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Hats off to the Indian community residing in Adelaide, Australia for proposing to organise a community candle light vigil silent procession to bade reverential good bye to the pious sole of 15 year old Nitisha Negi, primarily hailing from Uttarakhand, India community and living in Delhi who breathed her last while sadly ending her life in the Glenelg Beach having drowned in the ravishing tide of the river in Adelaide, Australia on 10th of December while four of the girls drowned with her could be saved though two of them were in extreme critical stage for two days while in hospital.

The candle light community vigil will take place on 24th December, 2018 on the back side of the Glenelg Beach House at 6.30 PM by a newly formed group called Justice for Nitisha Negi. In a facebook post put by Justice for Nitisha, the organisers of this community candle light vigil at Edelaide, Australia behind Glennelg Beach House says: SOULS never die they just pass away. Let’s come together and light a candle to say good bye to the departed soul.

A gentleman from Adelaide Robbie Benipal, originally, from Punjab and one of the main organisers’ of this candle light vigil is deeply shocked and concerned about Nitisha’s death and expresses his shock over the tardy pace of investigation in the whole matter.

He pledges to pressurise the authorities concerned to bring the investigation to its logical conclusion come what may. Robbie Benipal is too serious about this mishappening and is taking the matter to the highest level of investigation as he doubts that something is definitely fishy in the whole episode with interesting parties trying to influence and hush up the matter.

However, here in India, New Delhi the deputy chief minister of Delhi government Manish Sisodia who also participated in the cremation of the deceased footballer has ordered an enquiry and the outcome of the same is expected within a month.

It may be recalled that budding and outstanding prodigy footballer Nitisha Nagi, 15 years old had gone to participate from India to Australia in Pan global pacific games where it is said that she got drowned in the Glengl beach at Adelaide Australia. She was consigned to flames at Nigam Bodh Ghat in New Delhi just three days ago.


The deputy chief minister of NCT of Delhi who is also looking after the charge of the ministry of education has directed the Secretary ( Education) to enquire into the episode of a 15 year old budding footballer, of Uttarakhand living and studying in Delhi who died after having been drowned in the Glenelg Beach in Adelade, Australia who had gone their to participate in the Pacific School Games on behalf of the School Games Federation of India.

The deputy chief minister has ordered for the enquiry in this distressing episode after receiving a written complaint from the parents and social organisations after it was cobfirmed that no official permission was sought from the Sports Authority of India. The Delhi government has taken an extremely serious note of the incident in which the 15 year old girl Nitisha Negi, resident of Trans Yamuna Kalyanpuri died after having been drowned at a beach in Aidelade, Australia while four other girls got rescued.

The deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia has given a months time asking the Secretary Education to furnish the report latest by January, 19th, 2018. The deputy CM while expressing his serious concern blamed the management of School Games Federation of India and the school authorities and seriously questioned their negligence and complacent attitude in the whole matter. In a state Sisodia asked : How can the department/ management teams so insensitive towards the safety and care of their budding sports person, especially when they are adolocent girls, who’ve gone for the first time in international exposure.

It may be recalled that 15 year old Nitisha was consigned to flames at Nigam Bodh crematorium just three days ago after her body brought back from Australia. Many political dignitories like MPs from Uttarakhand and union minister including deputy CM Delhi viz Harish Rawat, Ajay Tamta, Bhagat Singh Koshiyari and Manish Sisodia met her aggrieved parents and expressed their condolences at her house in Kalyanpuri, Delhi and Garhwal Bhawan, Panchquin Road where Nitisha’s body was laid for the last darshan.


Sometimes the God is so unkind and ruthless that most tragic, highly shocking and unfortunately anguishing incidents happen making everybody shell shocked. It’s undoubtedly a hard fact that whoever has taken birth on this earth has to go one day and its a mandatory rule of the Almighty. Some go earlier while some after enjoying the life to the full attaining whatever they’d wished.

But when a person leaves this universe at an adoloscent age while making his or her career as a shining star the tragedy not only catastrophically shocks everyone but also leaves his or her parents and near and dear ones alive for no reason or purpose of life.

I am talking here about one such hugest tragedy of a budding and highly talented prodigy footballer Nitisha Negi who met her last in Australia perhaps two days ago where she had gone to participate on behalf of the Schools Games Federation of India representing our country as one of the players of the India students football team. Because of her inborn talent as a prodigy footballer having won number of awards and felicitations at such a tender age earlier, Nitisha Negi was sent to Australia by the School Games Federation of India to participate in the prestigious Pan Pacific Asian Games where she met with the tragedy at the sea while clicking pictures having got surreptitiously swept away in the sea tides.

The body of late Nitisha Negi, an excellent footbal prodigy will reach Delhi on 16th December, 2017 for cremation. Her body will be kept for ANTIM DARSHAN AND SHRADHANJALI at Garhwal Bhawan on Saurday the 16th, from 5 to 8 PM to be finally consigned to flames. Nitisha’ s untimely tragic demise has sent shock waves in the entire football fraternity of India as well as, amongst the Uttarakhand community globally.

While expressing our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family I on behalf of the Uttarakhand Journalists Forum prray to Almighty to give peace to the pious soul and enough strenghth to the aggrieved family to bear this most irreperable loss. In the meanwhile the union minister of state for textiles and member of parliament from Almora Uttarakhand Ajay Tamta visited the parents at the deceased prodigy’s house and shared the grief with them.

Ajay Tamta assured the aggrieved parents of Nitisha of all possible financial assistence through the Uttarakhand CM’s discreationery fund and stringent action against the officials responsible for their negligence in this shocking episode. He was accompanied by Dr. Vinod Bacheti,Chairman DPMI. Om Shanti
SUNL NEGI, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum


Condom company Durex has now come out with innovative wearables(undergarments) which are connected to smart phone apps.

Now couples can be in close intimacy even when they are at different locations. Earlier too a few sex toy companies had tried to do something similar but nothing even close to this.

Durex Fundawear allows couples to touch over the internet. Previuosly long distance couples could only communiate visually or over voice but with this technology they can touch, tease and tantalize. Durex is currently soliciting couples who want to be a further part of this experiment called ‘Durexperiment’.

This experiment is being currently conducted in Australia where durex is a distant second. Condom being such a commodity where a potential buyer makes a decision in a few seconds, it was required for the brand to come out with something innovative to grab the attention of the youth. When a person touches his or her touch screen device – a wireless signal is sent through real time servers to his/her partners smart phone. A signal is then transmitted to the actuators woven into the partner’s underwear transferring the touch sensation. Havas Worldwide Sydney has devised this ‘Durexperiment’ to reposition Durex as an innovative brand in Australia.

According to Fundawear Facebook Page, willing couples can still sign in and be a part of this ‘Durexperiment’ testing phase.