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The revelation of about hundreds of private companies and corporates being the willful defaulters having put to loss a staggering amount of one lakh crore or even more during the last few decades not returning the same intentionally though many of them could have done so, unambiguously speaks of the fact that these heavy defaulters are in league with the powerful people in the system and had conveniently managed to siphon off such a huge amount of the public exchequer without any fear or terror of law.

Just imagine, on the one hand thousands of farmers had committed suicides in our country and are still doing so for not being able to repay just a few lakhs or thousands of rupees due to genuine drought or short rain cycle that results in the subsequent production losses and on the other hand the rich, affluent and the privileged corporate houses and industrialists willfully hang on the lakhs of crores of government money thus not only making mockery of our system but leading the country towards economic backwardness.

But the question is, who is to be actually blamed for this huge lapse, the government agencies, the banks or the corporates/ industrialists. The answer is simple, all the three of them. There have been hundreds of instances that the goons and bouncers of banks and financiers find it too easy to harrass, victimise and even thrash the farmers, youths, students and even woman and forcibly take back/ consficate their financed vehicles, tracters etc for the failure to pay even few inslalments due to some genuine constraints but in the case of these powerful and highly rich the system falls on their feet, obnoxiously, at the expense of the nation’s interest.

It really sounds shocking and higly deplorable that Vijay Mallaya, Nirav and Lalit Modi flee the country after duping banks of several thousand crores and so are many others and now a new shocking revelation comes that hundreds of such sharks have willfully defaulted the government of more than one lakh crores of rupees, the massive amount that could have resolved the financial crisis of 80% of our farmers and resurrected the health related conditions of our country’s 90% of the population having covered them under insurance umbrella of social and health security.

Why is it that we’ve been tolerating these economic offenders for so long knowing very well that its a hard earned tax payers money of public exchequer. Why is it that the economic offences wing, the CBDT, the ED, the IT department and departments like revenue intelligence didn’t take any action. And why is it that now the skeletons are being explored, diclosed and made to fall down from the cupboards, daily?

The point is clear. The national election are nearing and the people of the country need an answer made during the pre polls, four years ago. Hope the government of the day succeeds in retrieving this one lakh crore at the earliest and uses it justifiably for the welfare of the farmers and the underprivileged sections of the society. If not now it will really, never be in the future? What’s your take friends?


There have been reports pouring in that the physical condition of the hunger strikers sitting on fast unto death in GAIRSAIN in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand is deteriorating after four hunger strikers have considerably lost their weight leading to anger and outrage amongst the Gairsain movement activists demanding outright declaration of Gaisain as Uttarakhand’s capital which has been intentionally delayed by the current and the successive governments of the Himalayan state for the last 18 years ruled turn by turn by the BJP and the Congress.

The movement activists are sitting on hunger strike for the last 52 days and the three hunger strikers namely Birendra Arya, Gambhir Singh Negi and Dhyan Singh have lost about six kilograms of weight respectively as per this reporter’s telephonic conversation with MM Dhaundiyal, currently stationed there.

Their blood pressure and suger levels have also gone awry. The weather too is extremely chilly cold and has added further to their miseries. A prominent leader of the left movement having quite a good reputation amongst the local populace who is backing and supporting the movement since the beginning Indresh Maikhuri has identified the Gairsain movement as the war against the system for employment and reverse migration in the hills and questioned the integrity of those who ruled the state during the last 18 years for not accepting the peoples’ demand of Gairsain capital which is technically equidistance from Kumaon and Garhwal regions and symbol of decentralised socio economic, agricultural, educational, industrial and environment friendly development of the state achieved after several years of relentless struggles and loss of 43 precious lives of youths, students, women and sr citizens.

According to the new development the prominent regional party of Uttarakhand which played a key role in the formation of separate Uttarakhand State called the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal has now also actively joined the Gairsain capital movement with former MLA and UKD leader Bipin Tripathi energising the movement in the Kumaon division appealing the youths, students and women to join him in large numbers.

It may be recalled that the movement for declaring Gairsain as Uttarakhand’s capital has started primarily from Rudraprayag by young journalists like Mohit Dimri and others and now it has spread like wild fire in the valleys, cities, towns and the interiors of entire Uttarakhand including in metropolitan cities like Delhi etc. The deteriorating health condition of these hunger strikers have further given new momentum to this on going movement in the hills of Uttarakhand.

The BJP government is having a historic majority of 57 lawmakers out of total 70 in the Uttarakhand Assembly but is still adamant not to declare Gairsain as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand despite the fact that a magnificient assembly building and the secretariat has already been build at Gairsain worth 500 crores during the previous Congress era and some of the assembly sessions have also been conducted here.

Whether its declared a permanent capital or not but news analysts say that even if it is for the time being declared a partial or summer capital, it may perhaps soothe/ bring down the soaring temperature of angered movement activists who are currently up in arms against the ruling political dispensation of Uttarakhand enjoying historic majority but not agreeing to the demand of Gairsain being declared as a permanent capital.


The only union state minister from Uttarakhand in the central cabinet in the capacity as the minister of state for textiles, a forty five year old young, dashing and soft spoken politician who had in the past represented two ministries in the then Major General B C Khanduri’s cabinet in Uttarakhand is today a blue eyed boy of both the Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi and the national party chief Amit Shah.

