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There is a good news for all Delhites particularly those hailing from the lower middle class and lowest ebb of the society depending upon government health schemes for free treatment etc as the leuitenent governor of Delhi Anil Baijal has shown a great heart for those living in Delhi by giving his consent to the AAP government’s people friendly proposals of free treatment in private hospitals for all the road accident victims including the victims of brutal acid attacks etc including free testing facilities to the various polyclinics functioning in various colonies and parts of Delhi especially those living in the unauthorised colonies and JJ clusters of the capital.

In addition to the above a separate Delhi government’s recomendation for providing the latest and advanced free radiological tests and surgeries have also been accorded the LG’s consent. This pro people move of the Delhi government if seriously implemented in toto would help a large section of the people of Delhi.

Prior to these recommendations having acknowledged the LG’s stamp with whom the Delhi government had been on loggerheads on the important issue of regularisation of the services of 15000 adhoc teachers, will send a positive message accross the cross section of the society of the AAP government’s pro people functioning.

It may be recalled that after coming to power in Delhi the Arvind Kejrival government has put special emphasis on the Dlhi health services and has not only made free medicines available in govt hospitals and dispensaries for the general public majority of whom are from the economic marginalised classes but has also made a provision through cabinet approval regarding free treatment and surgeries for critical illnesses to those with annual income of less then 2 lakhs in high profile private hospitals.

The day since the government of AAP has assumed power in Delhi for the last three years while on infrastructural and transport (DTC) sector the AAP government has not achieved anything fruitful or impressive but on water, schools and health front it has done tremendously well as compared to the previous state governments.

The Delhi CM has also for the time being given up his confrontationist attitude and posture with the prime minister Modi and the Delhi’s LG and is rather concentrating on finding ways and means to improve the lot of the electorates. The AAP government has also been successful in enticing the Bihari and Uttarakhandi votes by way of allocating them extra budget on Chat Puja and Uttarayini celebrations.

This year the Delhi AAP government is financially assisting Uttarakhandies celebrate Uttarayini function at 33 different locations of Delhi and has also won the hearts of Delhites by outrightly opposing the arbitrary manifold metro fare increase by holding demonstrations all over Delhi and offering Rs 500 crores annually to compensate the metro loss but the Modi government went ahead with the manifold increase in the metro fares thinking that if the fares are lessoned the entire political credit would go to Arvind Kejrival and his government. What’s your take friends?

Delhi has undoubtedly become a crime capital topping in terms of statistics and this fact has been unambiguously furnished by one of the prestigious newspaper of the country. The electronic channels and their reporters eloquently deliver various incidents of shameless crimes, rape of women including the adoloscents being the worst victim with increasing gangsterism, not to speak of the 38 thousand cases of chain snatching and thefts registered with the Delhi police during the last few years. Overall situation of a Delhite, particularly the women community is extremely vulnerable with no guarantee of their safety and security in majority of the shameless obnoxious incidents of women assaults.

The most uncalled for brutal incident of repeated merciless thrashing of a woman with iron rods after illegal confinement and a police woman in uniform having been publicly dragged in Narela by the dubious charactered women involved in a massive illicit liquor trade while the onlookers, majority of them being the male members not having the guts to come to the rescue of the victm, has made one thing absolutely and unambiguously for guaranteed that the criminal elements and those involved in the illicit liquor trade in the rural surroundings are least apprehensive about terror of the law enforcement agencies and everybody is scare of them despite the fact that its the capital city of India where law and order is always on the alert as claimed by the Delhi police. There have been accusation by the AAP and the Delhi Women Commission including the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejrival that the horrified woman victim was also paraded naked by the criminals and illicit botteleggers who did their best to ensure that the whistle blower woman is taught a most serious lesson by incessantly beating her in public with iron rods and even shamelessly dragging a woman policemen by hair.

The severely injured woman is badly horrified while being treated in hospital where the Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival met her and also approached the Delhi’s LG in person to demand strictest punishment to the guilty and provision of adequate security to the victim who’d bravely tried to expose the illicit liquor trade in Narela as a courageous whistle blower. However, the DCP of the Zone has given all assurances to try the guilty women under the strictest sections of the law but the point is how long will the whistle blowers of the society whether in Delhi or in other parts of the country continue to be the victims of criminals or supari killers and when would are state legislatures or the union government devise a strong and strict law for the safety and security of whistle blowers and RTI activists who risk their precious lives for the good of the society but are brutally killed or grievously injured with no governmental safety apparatus.

