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Big Bos 10 not payinng to commoner


Recently Lokesh Kumari Sharma was evicted from the Big Boss 10 house told some shocking news to the media. She got evicted on this Sunday and revealed many shocking facts about the pay scale that commoner receive and her other experiences.

She told that celebrities were given signing amount with fixed weekly remuneration and on the other hand commoner are not paid anything and the pay scale will depend on the number of weeks they spend inside the house but if the commoner manage to win the show he or she will get the winning money prize.

She further claimed that they are being aid very less as compared to the celebrities. Similar news were also out the payment problem so that the contestant create problems inside the house and add spice to the show and increase its TRP.

lokesh-kumari-envictedShe told that commoners were not paid enough but it does not matter because for commoner to be in India’s biggest realty show and make their reputation is a huge deal in itself.

Few days back there were speculations that Rohan a TV actor has fallen for her and she also liked him as both of them admitted that they favorite contestant of each other.

According to the sources Rahul Dev and Bani are the highest paid contestants this year in Big Boss 10 house because the makers have been approaching them since last few seasons because they think that they have the personality to boost the TRPs of the reality show but they kept refusing the offer and later agreed for huge money this year.