Ayodhya with a pledge to built a hundred metre high statue of Lord Rama to glorify Him with a massive budget of 133 crores that also includes facelifting of Saryu Dham and Ayodhya unambiguously speaks of the fact that an alleged extensive Hindu polarising agenda of the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party is on the cards.

All these live examples of glorifying the birth place of Lord Rama, investing hundreds of crores in refurbishing the pious Saryu river banks where Lord Rama landed after returning from the exile and constructing the 100 metre high statue of the Hindu God makes things crystal clear that the election of 2019 would be fought again on Bhagwan Ram’s glorification of Ayodhya despite the complex Ram Temple issue being fully subjudice as on date.

Whenever the saffron clad Uttar Pradesh chief minister is questioned by the media on the controvertial Ram Mandir issue he pretends to honour the apex court’s decision saying that whatever decision the latter will give, would be acceptable to him and the party as well as the governments of the centre and state but leaves no stones unturned to saffronise Ayodhya on historic Hindu festival Deepawali and publicly allocating Rs 133 crores for constructing huge statue of Lord Rama.

Meanwhile, in one of her tweets few days ago a senior journalist Sagarika Ghosh had suggested , why not to construct a hi tech hospital in Ayodhya than spending so much on less relevant heads. Not a bad idea, I suppose.











While the third and supposedly a final reshuffle in the Union Cabinet has been affected with good number of new faces in with promotions of some with powerful ministries, the Himalayan state, Uttarakhand that accorded BJP a resounding majority in both the national election of 2014 and thereafter in the recently held state polls has to suffice with just one minister of state already sworn in a year ago, namely Ajay Tamta, hailing from Kumaon Division. In the national election of 2014, the BJP won all the five Lok Sabha seats and in the state legislative elections too secured more than the absolute majority with 57 lawmakers winning, a record, never ever established during the last 17 years of state achieving independent status. When prime minister Narendra Modi campaigned during the national as well as the legislative elections of Uttarakhand he always made tall promises and even went to the extent of giving an impression that if BJP comes to power in the state he will change Uttarakhand and its economy upside down. He also promised of giving Uttarakhand a genuine equitable representation in Union cabinet. He visited historic religious SHRINE KEDARNATH an initiated his election campaign after Baba Kedar’s pious darshan thus always keeping the Himalayan state quite in mind as far as giving the people of this economically backward state its due share in the Union cabinet.  But the cabinet reshuffle and expansion of today, on 3rd, September,  has definitely annoyed the Uttarakhandies nationally as the entire Garhwal region has been kept unrepresented and Uttarakhand being represented by just a single minister of a low profile ministry. During the tenure of Atal Bihar Vajpayee from 1999 to 2004 Uttarakhand had two ministers Retd. Major General Bhuvan Chandra Khanduri from Garhwal as a cabinet rank appointee representing Road Transport and  National Highways while Bachi Singh Rawat from Kumaon as Minister of State for Science and Technology. During Congress’ s regime prior to becoming the Chief Minister Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat represented the Himalayan hill state singularly as Minister of State for labor first and later on as MOS agriculture. In the past, during Indira’ s and Rajiv’s tenure, Uttarakhand had been represented by several ministers in the union cabinet viz. H.N Bahuguna, K. C. Pant, Narayan Dutt Tiwari and Brahm Dutt all cabinet rank ministers representing powerful ministries like Industry, Finance, Communications, Petroleum and Chemicals, and Education. During Janata Party government too in the eighties HN Bahuguna and Murli Manohar Joshi were full fledged cabinet ministers adequately representing Garhwal and Kumaon divisions of Uttarakhand while it was the part f undivided Uttar Pradesh. Not only this but there was a time when Bhagat Darshan Singh and Jagmohan Singh Negi had also been cabinet ministers thus having Uttarakhands adequate representation while Govind Ballabh Pant was number two in his capacity of India’s home minister while Jawaharlal Nehru was the prime minister. Therefore, going by the previous considerations and representations in the Union cabinet the people of Uttarakhand are annoyed to find just a single state level unimportant representation in the union cabinet despite their whole hearted support to BJP giving it a resounding majority in both the national and legislative elections. Garhwal especially finds itself cheated by not having been represented even this time too, the 3rd and final expansion of Modi’s cabinet. What do you say, friends?

Modi has always claimed to be a Hindu Nationalist and this fact reflects in his policies.

Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel. Under Narendra Modi India is following a shift from the Nehruvian paradigm to a fiercer Hindutva paradigm.

BJP’s contemporary political policy formulation is a paradigm shift driven by powerful Hindutva ideology. This has major implications for India’s domestic politics. There is an apparent increase in aggression and grandstanding, even if it comes at the cost of sustained diplomatic outreach.

One example is the current Union government’s Kashmir policy. In the past, the union governments were not only desirous of political reconciliation but were also tolerant of the dissidents in Kashmir. Today it is going to the extent of sending NIA after some of those very outfits which New Delhi had been courting and appeasing in the past.

Today we are more appalled by the lynching of Muslims by self-styled protectors of the Hindu religion, and not as much by the abject poverty around us. This is because poverty is part of our existing socio-political paradigm and we have come to accept and live with it.