The incident of incessant thrashing of the woman volunteer exposing the illicit liquor trade in Narela in outer district by the criminals involved in the liquor trade is an unambiguous example of the increasing loss of the terror of law enforcing agencies particularly the police in the eyes of the latter ( criminals) who freely operate allegedly in league with the local law enforcing authorities and therefore feel that they are immune to any legal action. One can easily come to the conclusion through such brutal incidents of attacks on women in broad day light with her alleged naked parade, that the law breakers in the capital have become more and more over confident to commit lawlessness of gigantic nature sending a clear signal that they are least terrorised by the police authorities.

This most shameful incident of a whistle blower women including a police women in uniform being physically assaulted and grievously injured in broad day light with nobody having the courage to counter them is a terrible commentry about the worsening law and order situation in the nation’s capital and a wake up call for one and all as well. What do you say friends?


Dr. Ambedkar Hospital situated in Rohini under the jurisdiction of Government of NCT of Delhi having been approved by the Medical Council of India on the strong recommendation of the previous and the current govts of Congress and AAP to be the Delhi’ s new medical institute, is catering to the medical needs of hundreds of thousands of patients of Rohini and the surrounding vicinities like Mangolpuri, Sultanpuri, Rithala, Vijay Vihar, Naharpur and the entire sectors of Rohini up to far fledged, sector 25 . Majority of the patients treated here on daily basis hail from the poor and economically deprived and lower middle class sections of the society.

The casualty of this hospital is operative on 24×7 basis and deals with a good number of emergency cases. During the previous regime of the Congress, the services of this hospital were on an average rather on the decline and cases of corruption were also registered against the then Medical Suprintendent to the tune of more than 60 lakhs in a medicine scandal. But after the arrival of AAP government in Delhi the condition of health sector has improved considerably with improvement in services and provision of infrastructure of the modern kind in various Delhi hospitals and dispensaries, for the convenience of the patients.

But despite all this, the increasing number of patients hailing from the lower and lowest echelons of the society due to the free treatment and distribution of medicines the situation is becoming highly complex and beyond the reach of the hospital administration. The Out Patient Departments are full of patients and queues in a never ending mode. In view of the increasing number of patients and limited number of registration and medicicine disbursement counters and pharmacists not only has the quality of treatment suffering but the patients have to wait for hours together for their turns to come with senior citizens, disabled and those with ailments suffering badly.

There is chaos and panic all around. The wheel chairs and medicines are in short supply. A single xray, ultrasound machines and test clinics too are in limited numbers with shortage of various other facilities like adequate sanitation, fans, coolers and chairs. The shortage of doctors and pharmacists n distribution counters have also added to the vows of the poor and hapless patients. Though the Delhi government of AAP needs to be complimented for comparatively improving the lot of Delhi hospitals and dispensaries but lot more is required to be done. Ambedkar hospital of Rohini needs immediate enhancement in the strength of pharmacists from the present 5 to atleast thirty and subsequent numbers of the counters pertaining to delivery of medicines and registration, if the crowd at the medicine delievery counter is to be really lessened and the patients given relief against the tremendous amount of inconvenience confronted by them on daily basis.

The numbers of medical doctors is also required to be enhanced and medicine for serious ailments like cardiac deseases, diabities, lungs abnormalities and asthama etc made available in ample quantity to ameliorate their grievances. There have been usual instances and cases that after being in queue for several hours when the turn of the patient finally arrives, he or she is told that the prescribed medicine in unavailable. The chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejrival and Health minister Satyendra Jain should make emergency secretive visits to such hospitals and ensure that the poor and underprivileged patients are given the best and due medical treatment. Special emphasis should be made that the staff is sober, soft and affable in behaviour with the patients and there is no dearth of medicines in the hospital, particularly of the critical illnesses and life saving drugs.

















Mobiles and social networking sites likes facebook, whatsapp, instagram and twitter have these days become the most priorty choice and liking of the people and is considered as one of the best options to suffice and fulfill the lust for mental and psychological satisfaction.

This IT revolution has undoubtedly brought people nearer and knowledge to one’s doorstep provided this medium is used logically for developing knowledge based inputs and IQ but contrarily it has also proved to be a greatest disaster as users with manipulative tactics, criminal bent of minds having sexual lust and intent to use it for exploiting people for narrow monetory or material ends and what not, unfortunately, use this easily available via media for immoral and illegal motives.

The young, old, even children and the women use social media extensively and have rather become its addict nationally not leaving even the lowest strata of the society uninfluenced by its massive impression. While social networking sites are the boon for the budding talents and experienced people with immense knowledge to share their experiences, talents, achievements and know-how, there had also been hundreds of thousands of instances of posting nude or semi nude highly objectionable pics on several sites to entice people, especially innocent young boys and girls to fall in their ugly traps, unknowingly.  In several cases the fake FB users in particular misuse the sites to entice girls and married women into their traps on false pretexts and promises, ultimately confronting legal hassles and breaking of families.

