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A 23 year old Kieren Dsouza from Nagpur has created a history by becoming the first Indian who has successfully completed the 246 km ultra-marathon between Athens and Sparta. This race is considered as one of the most dangerous races around the World. The Spartan boats of just a 50% completion rate among its participants.

Dsouza completed this race in 33 hours, 2 minutes and 25 seconds and became the first Indian to complete this race among the total number participant of 370. He has also made a record of completing 100 miles in 18 hours and 37 minutes which is the fastest anyone has covered the distance.

He began running about 5 years back when he took part in a 12 km run held at an inter-college university even in Bangalore. He told that he was miserable at the end; he vomited and could not stand on his feet. Later he signed up for the 10km marathon Nagpur Marathon and finished it easily, and then he realized that he was made for such events and then he again tried for marathon held in Delhi. He also participated in 100km run at Mt Blanc Salomon Bhatii Lakes 160 kms race, where he achieved the second position in his age group and was 200th overall among 1500 participants and broke the record by 4 hours.

He further told that he currently working out to make stronger stamina and he need to focus on time on feet and trying to be on the road for at-least 20 hrs. per week. He also is having a protein and fat rich diet so that he can perform better. He told that Unived Sports is supporting him with race nutrition.

He feels that ultra-running is a mental sport and further said that after running for 40km you run on your mental ability. He also wants to build up his own team as he alone cannot do this.

So far his family is supporting him and his father is acting like a pillar, who is a group captain in Indian Air Force. Now he requires a professional team that will help him with stuff like changing socks and shoes, giving food while running.