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A leading Indian newspaper has published a different news about a couple from Bengaluru who are having a strange relationship in which the wife has claimed that he husband is impotent and does not wear pants inside house and only wears Sari.

She further claimed that he does not behave like men but more sort of women.

Anitha has also files an official complaint at the police station who is investigating the claims and allegations by her.

This couple had a arranged marriage almost one year back and it was Anitha’s parents found Naveen and fixed their marriage.

Antiha told that her husband on the first night behaved like a women and told her that he wanted to wear sari that night.

Currently the couple is being counseled at the center where Anitha complaint about her husband’s strange behavior and told that her husband was only interested on lesbian sex with her and nothing more.

Anitha is so much frustrated from the relationship that she is not able to stand him anymore. She alleged that her marriage was not consummated due to impotency and congenital defects. And he behaves like women. He goes to work and behaves normally but when he comes back to home he wears sari and acts like a women.

This news is trending on all social networking sites and people are asking various questions like if the person was like this then why did he got married and made her life hell.