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News are pouring in that while the BJP leaders, lawmakers and ministers in Uttarakhand are being asked about their respective performances during the last six months of BJP rule by party chief Amit Shah, particularly in view of rumours about the intracine squabbles in the state party unit and non cooperation of few ministers annoyed with the chief minister’ s functioning etc there’ s also lot of annoyance being expressed by the majority of journalists for not allowing them to cover the proceedings of Prabudh sammelan as well as other important deliberations of the BJP chief with the CM and the state lawmakers and posing questions to Amit Shah.
The journalists have complaint that while selective and pro party ideology protagonists were allowed to cover things, majority of the press was kept aloof and at the distance to restrain them from posing questions to the national BJP chief. The question is, never ever in a democracy the fourth important pillar of Indian constitution is disallowed the facility of posing questions to a leaders however big he or she in status is..This is against the norms of free speech and expression.
If the journalist would not report what would he write for the readers consumption in newspapers he works for. Moreover, why and for what were the state ruling party leaders frieghtened for not allowing the media to cover the proceedings and question its top leaders on political developments.
Were they afraid that the media will ask about the stoppage of a CBI inquiry into the NH 74 episode or were fearful that they may complain or pose questions on supplying of liquor at the peoples’ doorstep to bridge the fiscal deficit or were apprehensive that questions pertaining to the non performance of the state’s political and administrative CEO could be asked to Amit Shah and the CM and the party doesen’t want to put themselves in the state of quandary and disarray.
The issue of setting up of Lok Ayukta within 100 days of the governments’ formation was the main poll plank and pledge of BJP and am sure this may also be one of main reasons for avoiding media deliberately. Well its good that a party chief Amit Shah has come to revamp his party organisation and he has every right to do so but keeping curious journalists at bay, except the selective ones’ thus disallowing them to cover important political developments on the ocassion of the ruling party chief is something indigestible and uncalled for.
Uttarakhand and its people have accorded historic mandate to BJP in both the elections viz. national and assembly polls and the media of the state vernacular as well as national has played the pivotal role in exposing the scams, ill doings and the non performance of the previous Congress government as result of which the current political dispensation was able to ride saddle of power in the state. Why should therefore the fourth estate be devoid of their right to report and cover the political developments and pose questions to the top boss on various issues, on account of Amit Shah’ s political visit.


When you are in Delhi do not forget to check out some happening places which are historical and also a good food joints. I am sure that you will like them all as Delhi has so much historic buildings and structures which will definitely please you.
Old Delhi

Old Delhi is famous for its different type’s foods and it does not matter whether you are vegetarian or not because it provides unlimited authentic and historic varieties for all. If you go to Delhi Darwaza in old Delhi there is Changezi shop which is very famous for its changezi dish and adjacent to it there is Zaika which is will give delicious Afghani chicken and if you go ahead and reach the red light this area is called lohe ka pul and under this you will finds many shops which provide fried chicken which is awesome and if you are interested in more food items then go to matia mahal galo which is in front of Jama Masjid there you will get unlimited non-veg varieties which you will find anywhere else right from Biryani, Korma, Nihari, Chicken Tikka, Tawa chicken much more.

When you go to Chandini chowk there is much to eat like tikki, gole gappe , chaat and all types of namkeens you get there.

Another place you can visit in old Delhi is famous Red Fort which also has museum.

India Gate

India Gate is a place where you should not go alone because there you should have someone with you to enjoy and take selfies and enjoy the street food like gole gappe, chaat, ram laddoo and also small place for boating. The gardens are stretched alongside of India Gate which are well maintained and couple enjoy their very much.

Tughlaqabad Fort

It is a very large fort spread across around 7 km and a very good place if you love tracking and looking for some physical activities or if you simply want to spend some time alone with your friends or family then you can give it a try. This fort has also been shown in many movies so not just from the historical point of view but it is also a famous location for movie shootings.

Qutub Minar

It is one of the most famous buildings in India and Delhi because it is the second tallest minar in India. It has also been declared as a UNESCO heritage site. It is located in Mehrauli area and also has got metro station by its name so if you want to travel by metro then you can reach this place easily. At the foot of the minar there is a mosque which is the first mosque build in India. It also has seven meter iron pillar in its courtyard and it is believed that if you can encircle the iron pillar while standing with your back to it you wish will be fulfilled.