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A study was conducted in which it was found that people who spend most of their time on Internet may experience increased heart rate and BP when they are not connected to Internet. It was also noted in the result that same withdrawal symptoms are found in the drug addicts.

A professor at Swansea University said that nowadays people have become too much dependent on the Internet and devices that they become victim of anxiety and when they are stopped from using them and psychological changes happens along with physical changes which are not at all good for anyone and no one want to have any negative impact on mind and body.

This research has given some serious outcomes which needs to be taken very seriously. In this research 144 people were observed aged between 18 and 33 years.

Heart beat rate and blood pressure of these participants were noted before and after a brief internet session and not just this their anxiety and self-reported internet addiction was also studied.

Ultimately it was found that physiological arousal was increased after termination the internet session for those with problematically high internet usage.

Averagely there was an increase of 3 to 4 percent in heart rate and blood pressure and some cases the figured was doubled, immediately on termination of internet use as compared to before using it for those who were facing digital behavior problems.

So the result of the study should be taken seriously as long term use of internet is anyways not good for health.


People are getting so much busy in their lives that they do not even observe that they are getting stressed out and when they do it is very hard to realize that it has started leading to many other health issues.

Anyways stress and anxiety are two major health related issues people are having and obviously no one wants to have them.

So what we can do to rid away of stress, anxiety and depression?

I have seen people going through very tough phases in their lives but ultimately they came out as a winner and completely transformed themselves from being a depressed person to a motivated and energetic guy.

They are three triggers which will remove stress and depression from your life and we would be discussing these three triggers which will definitely help you a –lot to come out of the depressing situations.

So when you are stressed and if this situation lasts for a long period of time it leads to depression and anxiety which imbalances hormone harmony in your body.

First lifestyle trigger you can use against depression, anxiety and stress is that do some exercise because you have to reverse the damage already caused from these symptoms.

So by doing any kind exercise helps you to release stress relieving hormones which will trigger good mood and reduce depression and anxiety. Exercise will not just improve your physical health but will also uplift your mental level.

Basically these small and unique changes will help in repairing the already caused damage to your body and mind ad will give you quick relief.

Second lifestyle trigger is relaxing your mind and this could be done by dong your favorite activity or simply listening to music. If you have pet then it can act as a biggest stress reliever and if not then spend some time with real people and not on social networking sites because you never know that who can help you to come out of a bad situation in your life and become a good friend.

Third lifestyle trigger is waking up early in the morning and if possible doing yoga as this best natural way you can get out of tensions and can concentrate on problems in your life with more energy and vigour.