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After the honorable Supreme court’s laudable verdict directing the state governments of all the states to appoint  nodal officers in majority of the districts of the country to apply checks and regulations of the undesirable activities of anti social, goonda elements and the hardened criminals obnoxiously involved in the lynchings of innocents under the guise of being cow protectionists or vigilantes. The people of the country are sure that there will definitely be tremendous improvement in establishing peace and tranquility in the society, which till few days ago was badly affected  due to such dreaded violence particularly against a particular community.
Such sick bent of mind in the name of religion and cow protection leading to the death of the innocents can’t be tolerated in any civilized society. India has sought freedom from the colonial British rule seventy years ago from now and has seen scores of ups and down and communal flareups from time immemorial but the system in power through the successive governments have always tried its best to ensure that communal harmony and amity prevails by all means in this largest democratic and second largest populated country of the world. India is a nation of diverse cultures, religious ethnicity, sects, castes, creeds and sex and our constitution provides guarantee of secularism, amity and brother hood among the 150 crore people. India has more Muslims brothers and sisters than Pakistan.
 We have good number of Christians, Sikhs and Parsies as well. The polity of India demands that our nation can only coexist when peace and tranquility prevails here and bonds of secular credentials become more and more stronger and healthier. We can’t let our nation drift towards disintegration for the ill conceived designs, notions and blunder of few. If India is today a strong and viable nation and holding a special place in the comity of progressive, developing n developed nations, its only because it has the guts and gumption to be united and strongly cohesive despite every attempt to weaken it through communal, caste and terror  conflicts by some disgruntled elements, ideologies and political parties.
While the progressive and democratic political parties have been out-rightly opposing and condemning the recently erupted  trend of conflicts and lynchings in the name of cow vigilantism and protection even our capable prime minister Narendra Modi has also quite unambiguously condemned these brazen acts of violence and killings in the name of cow protection and has warned the criminals and fanatics of severe action under the law.
In one of his radio talks in a program MAN KI BAAT prime minister Narendra Modi had categorically and clearly said that violence under the garb of faith and religious fundamentalism in not only fully intolerable but unacceptable too. The unabated sequence of lynching in various parts of the country in the recent past has to therefore dealt with severely come what may, if the communal fabric of the country is to be maintained and protected.
The recent judgement of the apex court to all the states to appoint nodal officers in all the districts of the country is not only highly beneficial for maintaining peace and tranquility in the country but will also help in applying checks and regulations on those sick and criminal mindsets who under the garb of cow protection and anti beef campaign perpetrate massive violence and gruesome lynchings thus bringing bad name to the government, prime minister and to a secular nation like India believing in SARVA DHARMA SABHAVA since ages. WHAT DO U SAY FRIENDS?