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Amidst the era of developing technology, today the human is bound to make use of the technological advancements in order to survive in the world. It is extremely difficult for us to live without electronic gadgets. It is quite acceptable that all these facilities for instance, electricity, television, cellphones, and others serve as basic necessities of our life. However, the prolonged use of these electronic gadgets usually produces a harmful effect on the human body. Due to the easy lifestyle with all these gadgets, today people tend to delimit their zone of interaction with friends, family and acquaintances thereby, embracing the solitude in the digital world. Apart from this, the prolonged exposure to the digital devices, tend to reduce the normal metabolic processes of body thus, inviting diseases and disorders. Therefore, hypertension, diabetes, psychological disorders etc are quite common in today’s era.
In order to combat the harmful effects of today’s lifestyle; embracing the 5000 year old technique of living is a good idea. Well! I am talking about Ayurveda. Believing over the maxim- “Prevention is better than cure”; Ayurveda suggests the methodology of a healthy lifestyle thus, aiming at achieving good health and a life free from both mental and physical diseases.
Herein, I bring to you a list of activities suggested by Ayurvedic science to live a healthy life. Afterall, everyone aims at a healthy life in today’s world. With these simple steps, the goal of a healthy life can easily be achieved:-
• Sleep of 7-8 hours a day is recommended for a healthy life. Apart from this, one should get up early in the morning before sunrise and should avoid waking up at late nights. Proper sleep and adequate rest makes one feel fresh and boosts up the energy. One can plan a perfect day further.
• It is recommended to drink a glass of lukewarm water in the morning in order to detoxify the body from the built up toxins during night.
• One should expose oneself to the fresh air of morning in order to give a pleasant start to the day. Going for a morning walk is a perfect idea to make a balance of the biochemical processes in the body. Apart from this, one should try exercising or practcing yoga for atleast 15 minutes in the morning in order to maintain the flexibility in the body and have a balanced metabolism.
• Personal hygiene is extremely important aspect of human life. One must bathe everyday and wear clean clothes made up from natural fibres like cotton, wool etc. Apart from this, at a personal level, one must try keeping the surroundings clean anf hygienic.
• Proper adequate diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibre etc form a balanced diet. It is extremely necessary to enjoy balanced diet and inculcate appropraite amount of fruits and vegetables in diet for the proper working of the digestive system of body. Apart from this, it is extremely necessary to take healthy breakfast after an hour of waking up in the morning in order to activate the body enzymes and improve upon the metabolism of the body.
Well! herein, I brought few simple tips for a healthy lifestyle which we all have read in our books during primary classes but unfortunately, we are lured towards the unhealthy lifestyle and we tend to invite problems like obesity, hypertension, etc which might lead to serious diseases in future. Thus, to have a healthy life in future, we must try sticking to simple lifestyle secrets of our ancient Ayurvedic science. With a healthy life, we can not only make use of every available opportunity in life but also live the life to the fullest.
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Mumbai authorities have seized 33,000 kg of an endangered species of Himalayan herb that was being smuggled via sea route from China to India. Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB), western region identified the herb as the rare species known as “Saussurea costus”, or “kuth”, found only at higher altitudes of 8k to 12k feet in extremely cold climate.

The herb is used as an aphrodisiac, in perfumes, ayurvedic oils and agarbattis/dhoop/ incense sticks. It is also used to cure arthritis, asthma, inflammation and others. Mumbai authority estimated the worth of the consignments to be in crores at least. One of the Officials of WCCB in Navi Mumbai, said, “The first such parcel was received at the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) in Raigarh in March. The second came in April and the third in June. Together, they weighed 33 metric tonnes.”

These consignments were allegedly imported from China by traders in Delhi’s Khari Baoli spice market and a medical store in Amritsar in the name of Pushkarmoola, which is a non-protected herb. “When the Customs alerted us, we went and checked it and found it to smell and feel like Saussurea costus instead. We sent it to the Central National Herbarium in Howrah, West Bengal, and later National Botanical Research Institute in Lucknow, for testing and they confirmed our suspicions that it is kuth,” WCCB Official reported.

Currently, Kuth is included in the Wildlife Protection Act (WPA) 1972, Schedule VI, which covers six plants in total including the pitcher plant and lady’s slipper orchid found in the Northeast. So, these plants can be planted, harvested or distributed with an approval from the chief wildlife warden (CWW) of the respective State.

Futhermore, the global Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) has declared ‘Saussurea costus” as “critically endangered” plant, which means trading  of “kuth” across the world will take place only with a CITES certificate.

WCCB official said, “As kuth is now cultivated in a very small area in Himachal, but its demand in ayurveda, the Chinese and Tibetan systems of medicine, is increasing, it is being trafficked across countries. We definitely need more experts in this field to give optimum protection to such vanishing variety of flora.”