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bizarre traditions in India


In several parts of India different traditions are followed and many of them are weird and bizarre which you may not know and it becomes quite difficult to believe them. There are some traditions like people arrange marriage of tortoise to get good rainfall, getting married to dog or even banana tree, at some place people get laid under running cows and much more.

Here are top seven bizarre traditions which are followed in India will astonish you

Beating Unmarried men with sticks

In Rajasthan there is a tradition of attacking unmarried men with sticks and this attack is done by the married women’s because these people believe that by doing so the unmarried men will get married by the next year.

Burying of alive child

In Mominpur area of Gulbarg people believe that if a child suffers from any mental or physical problems then these diseases can be cured if the child is buried leaving his head outside for six hours. It is done because the soil is sacred and has the power to cure the mental and physical ailments.

Girls are forced to marry dog in some areas of Jharkhand

This tradition is followed so that the planet positions because of the girl child change and it relieves them from ghosts and black magic. Anyways this tradition is followed with proper care and all rituals of real marriage are followed.

Married women lives like widow

In Gorakhpur area of Uttar Pradesh people are involved in making palm wine and it is a risky job because they have to climb long palm trees which are a dangerous so their wives live like widow for almost four months so that their husbands have long life.

Offering Gourd Bottle (Ghiya)

You may have seen people offering flowers and sweets to God but in Chattisgarh devotees offer Gourd Bottle (Ghiya or Lauki) to Shatan Devi temple and pray for long life and health for their children. It is also believed that whosoever offers Gourd bottle to Devi his wish is always fulfilled.

Mountain tells that whether you will have boy or a girl

In Jharkhand this tradition is followed for almost 400 years in Khukra village. There is a mountain in the village which has image of a moon and if a pregnant women throws a stone at this image from a specified distance it tells that whether the child will be boy or a girl. You must be thinking how does this happen? When the stone hits the moon sign then there will be a boy and if the stone will not touch the moon image then it’s a girl. The villagers believe it with full dedication and told that it has always told right.

Marriage of Frogs

In Maharashtra it is a tradition to get frogs married so that they can receive good rainfall. This tradition is followed religiously where all rituals are properly followed then after the marriage is done these frogs are relived in the pond.