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Apple to upgrade iPhone 7 software


A bug has been reported in Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus that causes a loss in cellular service after disabling the Airplane mode and not just this bug there are some more glitches which have been reported in these latest Apple mobile phones like there is a problem in lightning port, which appears to disable in-line controls on the headset when connected after sometime when there is no playback of music. Apple Company has also acknowledged these bugs and says that they can fix them via a software update.

Many users who bought these latest phone of Apple complaint on the Web about the lighting EarPods and third party headsets that are connected via lightning to 3.5 mm jack adapter and this occurs when the phone display is off for about five minutes and the headset is connected but no music is being played at that time. So the bug is that the music will keep playing but the user cannot adjust the volume, or even calls cannot be answered using the inline controls on the EarPods or with any other headset. It is a major bug which users do not expect from the Apple brand as which is known for providing the best mobile phones and services to the users and these phones are quite expensive also so Company the users expect that proper quality testing should been done before launching these latest mobile phones.

Furthermore the issue is an on and off thing and not persistent and the temporary solution to the problem is that the user can unplug the headset and plug it again to use it. But remember this is only the temporary solution and the bug remains the same in the phone and seems to be the software related issue related to lightning port power saving feature which should be fixed with a software update provided by the Apple Company.

An Apple representative has also acknowledged the issue and told the same that they are working on solving the issue and soon a fix would be provided through a software update. So let us wait and see whether this bug will fixed or not and in how much time they will fix it.