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Bhopal Jailbreak


On Monday 8 members of SIMI who ran away from the Bhopal jail after killing the jail guard was killed hours after their escape. They made sharp weapon from steel plates and then slit throat of guard then used bed sheet to run away from the high security jail in Madhya Pradesh.

The Government had described them as hardcore criminals who managed to escape from the jail between midnight and 2 am on Sunday. According to the police they planned this escape on Diwali night, when a thick layer of fog fills the skies due to fireworks but fortunately in morning some local people who told that these terrorists were hiding in a village which was only 8 km from Bhopal.

After they escaped from the Bhopal Jail they walked around 15 kilometers and on the outskirts before the encounter. It is a great achievement by the police as this is not the first time they fled away from the jail but earlier also they managed to fled away. But this time within 8 hours of their escape they have been killed and the news channels are running their video of encounter in which it can be clearly seen that police officers are asking them to take out the weapons and then they were shot.

The State’s Home Minister, Bhupendra Singh told that the prisoners had made arms from spoons and steel plates which were used to attack the police and injured them and the police had no choice but to kill them as they were dreaded terrorists.

All of them were facing trial for terror incidents, robbery, and sedition and were placed in the same cell. NIA is the agency which handles terror cases and this agency would be investigating the jailbreak case as told by the Chief Minister Shivraj Chauhan.

In this case many police officers and security personnel have been suspended because this jail is among the most secure in the state and has round- the- clock electronic surveillance system and there are chances that someone from inside was helped these terrorists to escape from the jail.