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best time to do important work


Just imagine that you work less and achieve more, it is possible because usually we do not notice where we waste most of our time in things which are not much important or lack efficiency when doing things that really does not make sense.

A Formula to increase the productivity was developed and shared by Brendon Burchard and he calls this 50 X 50 productivity formula. He has tried to increase the productivity by using this formula which can be used by anyone to get more in less time.

Here is a summary of the 50 X 50 productivity formula

Get 50 minute more sleep

According to him every person has his own sleeping time and each individual should get right amount of sleep because some people can thrive in 5 hours while others may need 7- 8 hours per night.

It was also found in a survey that people complaint of sleep deprivation which affects their productivity so why not to get the right sleep so that maximum productivity can be attained. If possible try to sleep 50 minutes more if you feel that you are not having enough sleep. You can manage this by going to bed one hour early or wake up later.

50 minute morning work for creative things

Some studies have found that in mornings we are most creative because will power is limited so try to do the important work first in the morning and take advantage of this time as much as you can.

After you wake do not check the mails first instead make a plan for the whole day and create a strategy to tackle the difficult task first.

50 minutes to set Priorities

Set priorities to work which you have to do because when you focus on one work at a time and it will allow you to complete and take action instead of being in reaction mode you should have completed the task and be in action mode. Do that thing first which has the top priority according to you. Also take out some time to learn new thing each day.

Take 50 minute breaks

Taking breaks can make you focus more and increases energy because it does not matter how intelligent or focused person you are with passing time energy and focus starts diminishing so there is no need of pushing yourself without taking breaks.

Save 50 minutes for renewals

After having a hectic day take out 50 minutes just for yourself and do whatever helps you to feel good like meditation, reading, exercise, swimming or any kind of activity which connects you with your inner self.