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TECHNOLOGY– a thing without which our life is incomplete. Our present generation cannot imagine anything without technology. How about sports? Are sports possible without technology? Well, nowadays, sports do everything with its help. A technology helps transform a sport from the better to the best.

Technology made this possible!

You might have heard about Donald Lippincott, the fastest man in the world 100 years back who ran a 100-meter race in 10.6 seconds and also about Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the present era with a time lapse of 9.58 seconds. So, how are we able to differentiate between these two? We got to know this accurate time through the technology.

Oh! Is this also a kind of sport?

Everything ranging from the clothes, the sports persons wear to the training they get, that all is technical. Technology facilitates accuracy in the decision making. Hey, readers! I hope you all will agree upon the fact that if there would be no technology, I don’t think we would have known that such a wide variety of sports do exist in our society.

Have a Happy time at your home.

No need for you to go to the stadium and sit there for hours while watching the game in such a scorching heat. Why go there, when you can see the sport live and that too with much close up at your home with your air conditioners on? All this has become possible with the help of the technology. Through the working of the satellites, you can now watch live streaming sports on your laptops and television.

Yes! You can expect much from Technology.

The sports-fans now expect the technology to take all the decisions. For example, you might have noticed this while watching the game of Cricket. Whenever the batsman gets out, even after the decision taken by the umpire it is confirmed by the technology/ tracking software whether it is an out or not out.

On Concluding,

The contribution of the technology to the sports is marvelous. It can’t be listed or talked in a few pages or words. Sports would not have come such a long way without the support of the technology. Ranging from the small lights in a stadium to the satellites in the space for broadcasting the sports live coverage. Technology has been always acting as a pillar.


With launch of Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Indian sports industry feels the heat from a heavier tax burden in the near future. Tickets for sports events such as the Indian Premier League (IPL) will include a tax charge of 28% approx., which will boost their prices. The impact of GST will be clearly visible with the rise in the prices of sports goods and equipments as well price hikes of tickets for premier sports events.

Sports goods set to be costly

The manufacturers in the industry had been paying a 2% excise duty on goods, after the charge was imposed in 2011. Now, under GST, these goods will be taxed under the 12-28% slab, a steep rise from the previous charge. While most of the manufacturers had called for sporting equipment to be placed under the 5% slab, debating the industry still falls under cottage industry category; the GST Council decided to set with a much higher rate.

The council doesn’t consider a number of products such as sports helmets, sports kit bags, training bags, boxing headgear, etc., as sports goods. These have been placed under categories from 12-28% slabs. While the sports gloves will be charged at 12%, the athletics, gymnastics and table tennis equipment will be taxed at 28%. Essential fitness items such as sports shoes, skipping ropes, etc, will also feel the heat of GST reform, as the category has been placed in the 28% slab.

“To make high quality equipment, we need support from the government. The current move might have a negative impact on the growth of the industry. There are more than 1000 registered units and another 1500 cottage units in villages,” Rakesh Mahajan, chairman of All India Sports Goods Manufacturers’ Federation.

Pay more for IPL tickets, events by NSFs in 18% slab

Tickets for the events organized by National Sports Federations (NSFs) and of course BCCI-organized cricket matches will be taxed at 18%. Tickets for Indian Premier League (IPL) as well as Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), will even go higher as they will be taxed at 28% under the new GST regime.Tickets priced below Rs.250 will be exempt from GST.


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