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batery heat up issue in phone


Smartphones nowadays are becoming more smarter and to make them more smarter their processing power is increased and support this large batteries are being used with fast charging technology, sometimes users face battery heat up issue while performing some tasks and this really annoys especially when you are watching movie or listening to music or constantly using Wi-Fi for downloading contents.

It does not matter what you are doing but obviously you do not want your phone to heat up and in most of the cases it is found that hardware is the issue, there are some tips which might be helpful for you to solve this heating problem.

Sometimes heating problem occurs due to cover case which traps the heat emitted from the smartphone and removing it can reduce overheating to some extent.

While charging your smartphone try to keep it on hard surface instead of keeping it on bed or sofa because they absorb heat and the emitted heat gets absorbed inside and overheats the smartphone.

Do not ever leave your mobile phone for charging overnight because it affects the life of the battery and also overheats the smartphone. Sometimes there have been cases where the batteries have exploded and this has been seen even in the branded smartphones like Apple, Samsung phones also.

There are some which uses more power from the battery and affects the processing power as well as graphics and in result the smartphone gets heat up. So the excessive use of the processing power results in overheating of the device.

Try not to keep the smartphone in sunlight for long because it will enhance the overheating problem especially smartphones with plastic panels absorbs more heat. So nest time never leave your smartphone in sunlight and car dashboard.

I am sure if you will follow the above tips then the overheating problem in smartphones will be solved to greater extent.