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The union minister of heavy industry and public enterprises and renowned bollywood singer Babul Supriyo has while responding to a question of a senior film journalist expressed his strong desire rather demanded that the Pakistani movie actors and singers like Fawad Khan and Fateh Ali Khan etc should be forthwith banned to perform in India movies and repatriated to Pakistan immediately as now enough is enough since Pakistan is not relenting and incessantly attacking India via Kashmir and killing our soldiers and civilians in Kashmir.

Bollywood singer turned politician and now minister Babul Supriyo said banning of the Pakistan actors and singers in India will send a strong message through out the country and the world that India is now extremely serious on the issue of Pak sponsored terrorism and will no more tolerate any Pakistani in the country. He said when Indian Cricket Association can ban Pakistan’s entry in the IPL why can’t Bollywood be devoid of the Pakistani actors and singers who handsomely earn here but support and safeguard the interests of Pakistan when they go back. Babul Supriyo asked how far is it correct or fair that on the one hand in Kashmir our brave, patriotic and brave soldiers are being martyred and their wives becoming widow and in India we are happily listening or enjoying their songs.

While debating in News 18 India channel tonight with other panelists of Congress, CPI, RSS, civil right activist and senior journalist viz Rashid Alvi, John Dayal and Vinod Sharma of HT etc Babul Supriyo said that he fails to understand as to why my demand for banning the Pak actors and singers in India is being given so much of political colour when our contrymen are unambiguously witnessing continuous killing of our brave soldiers by the Pak sponsored hard core terrorists who are hell bent upon disintegrating India and creating havoc in the peaceful atmosphere of the country.

He said: I am an Indian first than a minister and being the duty bound and a patriotic citizen would outrightly oppose Pakistan and the Pakistani actors and singers in India as for me and our 125 crore Indians the interest, integrity and unity of the nation is first and firemost. Banning Pakistani actors in India will not only enhance the morale of our brave armymen but will also send across a strong anti Pak message nationally as well as globally. Controvertial BJP leader Dr. Subramaniam Swamy also supported Babul’s statement but asked being a minister why is he issuing statement? He should have write to the PM and resign if the demand is not met.

Deepavali can be celebrated with equal fervour by various other means as well. Direct evidence is available of deterioration of air quality at alarming levels every year due to burning firecrackers during Deepavali.

On Monday, Oct. 9, the Supreme Court suspended the sale of firecrackers in Delhi NCR region till November 1, 2017. This step was taken to test whether a Deepavali without firecrackers will have a “positive effect” on the health of citizens of this region and a steadily deteriorating air quality of Delhi NCR.

Deepavali can be celebrated with equal fervour by various other means as well. Direct evidence is available of deterioration of air quality at alarming levels every year due to burning firecrackers during Deepavali. Particularly in 2016 pm [particulate matter] levels had shot up by three times, making Delhi the worst city in the world, as far as air pollution was concerned. Direct and immediate cause therefor was burning of crackers during Deepavali for this incident.

The Bench of judges pointed to the various efforts made by the government, the media and civil society to create awareness of the harms of burning firecrackers, especially on the children. The adverse effects have been witnessed year after year. The air quality deteriorates abysmally and the city chokes on air. This leads to closing of the schools and the authorities are compelled to take various measures on emergency basis, when faced with a “health crisis”.

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has consistent stated for the past 20 years that sulphur in fireworks should be banned. It released in a statement, “Sulphur on combustion produces sulphur-dioxide and it is extremely harmful to health.” The CPCB has clearly said that between 9 p.m. to midnight on Deepavali, the levels of sulphur-dioxide content in the air rise dangerously.