There have been several instances of blackmails as well in the social networking sites when the users copy the chats by taking the pictures of undesirable chats n objectionable postures and thereafter exploit the situation to their advantage. The teen aged boys and girls are the worst affected lot in this chatting exercise who get swayed away by the imposters and unintentionally fall into their trap unluckily thus spoiling their carrers and reputation.

There had been several incidents of suicides as well due to the social taboos and stigma. Social media sites lke FB and twitters are the paradise and God sent devise for politicians, political parties and the governments in power including the media who exploit it to the maximum to derive maximum socio political and professional advantage by posting their accomplishments, achievements and programmes and influencing their huge fan following. The sites are also used for the free promotion of various products by small, marginal and medium businessmen free of costs.

The prime minister of India Narendra Modi and the AAP supremo Arvind Krjrival followed by Congress supremo Rahul Gandhi etc have taken and derived maximum political advantage by rightfully using the facebook and twitter and have encouraged other political parties too to derive maximum advantage and benefit out of this God send devise in India.

Its surprising to note that our prime minister tops the chart of maximum followers in the country on his twitter handle followed by Arvind Kejrival and Rahul Gandhi. Today internet banking, railway and air reservations, google searches for any information, instant photography of an event and information relating to any service have made the peoples lives entirely convenient and comfortable.

In the event of capturing any unusual event of public interest if captured through mobile cameras are usually instantly posted in social networking sites that go viral in minutes and draw the attention of the media and the governments. In other words, these sites have alerted the various government departments and stake holders and at times keep them on tenterhooks or make them answerable to the common masses.

The world has squeezed and people and informations have come to your doorsteps. However, it’s also true that the addiction of social media has spoiled those who stick to it for just killing time and thus losing their physical action and achivement part. Using social media at the cost of one’s performance that results into sheer wastage of time, energy and sustenance including family n carrer interests is definitely a liability and should be given up unless or until it hels him or her achieve something credible or worthwhile.

It’s definitely a huge revolution of Information technology for which the credit primarily goes to the former prime minister of the country late Rajiv Gandhi and the then IT brain behind it Sam Pitroda. I remember the days of 1991 when Rajiv opened the the doors for Liberalisation and computers the entire opposition was against him as if heavens have fallen down.

The opposition’s logic was the people of the country would loose employment enmasse and there’ll be poverty all around. But fortunately today those who opposed Rajiv Gandhi are the biggest and the massive users of the social networking sites and internet which is providing employment to the youths of the country. The time is not far when print journalism will replace to digital and online journalism and the newspapers would be the thing of the past. What do you say friends?










The crusader against corruption and greatly instrumental in creating a nationwide awareness against the then Congress government for several scams through his nationwide satyagrah with the centre of struggle being the historic Ram Lila Maidan and Jantar Mantar of Delhi the retired Army driver Anna Hazare has announced that he will re launch his nationwide Satyagrah from the first weerk of January, 2017 against the policy failures of the present BJP lead NDA government at the centre.

The one time social god father of the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival and the deputy CM Manish Sisodia, Hazare announced the decision of his satyagrah on 2nd October after finishing his one day token sit in and hunger strike at the crematorium of father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. Accusing the union government of NDA, the crusader against corruption responsible for exposing the corrupt practices of several ministers in Maharahtra during the nineties and indirectly helping BJP to generate momentum of majority support against Congress in 2013- 14, Anna Hazaare said that the hopes and aspiratons with with the people of the country mounted BJP to historically outsanding majority at the centre in 2014 have been completely belied with people suffering tremendously on various fronts.

He emphatically and catagorically stated that despite 3 and a half years of NDA rule at the centre the farmers are still commiting suicides, country’s economy seems to be in doldrums, women are still unsafe and black money likely to be brought back from foreign banks still seems to be a distant and unfulfilled dream componded with non appointment of Lokpal till date. After being betrayed and badly backstabbed (politically) by the representatives of India against corruption viz Arvind Kejrival, Prashant Bhushan and Kiran Bedi who joined active politics , Anna Hazaare said that in his new Satyagraha while he will keep Kejrival five feet away, he has also placed a precondition for those joining him to submit an affidavit each so that they do not contest any election in the future during their whole life.

The reason behind this hard decision is Anna Hazaare’s bitter experience of having been ditched by Arvind Kejrival and his cohorts about three years ago when the latter formed the political outfit known as AAP and formed his governmemt in Delhi. It may be recalled that after theformation of the AAM AADMI POLITICAL PARTY against the wishes of Anna Hazaare the crusader against corruption went into oblivion due to the setback suffered by the deceit at the hands of Anna’s first hand trusted suporter Arvind Kejrival who in turn never relented.

Anna was badly furious whenseveral of the AAP’s ministers and the law makers were were embrioled invarious fake degrees and corruption charges and had to draw a sorry figure and answer umpteen tedious and trivial questions of the press.