Though he is the state minister of textiles but had been accorded the special privilige in the recent past to accompany the president of India Ram Nath Kovind as well, while he was on the very first significant visit to the two African countries viz Djiboti and Ethiopia. Not only this but Tamta was also accorded the special privilege of representing India in welcoming the special dignitary, the Cambodian prime minister Hun Sen who is the chief gest in the Republic Day celebrations of India on 26th January. It’s indeed a great honour for Uttarakhand in particular to see the only union minister representing the state at the centre to have been given such important assignments twice, one when he accompanied the Indiaa president on his first foreign visit to two African nations as an important member minister of the President’s entourage and secondly representing our nation to receive the Cambodian PM visiting India as the chief guest of the pivotal, Indian Republic day function. A soft spoken, well read, articulate and ambivalent Ajay Tamta has been genuinely involved in his textile ministerial accomplishments and strengthening the party organisation in Uttarakhand too having played a highly contributory role in the party’s victory in the Uttarakhand elections held nine months ago, as well thus defeating the then ruling party Congress, hands down.

He had also been instrumental in actively devising ways and means for the development and implementation of various people friendly schemes in Uttarakhand. He has recently convened the meeting of all the senior bureaucrats of Uttarakhand cadre working in various states, in Uttarakhand and Delhi at his official residence and discussed ways and means to expedite development in the18 year old state of Uttarakhand.

The meeting was chaired by the OSD to the Indian Prime minister namelyMr. Khulbe, who also happened to be from Uttarakhand. Extremely mobile and active in Uttarakhand as well, Ajay Tamta is likely to open a production centre of handloom, fine clothing and paper like bags from the pine needles for generating local employment for women and youth of the himalayan state. He is actively involved on the job and is desirous of implementing this venture on the large scale and expeditously . Let’s wish him all the very best in all his future endeavors.



The union state minister of Textiles Ajay Tamta today visited Max Hospital in New Delhi and met the ailing leader in Intensive Care Unit and thereafter his family to know about the former 4 and one time chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand including the union minister of Industry at the centre. Ajay Tamta went to Max this afternoon.

Tamta said that the ninety year old Narain Dutt Tiwari is in ICU and is gradually recovering from chest and lung congestion leading to respiratory disorder. According to the doctors he is recuperating and the signs are positive. Tamta said Tiwari is a political stalwart of the country and Uttarakhand and has contributed tremendously in the all round development of Uttar Pradesh as well as Uttarakhand though his own party’s detractors had unsuccessfully tried their level best to create umpteen bottlenecks on his ways to develop the state of Uttarakhand. Rating Narain Dutt Tiwari as the leader of the stature of Late Govind Ballabh Pant, Late Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna, Khusi Ram and Tamta, union state minister of Textiles, Ajay Tamta said that the constructive n positive contribution of Narain Dutt Tiwari in the development of the nation, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand can’ t be ruled out.

He is in true sense the father figure of the 17 year old state whose selfless contribution to Uttarakhand willalways be remembered. Ajay Tamta after meeting ND Tiwari deliberated with his wife Ujwala and son Rohit and wished for the speedy veeran leader of the country.

It may be recalled that the 90 year old former union minister and chief minister of UP and UK was admitted in MAX hospital Delhi and put on re sustication in ICU  after he complained of extreme dizzyness and chest congestion about two weeks ago and just yesterday a rumour floated in social media about his being no more but contradicted later on by his family. In the picture is Union state textile minister Ajay Tamta meeting Ujjwala at Saket and knowing about his health condition


In a Diwali Milan celebration today at Bhartiya Janata Party’s Ashok Road headquarter in New Delhi while the prime minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah have exhibited a grand gesture to merrily mix with the journalists of the national media, electronics as well as print including its photographers, particularly those covering the the BJP and government affairs for a long time on the other hand at the Press club of India several journalist organisations were vociferously deploring the arrest of the former BBC journalist Vinod Verma terming it as arbitrary and attack on the freedom of the press.

It was just a coincidence that while a section of the media men and photo journalists were busy interacting, merrily shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries with prime minister Modi who voluntarily mixed with journalists at BJP headquarter, another section of media men were worried and concerned over the arrest of one of the scribe of their fraternity from Delhi yesterday on allegedly false and fabricated charges as pronounced by them in the protest meeting at Press Club of India, Raisina Road just less than a half a kilometer away from the BJP’s national headquarter. Sounds interesting.

Prime Minister Modi while addressing the leaders , workers of BJP before posing for photographs with the media men and photographers, majority of whom he knew personally said the internal democracy in political parties is utmost essential to strengthen democratic values. He spoke extempore and also remembered his old days when he functioned from the BJP headquarter and looked for journalists for the political briefs and publication of his point of view.

He spoke at length on strengthen the inner party democracy in political parties and praised the media for outrightly supporting his flagship initiative on Swach Bharat Abhiyan and stressed the need for maintaining better, cordial and trustful relations between the fourth estate and political parties despite differences in opinion. He also touched several other significant issues particularly how the BJP has accorded bright opportunities to young party cadre in the oganisational hierarchy as compared to the dynastic promotion in rival political party without naming the Congress.

Prime minister Modi merrily mixed, interacted and shook hands with journalists and press photographers and also posed with them for pictures. Some journalists and press photographers seemed to quite happy and eager to pose with the most popular prime minister of the largest democracy of the world while at the press club of India the senior journalists held a protest meeting against the arrest of the former digital editor of Amar Ujala and BBC terming it arbitrary and on fabricated and concocted grounds to stifle the free voice.