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It is now clear that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal lied about wedding of BJP MP Mahesh Sharma’s daughter and today he has faced lot of criticism and embarrassment but till now he has not apologize for his misbehaving on twitter.

He was so disturbed from the demonetisation drive of BJP Government that he focused his energy on wedding of daughter of Mahesh Sharma and without checking any facts he asked on twitter whether Mahesh Sharma has performed all wedding tasks with cheques and how did he managed to exchange the notes he also asked that how Mahesh was able to manage the entire wedding with Rs 2.5 lakh.

Later Mahesh Sharma clarified on Twitter that his son was getting married and not his daughter and further told that all the payments for the wedding were made with cheques.

Kejriwal is famous for creating unnecessary drama by always attacking Narendra Modi and Central Government. He keeps on blaming the Central Government and tries to hide his in capabilities because he is only CM who is facing all the problems from Narendra Modi and Central Government whereas other cities are working fine and their chief ministers are focusing in their tasks.

This is not the first time he has circulated a fake news about BJP but earlier also he claimed that a youth committed suicide due to demonetisation but later it was found that the youth committed suicide after a failed bank robbery.

This time in Mahesh Sharma’s son wedding case he has been caught red handed that he is clearly not focusing on his work and without knowing the facts trying to create mass around by simply blaming anyone who is in BJP or supports the demonetisation decision.

He even claimed that Narendra Modi took bribe from some industrialist when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He also showed some documents to the media as proof to support his claims. He even filed a case against Narendra Modi with help of senior lawyer Prshant Bushan in the apex court but the court rejected the evidences against PM Narendra Modi.

A small advice for him is that he should focus on various pending issues and development of Delhi instead of chasing Modi and Central Government.

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