The Aam Admi Party and its chief Arvind Kejrival is all set to gear up for another victory in the incoming Delhi assembly elections due after two years. After losing badly at the hands of BJP in the Delhi municipal elections held a year ago due to the AAP’s excessive confrontationist posture with the then LG Nazeeb Jung and blaming the prime minister Modi on every single issue, the AAP chief now seems to have exercised a lot of restraint over his previous confrontationist attitude and is all set work on issues pertaining to peoples’ welfare and those living in the lowest echelons of the society. The AAP’s commitment to stand at the rescue of the common masses of Delhi can be unambiguosly gauged from the fact that the Delhi chief minister has taken a confrontationist stand with the centre and metro rail corporation on the issue of the likely arbitrary rise in the metro rail fares in Delhi, a second time enhancement in the metro fares after just few months.

Terming this arbitraty fare increase to be affected from October Kejrival has accused the DMRC as anti people and has urged for the cancellation of the DMRC decision failing he has promised the Delhi electorates to oppose tooth and nail thus winning the sympathy of the populace who’d voted him to historic victory during the last election. Arvind Kejrival has while deploring this anti people decision of the DMRC with the blessings of the union government deputed his transport minister Gehlot to find ways and means in confabulation with the adamant DMRC chief Mangu Singh to withdraw this arbitrary decision of fare hike. In the meanwhile as a pre election sops the deputy chief minister of AAP’s Delhi government Manish Sisodia has recently announced the AAP govt’s decision to regularise the services of about 15000 guest teachers of Delhi which was one of the election promises’ of AAP.

It has also regularised the services of the temperory teachers of Kashmiri origin hailing from the refugee catagory. In adddition to these concessions the AAP government has also given lots of concessions to the lower middle class sections in health and medical treatment facilities viz free distribution of medicines and tests in health centres, government hospitals and dispensaries, opening of good number of polyclinics and free treatment in high profile private hospitals for critical illnesses and cardiac surgeries for the poor drawing an income of or less than one lakh rupees a year. Apart from this the government schools of Delhi have been upgraded tremendously with delivery of scholarships to thousands of students.

On the drinking water and electricity fronts the AAP’ Delhi government has already subsidised water up to 2000 litres and electricity up to 400 units every month satisfying and winning the goodwill of the lower middle class. It may be recalled that during the first two years after the AAP’s coming to power in Delhi the party was in the hell of controversies as 14 of its law makers got arrested in various dubious charges such as assault and rape of women and cases pertaining to fake degrees and extortion.

As a result it lost the Rajouri Garden by election and the MCD polls but after KEJRIVAL tried hard to resurrect the fast diminishing party’s image it recently won the BAWANA assembly by poll with a heavy margin. What’s your take on this friends?


The confrontation between the Lieutenant governor Anil Baijal and Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has again started with AAP lawmakers on the directives of the latter seizing the LG’s office on 29th August on the issue of opening of the polyclinics network in entire Delhi.

The chief minister has via a tweet requested the Lt. governor to grant immediate go through to its expansion project of AAP clinics in various other parts of Delhi as it concerns the health question of about two crores Delhiites. Reminding of the previous confrontational situation with the former LG Najeeb Jung appointed by the then Congress government, the recent spat with Anil Baijal, the BJP nominee speaks of the fact that after the defeat of the BJP in the Bawana bye-election intentional bottlenecks are being created in the way of AAP.

There are accusations by AAP lawmakers on BJP that since its polyclinics project distributing free treatment and medicines including several diagnostical tests to the poor patients of Delhi has gained tremendous momentum and success the BJP is worried and as such wanted to close them. It may be recalled that according to AAP the Delhi government has sent a file relating to opening of several polyclinics in Delhi to Lt. Governor Anil Baijal but since there were certain complaints of corruption it was sent instead to the vigilance department which literally sat over the file and the project has been delayed by over five months. After the success of AAP in Bawana bye-election, Delhi CM wanted to expedite various developmental projects in view of the fast approaching Delhi elections and as such this polyclinics project holds tremendous significance for AAP.

But due to the file being stuck in LG office or the vigilance department the AAP leadership, the CM and the entire lot of lawmakers are furious who on 29th went to Anil Baijal’s office and literally stationed themselves for 6 hours in the conference room in order to apply pressure on the LG to give immediate clearance to this pro people project.  It seems that AAP and its CM who were silent for the past two,-three months and has not raised any voice against the LG Delhi for his cooperative and helping attitude on various other projects such as phenomenal increase of 100%  in the salaries of the teachers and workers of  Anganbaries etc, are now again up in arms to put the LG office in quandary on this important issue of polyclinics supposed to give AAP government a tremendous political mileage.   

Sunil Negi