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Bg Boss10 intimate scenes


intimacy-between-gaurav-and-mona-lisaAfter Manu Punjabi Mona Lisa can be seen getting closer to celebrity Gaurav Chopra as now she knows that Manu Punjabi is gone out of the Big Boss10 house and no one knows whether he will come back or  not and she is now feeling free to connect with Gaurav.

This chemistry was also seen on Monday when she was having fun time with Gaurav in bath tub. Gaurav also told her that no one was talking to her except him which shows that both of them are very much interested in each other. Anyways taking bath in the bath tub was a task given to them but they seemed to be enjoying this part very much and this was clear from their expressions.

Now we will see whether they are already having affair or about to have any relationship in future or is it just a publicity stunt they are doing to increase the drama.

Few days back Manu went out of the Big Boss 10 because his mother passed away and he came back but was seeing everybody from the secret room from the live cameras. He also saw closeness of Gaurav and Mona Lisa especially their bath tub scene.

It would be to watch the show after Manu Punjabi will enter the Big Boss10 house and reaction of Mona Lisa.

Another close relationship can also be interesting to watch which is happening between Manver Gurjar and Nitibha Kaul. Intimacy between Manveer and Nitbha is increasing with each passing day as they can be seen sleeping together on the show. Not just this Mona Lisa has also started teasing them by calling them brother and sister in law.

Anyways Nitibha is denying about any relationship between them and could be seen giving clarity about this matter and further said that they are just friends and nothing more than that.