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avoid these habits to become richer


Ramcharitmanas has taught us so many things and if we follow few of them then we can make our lives happier and successful. In this article we will try to understand some teachings which will help us to become rich if correctly imbibed in our lives.

Ramcharitmanas has listed those people who never become rich so let us check out further about those people who never get rich in their life.

According to this great literature people who use drugs will never get rich in life because they spend all their money on drugs and never be able to save money instead they will take loan from others to fulfil their drug needs.

Cheating partners never become rich because they spend all money on their new love and they will never go to heaven and will go straight to hell after dying.

People who are greedy by nature and always run after money are never being able to get money and they never get ahead in life.

Arrogant people also do not get rich because their pride will always come in way and hence will not be able to do well in life

People who work for other also do not become rich and will never be happy in their lives. They might save some money but will always be under influence of others and not progress in life.

These are not just the teachings of Ramcharitmanas as there is lot more which will make our live better.