Given the polarising nature of such a shift in paradigm, there are bound to be struggles between ideologies, battles in streets, divisions between regions, and revisits to the fundamentals of the Indian Union. In the worst case, it could lead to civil war-like situations due to ever mounting dissent and violence.

Those who resist this ideological paradigm shift must remember that these are driven by powerful ideologies and the only way to resist such shifts is to promote powerful counter-narratives.


Allama Iqbal had once said ” If you wish to become public leader you ought to know how to flirt with dame public. Entertain her with platitudes and if neccessary with lies”.

These words of Iqbal are very much true in the contemporary political discourse. Politicians are often found ill quoting frequently and spreading havoc against their rivals. These are often done with the motive of maligning their characters and images in public order.

This could easily be seen in the political turf which has been created after the dissolution of “Mahagathbandhan” in Bihar. The Mahagathbandhan which was a couple of year old coalition between the RJD and JDU to stop the illusive emergence of communal power in the state. This was mainly done to stop the emergence of saffron votebank in state by harnessing the consolidated vote bank of both these secular parties. But the Achilles’s heels of this coalition was the issue of corruption which was also the nightmare for Yadav family. This issue had also become the the albatross arround the neck of clean and clear image of Nitish kumar.
But suddenly after the breakaway Mr Kumar has accepted the support of BJP and taken the oath as CM. Both the jdu and rjd has been involved in the stiffed debate over the reason of break-up. Nitish on the hand justified the breakaway as his uncompromising attitude towards corruption. He has also alleged the rjd for using term secularism just to protect their corruption. Contrary to this rjd is blaming Mr. Kumar for shaking hand with communal power. Both the factions are entertaining public with their platitudes.

All the factions with their 24×7 cyber team are busy in creating a favourable political culture and fake rhetorics totally undermining the public intrest they vowed to serve. Many of the developmental work of vital public intrest are struck in amidst of this jargon. Also their is need of creating public awareness in this chaotic environment of GST rollout as public is facing lots of difficulties. Thers are also need to ponder upon the issues of inflation, crime, unemployment and illiteracy.

Deepesh chaturvedi


Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal very well knows how to remain in news and this time as usual he has alleged Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he had already told his friends about ban on Rs500 and Rs1000 notes and since morning he has been speaking on TV news channels that Modi has done a scam by stopping the use of Rs500 and Rs1000 notes.

He alleged that the whole move was a huge scam by the NDA Government because other players already had information about this move and that is why they transferred their money in the banks.

Maybe he is hurt because he did not receive any prior information about this great and historic move  where general public seems to be happy in spite of having temporary trouble everybody knows that how this decision will help the nation in future. Whereas, Arvind Kejriwal, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati are the people who are not happy at all by this decision and Rahul Gandhi is also trying to grab this opportunity and make a publicity stunt by standing the queue in front of Bank.

Kejriwal also alleged that in previous quarters in banks were negative but in the July to September period quarter, such large amounts were deposited in the banks and he asked that who had deposited all this money in the banks?

He feels that lot of money will come into the system and the only thing is going to happen is that a lot of money is merely going to change hands causing lot of inconvenience to the general public because they are the one who are standing in the large queues in front of banks and post offices.

He also made a point that Government is going to impose penalty on those people who will deposit their black money as they will have to face 200% penalty which means 90% of the money will lost and he asked that who will deposit his black money and the Government is indirectly trying to make the holders not to deposit black money.

He further alleged that the Government’s intention and implementation was not good as they already knew that the present ATM systems are not configured to dispense the new Rs2000 notes.

Kejriwal also believes that only, Adnani, Ambanis, Subhas Chandras and Badals hold the black money.

All this drama created by Arvind Kelriwal came after when Amit Shah asked Kejriwal , Congress and Mayawati to give explanation on their motives for opposing the demonetization.


On Thursday Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has again urged Central Government to provide proof of the surgical strike conducted by the Indian Army in POK as he is still not satisfied with the answers provided by the various TV news channels since yesterday.

He wants PM Narendra Modi to expose Pakistan on International platform; he also hailed media for exposing its false propaganda on surgical strikes.

He tweeted “So happy that some media exposing Pakistan’s false propaganda. I congratulate them. Urge Indian govt. (government) to likewise expose Pakistan internationally.”

He has also circulated a video message for Narendra Modi in which he has requested him to expose Pakistan’s false propaganda in front of International Media. He is focusing all his energy on targeting PM on surgical strike issue but i am not able to understand his role in the International politics and why is he failing to understand that the Government cannot show the videos of surgical strikes to Media s the Indian Army has no problem to show it to the World.

Earlier he hailed the PM over surgical strikes but late he changed his mind and started asking questions against Indian Army. Where are his ethics? on which side he exactly is ?

He is continuously facing criticism from all over India and other political parties.  Bhartiya Janta Party is surprised from his behavior and questioned that why he is silent now after media reports showing conclusive evidence of the surgical strikes.

Now he is not asking any further questions maybe he is satisfied now and we expect from him to at-least feel sorry for not believing Indian Army. He owes an apology from the Central Government and Indian Army who working 24 *7 to safeguard our borders.