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  1. We can never do things according to our mood and wishes and every time we need to update everyone for what we are doing.
  2. We always need to greet everyone individually and all of them needs particular attention!
  3. We always have to take everyone’s suggestion for doing something and there is no such personal space for us.
  4. Yes one of the irritating thing is we have to be a part of that irritating whatsapp group and our parents force us to reply at the funny meme!
  5. Once in a while we have a feeling of having a family like the “kabhi khushi kabhie gam one’s”
  6. There is endless melodrama and at one point of time we feel like “YES YEHI HAI EKTA KAPOOR KA SANS BAHU SERIAL”.
  7. The thing we hate the most about a joint family is adjustment! “PAR KOI OPTION NAHI HAI BHAI MUMMY KEHTI HAI NA SHARING IS CARING”.
  8. But when it comes to a family trip or a festival we are the lucky one’s because we enjoy the most and have a lot of memories with us.
  9. We have a lot of variety to eat everyday because there is different food cooked for everyone in the family.
  10. The funniest thing is we have a variety of parents MAA, BADI MAA, CHOTI MAA, DADI MAA and this chain of MAA’s is never ending.
  11. We have variety of behaviours to handle and sometimes we feel like “ISEY ACHA TO MEREPAS DORAEMON HOTA”
  12. But yes we are really lucky to have a joint family because there are many things to share, many reasons to care.